Claudia Bill-de la Pena,  Jeff Gorell

Jeff Gorell Calls on Claudia Bill-de la Pena to Return Tobacco Campaign Contributions

You can watch the Jeff Gorell news conference in the YouTube video above.

Fireworks are flying in the Ventura County Supervisor’s race in Area 2 (Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Camarillo).

Twitter has been ablaze with accusations between Gorell and de la Pena camps. Who is more beholden to special interests or corrupt? Who is most hypocritical about receiving donations?

Gorell signed two pledges today (No Fossil Fuel contributions and No Tobacco money)  and is returning some small fossil fuel company/executives’ contributions. He is calling upon de la Pena to return over 18 thousand dollars in previously received Big Tobacco monies and to sign the No Tobacco money pledge.

Stay tuned.