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Rasmussen Reports: 2008 Republican Presidential Primary

Arizona Senator John McCain’s (R) support among Likely Republican Primary Voters has slipped to the lowest level ever recorded since Rasmussen Reports began tracking the race shortly after last November’s election. McCain is now the top pick for just 17% of Republicans. That’s down two points from a week ago, five points since mid-January and is barely half the level of support enjoyed by Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani.

For the second straight week, the former Mayor of New York attracts support from 33% of Likely Republican Primary Voters. The man dubbed America’s Mayor in the wake of 9/11 has seen his personal favorables rise back to the 70% level once again.

McCain continues to fade, Romney is failing to catch fire and is Newt waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces to go head to head with Rudy?


Most voters in Republican Primaries are politically conservative. Among those who consider themselves Very Conservative, Giuliani attracts 24% of the vote, Gingrich 23% and McCain is the third choice at 19%.

Among those who are Somewhat Conservative, it’s Giuliani 34% McCain 15% and Gingrich 14%.

Self-identified moderates likely to participate in the Primary favor Giuliani over McCain 41% to 18%.

But, will Rudy’s fundraising be too far along for Newt to attract the donors?


And Newt may not achieve Kingmaker status that he wants at the GOP Convention.


Flap wants to call it for Rudy but McCain and Romney will mount a campaign – eventually?


Dick Morris agrees with Flap abut McCain’s collapse, Romney’s inability to catch fire with the GOP base and Newt’s problem with calendar and fundraising.

Hugh Hewitt at least agrees with Flap about McCain’s collapsing electoral prospects. But, will Romney’s campaign be around for Hugh’s book about Mitt and Mormonism to at least get a few sales?

The Fat Lady is warming up her throat.

Ok, Flap will do it: Rudy Giuliani WILL be the next GOP nominee for President.

Stay tuned……



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