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    Cindy Sheehan vs. Nancy Pelosi Show Coming to Ventura County, California

    Cindy Sheehan for California Congress Ad

    Anti-Iraq War activist and left wing whack job, Cindy Sheehan is coming to Ventura County to hype her independent run for Congress against San Francisco Democrat and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

    Cindy Sheehan is up next for Mary Pallant’s Ventura County Speaker Series. Please join me for this rare opportunity to hear from one of the most courageous women of our troubling times. Cindy has been speaking out against the unjust Iraq occupation, fighting to restore our rights, and continues to work on ending the worst political debacle in the history of our nation, the Iraq War. Her book, “Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through Heartache to Activism” will be available for purchase and signing. I am continually amazed at her heroics and tireless efforts. We will hold a small event after the talk to help Cindy raise money for her campaign. A separate $25.00 donation to her campaign is suggested for this private event. Don’t miss this extraordinary woman and the ensuing discussion of “can one person make a difference?” See you then! Mary Pallant

    Ventura County Speaker Series

    Date: August 29th, 2008
    Time: 7:00pm
    Venue: Oak Park Community Center – 1000 Kanan Road
    Cost: Free and open to the public. $3.00 donation appreciated
    cover venue cost.

    Mary Pallant is a far left insurance agent who ran for Congress in the California June Democrat primary election (CA-24). Pallant who was endorsed by every lefty activist in Ventura County and the NUTROOTS finished a distant third to Marta Jorgensen who did not campaign the final two weeks in the south portion of the 24th Congressional District because reportedly she could not afford the gas money.

    Pallant is touted by the left as the heir apparent Democrat candidate against incumbent GOP Congressman Elton Gallegly in two years after Jorgensen is dispatched this November.

    Flap does not think associating with Cindy Sheehan who is running against the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will buy Pallant too much love in the Democrat mainstream party.

    But, who knows?

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    Elton Gallegly Watch: Marta Who?


    Marta Jorgensen of Solvang, California who had withdrawn from her withdrawal in the Democrat primary race for California’s 24th Congressional District won the right to face off against 22 year incumbent Congressman Elton Gallegy last night.

    Marta Jorgensen, reached by phone Tuesday evening and informed of the early returns, was incredulous. “You’re kidding! That’s a pretty amazing thing.”

    For three weeks during the campaign, Jorgensen had suspended campaigning and announced she was supporting Jill Martinez, a developer of affordable housing and the Democratic nominee from two years ago.

    But, saying she thought Martinez and Oak Park insurance agent Mary Pallant were not paying enough attention to Santa Barbara County voters, Jorgensen jumped back in.

    “I was certain I had shot myself in the foot on that,” she said. “I thought maybe I’d get 8 or 10 percent.”

    With 83 percent of the returns counted, Jorgensen was leading, with 47 percent of the vote, over Martinez, with 32 percent, and Pallant, with 21 percent.

    The winner will face incumbent Rep. Elton Gallegly, who easily prevailed in the Republican primary over Westlake Village attorney Michael Tenenbaum. Gallegly led, 77 percent to 23 percent.

    So, why did this unknown, underfunded and almost random person win the Democrat nomination. I mean are the Democrats that stupid and uninformed?

    Timm Herdt at the VC Star says it was the ballot designations:

    • Marta Jorgensen – Educator
    • Jill Martizez – Businesswoman/Housing Developer (Martinez ran as a minister two years ago)
    • Mary Pallant – Insurance Agent

    Some discussion over at Calitics, a Left-wing NUTROOTS site supports this thesis:

    Nevertheless, let this be a lesson for many Democrats currently considering elected office: among the many other considerations in an election season, don’t overlook the power of a progressive-sounding ballot designation that shies away from anything having to do with business, housing development, insurance or the like. Democrats are fed up with anything related to Republican-sounding industries and are looking for a change–even if they do sometimes look for it in the most shallow ways.

    And that, it must be admitted, is actually a good thing.

    Thus, the Democrats are fickle and shallow?

    Flap says RIGHT. After all, Marta Jorgensen just a few weeks ago begged off campaigning down south in Simi Valley because she could not afford the gas to get there.

    By the way, Elton Gallegly now competing for his 12th term in Congress at the last reporting period boasted over $900,000 in his campaign coffers.

    Marta Jorgensen in November will be another failed Democrat challenger to Congressman Elton Gallegly.

    Rate the California 24th Congressional District as SAFE GOP.


    Representative Elton Gallegly Breezes to Easy Victory in CA-24 GOP Primary Race

    CA-24 Watch: A Democrat Candidate Returns

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    Representative Elton Gallegly Breezes to Easy Victory in CA-24 GOP Primary Race


    Representative Elton Gallegly, R-Simi Valley, in California’s 24th congressional District easily won GOP renomination in the California Primary Election yesterday. Gallegly bested attorney Michael Tenenbaum by over 4 to 1 in a low turnout GOP primary election.

    Gallegy who will face off with Democrat Marta Jorgensen in the November general election will be competing for his 12th term in Congress.

    Flap was invited to the Gallegly victory party last night at The Vineyards in Simi Valley just as he was 22 years ago when Gallegly first won the GOP nomination.

    California Primary election June 3 2008 - Gallegly party 001

    Representative Elton Gallegly, R-Simi Valley and Flap

    Gallegly will have an easy re-election campaign in November. More on the race and the “SURPRISE” Democrat nominee later.

    Stay tuned……


    California Primary Election 2008 Watch: Elton Gallegly for Congress

    CA-24 Watch: A Democrat Candidate Returns

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    CA-24 Watch: A Democrat Candidate Returns


    Marta Jorgensen of Solvang, California has withdrawn from her withdrawal in the Democrat primary race for California’s 24th Congressional District.

    After dropping out of the Democratic primary for the 24th congressional district and throwing her support behind another candidate, Marta Jorgensen of Solvang has done an about face and jumped back into the race at the 11th hour.

    “I’m doing this because people asked me,” Jorgensen said today. “I want to make it clear to Jill and to Mary, they shouldn’t feel irked. I am only responding to the request of north county. I didn’t plan to jump in and be a spoiler.”

    Jill Martinez of Oxnard and Mary Pallant of Oak Park are the two other candidates in the June 3 Democratic primary for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives held by Republican Elton Gallegly of Simi Valley for more than 20 years.

    The CA-24 seat is currently held by GOP Congressman Elton Gallegly of Simi Valley and there is little chance that the long-term and popular Gallegly will lose this fall no matter who wins the Democrat nomination.


    Elton Gallegly Watch: Time to Drill in ANWR