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Muhammad Caricature Watch: Internet T-Shirt Vendor, MetroSpy, Profits from Muhammad Caricature Conflict


PR Web: Internet T-shirt Vendor Profits from Mohammed Cartoon Conflict

Further fanning the flames of International controversy is conservative t shirt maker, MetroSpy.

To see the latest creation from conservative t-shirt maker MetroSpy some would think the Muslim world had every right to be upset. MetroSpy’s new t-shirts depict an unflattering caricature of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his head.

The controversial cartoon, which first ran in European newspapers, has outraged Muslims around the world because Islamic tradition forbids a graphic depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Many in the U.S however, are angered by the violence being displayed by extreme Islamic protesters — torching buildings, desecrating flags and in some cases even killing people. Annoyed by the violent images broadcast from the Middle East, MetroSpy decided to sell t shirts with the controversial caricature emblazoned across the front.

“We can’t let the terrorists win. We can not encourage this uncivilized behavior by caving in to their wishes,” said Nate Thomas, product manager for MetroSpy

On their website (, MetroSpy denounces the tactics of Islamic extremists and encourages its customers to stand up against terrorism. “Failing to print these images mean the terrorists have won”, the site says.

“We wanted a simple way to exercise our freedom of speech and to stand up to the terrorists. This design was perfect,” said Thomas.

So far, the Mohammed t-shirt has become their best selling item of the year — more than 120 orders the first day it became available.

Critics of the Mohammed t-shirts say this is a perfect example of why Americans are hated around the world. Finding humor in the desecration of another’s religious symbol, even if you disagree, is just plain wrong.

Despite the critics, MetroSpy intends to keep selling the Mohammed cartoon t-shirts.

Ohhhhhh, the American capitalist system – where there is a dollar to be made…….

Flap bets they sell many……….


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  • maisa

    I am from palestine
    Really you are crazy pepole and you dont know what you do ?! fuck you
    and mohamed messenger of GOD will stay in high you will stay forever in my heart .

  • Mohammed, Mo Problems

    Maisa, my Palestinian friend: I think you should demonstrate your commitment to Peace-loving “Islam-with-A-Sense-of-Humor” and get a nice t-shirt from us that says “Fundamentalist Muslims Get So Mad They Blow Up” or “Islam is a Blast” . This would show solidarity with peace loving peoples everywhere, especially Danes.

    We certainly know what we do. Though lots of us are, for sure, crazy people. Lots of you guys too! It’s one of the pleasures of being human.

    Don’t worry though. We’re not really talking to Allah (Peace be unto him or for sure we’re all gonna get it) or even mainstream Islam (excepting those who allow harm through inaction). We’re talking to his crazed, scummy fanatic followers who think that WE, the peoples of Europe and North America, the people who invented computers, cars, machineguns, pharmaceuticals, industry–basically everything–ought to throw away our handy-dandy belief in Free Speech and submit to his sword because He Should Not Be Made Fun Of.

    Oh please.

    This is like a six-year old bully on a playground. Lucky for us, there are lots of Boy Scouts in the Western World. Mohammed will stay in high forever, OK, and in your heart–great! Faith is just ducky. But he WON’T dictate down here, because it’s a secular world and we’re all a lot happier that way. Got MTV and everything.

    Allah can go f**k himself, (Also a t-shirt) for taking all these folks who might otherwise have been decent bridge partners and convincing them that hacking off hands is a substantive and desirable way to govern.

    Our best t, and the one I think that describes the plight we all face: “My other boyfriend is a Danish cartoonist.” Speak freely! Who knows, Maisa–regardless of your gender–you might even want to have a Danish boyfriend someday. You should get one and impress him.

  • areta

    this is the most stuped thing that u are doing u are joking with our fate…. what the hell are u doing first of all u are kiddind with GOD and he will reveange u can be sure in that…. one day the tcunami will be in yopur place
    belive me in this
    god sees

  • dbla

    One day a tsunami will strike us!??? Isn’t it amazing that the last tsunami killed thousands of muslims! Maybe that should be taken as a hint from allah that you are doing something wrong. If you firmly believe that god will get his revenge on us then you should relax and let that fate befall us… why would you feel it necessary to punish us yourselves; it seems to suggest that you doubt his ability to get his revenge. That’s blasphemy, and I think you will be punished for your lack of faith. As for the tsunami… I’ll be waiting, but I think that you middle-eastern nutballs are more likely to blow each other up with your hate than we are to drown in any water. We’ll see. My guess is that Israel will end up nuking the crap out of the whole area. Good riddance.