California Voter Guide 2022,  City of Thousand Oaks

California Voter Guide 2022 – City of Thousand Oaks

City of Thousand Oaks

I am happy to present my non-partisan California Voter Guide for the City of Thousand Oaks City Council.

This will help you cut through the spin, propaganda and outright lies of the campaigns.

I have searched through voting records, social media posts, public statements, endorsements, who donated to the candidates and to whom the candidates have given contributions in order to formulate my recommendations.

Below, you will find my recommendations for the best conservative, yet, electable candidates, who will stand up for freedom, liberty and who oppose socialism.

  • Kyle Rohrbach¬† – Do NOT vote
  • David Newman – Do NOT Vote
  • Bob Engler – Do NOT Vote
  • Mikey Taylor – Vote For this Best Candidate
  • Dan Twedt – Do NOT Vote
  • Jeff Schwartz – Acceptable
  • Halla Maher – Vote For this Best Candidate
  • Sharon McMahon – Do NOT Vote
  • Ed Jones – Acceptable
  • Anoiel Khorshid – Do NOT Vote

Please note that I have, nor ever will, accept money for my recommendations/endorsements.