Meg Whitman,  Steve Poizner,  Tom McClintock

Representative Tom McClintock to Run for California Governor?; Updated: Rumor Denied By McClintock’s Chief of Staff

Rep. Tom McClintock was interviewed by Neil Cavuto at the Sacramento Tax Day Tea Party.

After a closely fought congressional race last November, might Representative Tom McClintock be angling for another run for California Governor?

There are rumors on the LEFT and RIGHT.

There is little doubt that McClintock would do the polling and with three moderate Republicans in the race, Tom would appeal to the California conservative base.

But, two questions:

1. Would McClintock vacate a relatively safe Northern California Congressional seat which has NO term limits and…..

2. How would McClintock raise the money to run against two mega-millionaires, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner who would run against him in the GOP primary election?

Stay tuned…..


McClintock’s office is now denying the report and blaming the Dems who continue to covet his Northern California Congressional District for a bit of opposition drill.

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