• DocTruth

    Dr Michael H Pfeiffer, PhD is another physician imposter who Congresswoman Jackson Lee has personally met. He has done rearch at Baylor in Houston, Texas after coming from Germany. He is currently working at the VA Hosptial in Neurology doing human drug research on our Veterans. Pfeiffer was denied for 1.5 years a medical license in Washington, DC while he was working at Georgetown University Medical Center Neurology Department for over a year. The DC Medical Licensign Board asked Pfeiffer with 5 letters to submit information on his research in Texas and also German medical school transcripts. He did not prove it for almost 2 years. He then went to VIrginia, lied on his application that he had a DC license. They gave him what they thougght was his second license without vetting or proof that he completed medical school. Now he is back in Washington, DC, the same place that refused to give him a license and is doing human drug research on our Veterans. Congresswoman Lee, should we protect our Veterans from imposters with no conscious?