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Day By Day October 22, 2011 – Sell It

Day By Day by Chris Muir
Some of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are pretty DIFFERENT.
The Florida mom who ditched her banker husband and four kids to live in Zuccotti Park squalor is a hippie homemaker whose neighbors are horrified by her latest antics — but are hardly surprised that she flew the coop.

Stacey Hessler, 38 — a self-described “vegan freak” who’s into dreadlocks, roller derby and “unschooling” her kids — acts like a self-obsessed college sophomore who never grew up, said a neighbor in her hometown of DeLand, Fla.

“I’m not disgusted she took off [to protest] — because I’m not surprised,” seethed one next-door neighbor who asked that her name not be published.

“ ‘The Man’ she went up there to fight against is the bank where her husband works.

“She believes everything should be free,” the neighbor added.

The middle-aged flower child’s trip to New York to sleep under the stars with the Occupy Wall Street protesters was chronicled in The Post yesterday.