CA-26,  Patricia McKeon,  Tony Strickland

CA-26: Will Republican Voters Game Tony Strickland?

Screenshot of Patricia McKeon for Assembly mailer featuring California State Senator and CA-26 Congressional candidate Tony Strickland

So, who to vote for next week in my (26th) Congressional district – especially since the California top two voting system sets up various ways to game the November general election?

Most Republican voters WILL vote for the Republican candidate Tony Strickland who is the ONLY Republican listed on the ballot. Let’s face it, most voters vote for their party and don’t look at the other candidates.

But, wait.

The California top two system this year will send the top two vote getters next Tuesday to the general election in November regardless of party affiliation.

The conventional wisdom says that there are sufficient Republican voters in the CA-26 to easily place Tony Strickland in the top two. But, what if some Republican or conservative independent Tea Party voters, confident of Strickland moving along, decide to vote for either No Party Preference candidate, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks or Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley.

This will, of course, dilute Strickland’s vote total, but will set him up with either the best candidate to beat or not.

Game on…..

I am not happy with Tony Strickland endorsing the unethical, Republican tools, Buck and Patricia McKeon. They are an embarrassment to the GOP.

I mean, Tony is an acceptable Republican and conservative candidate, but he is NO Tom McClintock. He can represent my views better than Julia Brownley or Linda Parks, but when Speaker Boehner or Leader McCarthy come calling, he will switch his vote in a minute for the campaign cash. I cannot say the same for my current Congressman Elton Gallegly who is retiring.

What to do?

Vote for Linda Parks, who I think has a REAL chance to beat Tony Strickland with grass roots populism, or vote for Julia Brownley who will bring plenty of Democratic campaign cash to run major negative ads against Strickland.

If Parks wins one of the top two spots, will she have sufficient resources to run a general election campaign against Strickland? Probably enough and the Democrats or an independent-minded billionaire or two might sweeten the pot – perhaps.

If Brownley wins, she could beat Strickland in November. But, the Congressional District will remain a registration neutral battleground and Strickland or another Republican would certainly run against her in two years. The GOP might get a better Republican.

All I know is that Tony Strickland’s endorsement of Patricia McKeon in AD-48 has cost him this conservative, Republicans vote next week.

Who will I vote for to best game the system?

I will let you know…..