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Day By Day December 12, 2012 – Figures

Day By Day December 12, 2012Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, six figures are a drop in the bucket here in California.

Mohammad Safi, a graduate of a medical school in Afghanistan, began working as a psychiatrist at a California mental hospital in 2006, making $90,682 in his first six months. Last year, he took home $822,302, all of it paid by taxpayers.

Safi benefited from what amounted to a bidding war after a federal court forced the state to improve inmate care. The prisons raised pay to lure psychiatrists, the mental health department followed suit to keep employees, and costs soared. Last year, 16 California psychiatrists, including Safi, made more than $400,000, while only one did in the other 11 most populous states, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

So, what do the Democrats or the ruling troika do?

Why, raise more taxes, of course.