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    The Old GOP and the Lunar Eclipse – Time to Replace Mitch McConnell

    Political cartoon by Michael Ramirez

    Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had an opportunity and a mandate from the November elections but he has failed to keep his party united. Even Senator Lyndsey Graham (Maverick 2 with John McCain) is bitchin’ and moaning.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) lashed out at fellow Republicans Tuesday for a “capitulation … of dramatic proportions” to Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in the lame-duck Congress.

    Graham said Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for allowing ratification of the New START Treaty and other legislation in the period before new lawmakers are sworn in in January.

    “When it’s all going to be said and done, Harry Reid has eaten our lunch,” Graham said on Fox News radio. “This has been a capitulation in two weeks of dramatic proportions of policies that wouldn’t have passed in the new Congress.”

    Republican senators have broken with the party’s leaders on several key votes in order to advance some of President Obama’s top policies during the lame-duck. GOP members defected to pass a repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and have done likewise to secure likely ratification for the START Treaty. Some Republicans might allow a health bill for 9/11 first responders to move forward, while three Republicans voted to end debate on the DREAM Act, an ultimately unsuccessful immigration bill.

    Time for Senate Republicans to consider electing a NEW leader in January.

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    John McCain Watch: The Climate Change Tour


    Michael Ramirez on the Obama-Clinton Knockout race

    Senator McCain is NOT giving conservatives much solace on domestic policy, now is he?

    “John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change. It could get him into trouble with Republicans, of course, and with the base, who don’t think there is much climate change going on, but it is something that he’s very passionate about and he’s going to be talking about it.”

    McCain better listen to Newt Gingrich and devise a coherent GOP strategy rather than themed tours that will turn-off most of his GOP base.