Charles Manson

New Evidence in Charles Manson Unsolved Murders?

Perhaps and the bankruptcy hearing of Charles “Tex” Watson’s former attorneys is today.

North Texas attorney Bill Boyd made a name for himself defending one of the Charles Manson family members in the murders of actress Sharon Tate and four others. The Collin County resident died in 2009 – but he’s back in the news in Los Angeles.

L.A. police want audio recordings Boyd made of conversations with Manson family member Charles “Tex” Watson, to see if they will shed light on any unsolved slayings. A hearing on the police request is scheduled for Tuesday, according to media reports. Watson, of Copeville, Texas, orchestrated the 1969 Manson slayings. He is still in prison and the recordings came to light when he tried sell them to an author to help pay legal bills.

Here is a video report from Channel 4 (NBC) in Los Angeles: