The Troubles with ObamaCare Implementation

Obama in white coat ObamaCare: Only a Third Favor Obamas Health Reform Law

Oh and there are plenty of problems with ObamaCare as Noemie Emery points out in her piece.

Obama won on the claim we had come through the worst of the crash and recession, and that things would slowly but surely start to improve. But wait for the downturn that’s likely to hit when smaller business embark on a new wave of cutbacks, to avoid moving north of Obamacare’s 50-employee limit, above which the federal mandates to provide workers with health care kick in. New hires will not happen, full-time employees with benefits will become part-timers without out them, and some jobs may even be axed. For two years, businessmen have postponed their decisions — now they will make them. Wait until voters find their jobs, their hours cut, their premiums rising, their insurers going out of business and their employers dropping health coverage because of Obamacare.

Employment will be hurt first as any recovery in the unemployment rate numbers will stall. Then, folks will discover that their medical insurance will suddenly cost more – a lot more or their physicians may either retire or no longer accept Medicare.

Then, the political recriminations will begin as more and more states refuse to implement the Medicaid expansion portion of the law. The waiting lines for Medicaid patients to see a medical specialist will grow astronomically. There will be stories about rationing of care for the poor.

The problems are coming folks and coming soon.