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Mayor Giuliani and Senator David Vitter of Louisiana and his wife Judith in Louisiana

Senator David Vitter Announces Support for Rudy Giuliani

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee today announced that Senator David Vitter will serve as the Southern Regional Chair. Senator Vitter will help lead the campaign’s efforts to build support in the south and in the United States Senate.

In announcing his endorsement, Senator David Vitter touted Giuliani’s leadership and reputation as a proven problem-solver. “Rudy Giuliani has the strong, unwavering leadership and sound judgment we need in this time of war and terrorist threat. His performance under the extreme pressure of September 11th proves he is the determined leader our country needs to face today’s challenges head-on.”

“I believe the Republican Party needs to always be the party of free market economics and reform. Rudy implemented those principles as Mayor of New York by cutting taxes 23 times, making government more efficient and moving welfare recipients into jobs. It’s exactly the kind of conservative reform the federal government needs,” Vitter concluded.

A good pick up in the South for Rudy.

Louisiana is scheduled to have its Presidential primary election on February 9, 2008.

Another early state lock-up for Hizzoner?

The number of convention delegates is small in comparison to say California that holds their primary on Super Tuesday, February 5th but the Mayor wants to contend in all areas of the country.

Does he anticipate an early knock-out or a drawn out delegate fight?



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2 Responses to “Giuliani Notes: Senator David Vitter of Louisiana Endorses Rudy”
  1. oyster says:

    “Another early state lock-up for Hizzoner?”

    Sadly, no. The LA conservatives are not impressed.

  2. Flap says:

    And how would you know since you are a lefty?

    Have any links?

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