Day By Day by Chris Muir August 4, 2008

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Day by Day by Chris Muir

As House Republicans return to the Congress this morning to talk about gas prices, Michigan Republicans will be distributing tire gauges at Barack Obama’s energy speech in Lansing. Remember Obama said last week the solution to high energy prices was to “inflate your tires.”

Flap will be twittering the House GOP guerilla protests of Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to debate a new energy bill.

Sign the petition:

United States Congress,

On August 1st, 2008, We The People were hoping to see our Congress take action to relieve the burden of high energy costs for American consumers. As you know, sky rocketing fuel prices are causing stress on virtually every aspect of our lives. It is the duty of our elected representatives to find solutions.

However, the events of August 1st, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat Colleagues, have shown that many of our representatives are putting self interests before the welfare of the American people. Indeed, the Democrat majority in Congress shut down Capital Hill before holding a vote on the energy bill. In fact, the majority leadership appeared to take extreme measures to stifle any and all discussion related to energy on the House floor, including shutting off lights, cameras, and microphones to ensure that our Representatives’ voices would not be heard by the public.

We find this to be an outrage, and an insult to the American democratic process. We strongly urge you to remain in session until votes have been cast on energy legislation. As our elected representatives, it is your duty to serve the citizens of this great country, and we expect you to do your jobs with the dedication and perseverance most American workers demonstrate each day with their own jobs and families. We call on you to immediately convene a session and provide a respectful bipartisan forum to make progress on one of the most important problems facing our country- a lack of energy independence.

Finding a solution to our energy crises is a priority for us. There for, we demand it be a priority for you as well.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir July 31, 2008

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Obama, Gore, Pelosi, et al. are elitist snobs that wish to impose THEIR far-left views of the world. Haven’t voters had enough of them the past two years while the Democrats have had control of the Congress.

Can anyone imagine complete control of the government by these self-righteous, all-knowing snobs?


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House Speaker Pelosi Calls Bush a Total Failure

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President George W. Bush and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her lack of class tonight by calling President George W. Bush “A Total Failure.”

Flap wants to remind the Speaker that Congress enjoys less popularity in the polls than the President.

The public’s view of Congress is even worse. Its approval rating has hit a new low of just 18 percent, down from 23 percent last month, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. Bush’s approval is at 28 percent, about even with the 29 percent rating last month.

No Class Nan…….

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Nancy Pelosi to Step Into Obama vs. Clinton?

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Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., flanked by Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., left, and Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 21, 2008, to discuss the House’s accomplishments on behalf of veterans.

Nancy Pelosi says she will step into the fray if there is no resolution by late June regarding the seating of delegates from Florida and Michigan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will step in if necessary to make sure the presidential nomination fight between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama does not reach the Democratic National Convention – though she believes it could be resolved as early as next week.

Pelosi predicted Wednesday that a presidential nominee will emerge in the week after the final Democratic primaries on June 3, but she said “I will step in” if there is no resolution by late June regarding the seating of delegates from Florida and Michigan, the two states that defied party rules by holding early primaries.

“Because we cannot take this fight to the convention,” she said. “It must be over before then.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton will not allow this fight to end on Pelosi’s or any other party member’s dictate or timetable. They both will leave the arena when they are ready.

Of course, Obama could speed things along by offering to pay Hillary’s campaign debts – just as a start. But, this would drain his coffers and the DNC under Howard Dean has woefully under performed in fundraising.

In the meantime, Hillary will do more damage to Obama in the key white working class demographic in the Midwest.