• City of Thousand Oaks,  Halla Maher

    Halla Maher for Thousand Oaks City Council

    Halla Maher addressing a voter at the Thousand Oaks Rotary Street Fair

    I am supporting and recommending that City of Thousand Oaks residents vote for Halla Maher for Thousand Oaks City Council.

    A twelve-year resident of the Newbury Park area of the City of Thousand Oaks, Halla is married to a Los Angeles County Fire Battalion Chief and raising two children.

    Halla is the ONLY conservative and Republican WOMAN running for this position.

    Why am I voting for Halla?

    Halla is educated

    B.A. in Sociology from San Diego State University

    Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California

    Halla is experienced

    Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health – she held multiple, specialized roles within the organization including Disaster and Emergency Liaison in which she was responsible for building relationships and collaborating with surrounding cities, counties, the State of California, and the Federal Government. During her tenure with Los Angeles County, she led her team through several presidentially declared disasters as well as becoming a Senior Disaster Analyst providing clinical mental health services.  Halla has also had the opportunity to develop and oversee the creation of several multi-jurisdictional plans and procedures including work with the Operational Area’s Exercise Design Team where she planned, executed, and evaluated many county-wide exercises. She has extensive knowledge about Emergency Field Mental-Health Operations, Family Assistance Centers, Emergency Operation Centers, Department Operation Centers, Points of Dispensing, and multi-agency plan development.

    Halla co-published “Psychological Effects of Patient Surge in Large-Scale Emergencies; A Quality Improvement Tool for Hospital and Clinic Capacity Planning and Response” published in the Pre-hospital and Disaster Medicine (v. 25, no. 2, Mar.-Apr. 2010, p. 107-114), and co-developed a training program for mental health and hospital staff to respond to hospitals and clinics following a large-scale emergency, such as pandemics and terrorist attacks.

    Halla on the issues:

    Supports law and order – Halla has pledged to make public safety the highest priority.

    Address homelessness – as a psychiatric social worker, she stresses the promotion of self-reliance, individualized treatment for mental health and addiction and job training – not expensive government programs providing housing first.

    Effective planning:

    • Develop water independence and sustainability.
    • Lower cost of housing by improving government efficiency through streamlining the permit and inspection process.
    • Support slow growth while preserving the look and feel of our city.
    • Expedite the process of opening new businesses and encourage development of Biotech and other industries.

    Halla has been endorsed by the Ventura County Republican Party and Thousand Oaks City Councilman Kevin McNamee.

    Please join me in voting for Halla Maher for Thousand Oaks City Council.


  • Jeff Gorell,  Ventura County Board of Supervisors

    Jeff Gorell for Ventura County Supervisor

    Jeff Gorell and Claudia Bill de la Pena debate the issues at the CLU forum


    I am pleased to recommend Jeff Gorell for Ventura County Supervisor, Area 2 (Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo).


    Please vote for him – he has been a friend for many years.


    Why vote for Jeff?


    • Military Veteran: Gorell serves as a United States Navy Reserve Captain. Jeff has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. While the community and I were enjoying our quality of life here in Ventura County, he put HIS LIFE on the line to protect us.
    • Deputy District Attorney: Jeff worked as a criminal prosecutor in the Ventura County District Attorney’s office. He is tough on crime!
    • Elected California Legislator: Gorell served as my elected California State Assemblyman from 2010 to 2014. He is a proud member of the Ventura County Republican Party.
    • Long-term Resident of Ventura County: Jeff, while still a young man, has been a 20-year resident of Ventura County.


    You can watch the last week’s debate with his opponent here. The discussion starts around 1:30 or so.


    I am asking my neighbors, colleagues, friends, and fellow conservatives to vote for Jeff Gorell for Ventura County Supervisor, by or on November 8th.


  • Anonymous Mommy,  Bob Engler,  Jess Weihe

    Conservatives of Thousand Oaks – Do NOT Vote for Bob Engler for City Council

    City of Thousand Oaks

    Thousand Oaks conservatives do you know that Councilmember and Mayor of Thousand Oaks, Bob Engler, is not the moderate independent politician he portrays? He is definitely not a conservative.

    I have watched Mayor Engler at numerous public hearings, searched through his voting records, social media posts, public statements, endorsements, to whom he has donated campaign contributions and who has donated to his campaign in order to reach my conclusions, as to why, I cannot recommend his re-election.

    Bob Engler, as much as he attempts to hide is a Democrat who contributes to leftist Democrat candidates for office. On Facebook, watch his obfuscation:

    OK. One might say this is weak sauce Flap and that he is merely trying to obtain some votes. Fair enough and Engler does mention the fact of the Democratic Party – as he should. Because….

    Mayor Engler is indeed an endorsed candidate of the Ventura County Democratic Party.

    But, there is more. Engler contributes to controversial leftist Democratic candidates for local office:

    Above is the contribution and here is an example:

    Is that enough for the conservative voter to decide whether to NOT vote for Bob Engler’s re-election? Maybe or maybe not.

    I’m not.

    If you like how California is run and how the Democratic Party/Sacramento Bosses puts “the arm” on their candidates up and down their slate to support their leftist policies, please go ahead and vote for Bob.

    I do know that Bob Engler will NOT fight his Sacramento Bosses for Thousand Oaks residents. Engler accepts and doles out the campaign cash for his party and friends – as much as $100K received this election cycle. (Yes, $100K for a City Council campaign!)

    In subsequent posts, I’ll delve into who is supporting this good ol’ boy Democratic candidate and why.

  • Lou Lichtl,  Ventura County Community College District,  Ventura County Community College District Governing Board

    Lou Lichtl for Ventura County Community College District

    Principal of Thousand Oaks High School Lou Lichtl addressing TOHS graduation


    In the past forty years, there has never been a more qualified and experienced candidate for the Ventura County Community College Governing Board than Lou Lichtl. I am extremely proud to recommend and endorse his candidacy for the VCCCD Governing Board, Area 2 (which includes Oak Park, Thousand Oaks and parts of Camarillo).

    I should know, since I was elected and held this position from 1989 through 1994.

    Here is Lou Lichtl’s candidate statement:

    Lou Lichtl candidate statement for VCCCD


    A product of the California Community College system, Lichtl has been:

    • a former public school teacher
    • Westlake High School Assistant Principal
    • Redwood Middle School Principal
    • Thousand Oaks High School Principal
    • Conejo Valley Unified School District Assistant Superintendent

    With 35 years of service in public education, experience in policy development, budget oversight and community building, Lichtl brings decades of true and tested professionalism and knowledge to the position of Ventura County Community College Trustee.

    His website is here: Lou Lichtl for VCCCD.

    Vote Lou Lichtl by November 8.

  • California Voter Guide 2022,  City of Thousand Oaks

    California Voter Guide 2022 – City of Thousand Oaks

    City of Thousand Oaks

    I am happy to present my non-partisan California Voter Guide for the City of Thousand Oaks City Council.

    This will help you cut through the spin, propaganda and outright lies of the campaigns.

    I have searched through voting records, social media posts, public statements, endorsements, who donated to the candidates and to whom the candidates have given contributions in order to formulate my recommendations.

    Below, you will find my recommendations for the best conservative, yet, electable candidates, who will stand up for freedom, liberty and who oppose socialism.

    • Kyle Rohrbach  – Do NOT vote
    • David Newman – Do NOT Vote
    • Bob Engler – Do NOT Vote
    • Mikey Taylor – Vote For this Best Candidate
    • Dan Twedt – Do NOT Vote
    • Jeff Schwartz – Acceptable
    • Halla Maher – Vote For this Best Candidate
    • Sharon McMahon – Do NOT Vote
    • Ed Jones – Acceptable
    • Anoiel Khorshid – Do NOT Vote

    Please note that I have, nor ever will, accept money for my recommendations/endorsements.

  • Claudia Bill-de la Pena,  Jeff Gorell

    Jeff Gorell Calls on Claudia Bill-de la Pena to Return Tobacco Campaign Contributions

    You can watch the Jeff Gorell news conference in the YouTube video above.

    Fireworks are flying in the Ventura County Supervisor’s race in Area 2 (Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Camarillo).

    Twitter has been ablaze with accusations between Gorell and de la Pena camps. Who is more beholden to special interests or corrupt? Who is most hypocritical about receiving donations?

    Gorell signed two pledges today (No Fossil Fuel contributions and No Tobacco money)  and is returning some small fossil fuel company/executives’ contributions. He is calling upon de la Pena to return over 18 thousand dollars in previously received Big Tobacco monies and to sign the No Tobacco money pledge.

    Stay tuned.


  • Al Adam,  Bob Engler,  Claudia Bill-de la Pena,  Jeff Gorell,  Kevin McNamee

    Jeff Gorell is Endorsed By More Former City of Thousand Oaks’ Councilmen

    Jeff Gorell for Supervisor

    It was released earlier today that Jeff Gorell has been endorsed by SIX-TIME City of Thousand Oaks Mayor Andy Fox. In a direct repudiation of Gorell’s opponent, Claudia Bill-de la Pena, a current member of the Thousand Oaks City Council, other current and former Councilmen have endorsed Gorell:

    • Current Councilman Al Adam
    • Current Councilman Kevin McNamee
    • Former Councilman Joel Price
    • Former Mayor and Councilman Dennis Gillette

    Two others, who are Democrats, although I believe, Joel Price, is also a Democrat, have declared themselves neutral in the race.

    • Mayor and Councilman Bob Engler – running for re-election
    • Assemblywoman and former Mayor/Councilwoman Jacqui Irwin – running for re-election

    Flap asks why?

    Three of your CURRENT colleagues on the Council are either supporting your opponent or are neutral?

    Something is amiss here or maybe it is simply that Gorell’s opponent doesn’t work well with others?