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New York Times: Demonstrations on Immigration Harden a Divide

“The size and magnitude of the demonstrations had some kind of backfire effect,” said John McLaughlin, a Republican pollster who said he was working for 26 House members and seven senators seeking re-election. “The Republicans that are tough on immigration are doing well right now.”

Mr. Hayworth said, “I see an incredible backlash.” He has become one of the House’s most vocal opponents of illegal immigration and is one of dozens of Republicans who have vowed to block the temporary-worker measure that stalled in the Senate.

The illegal immigration issue will NOT go away despite the congressional recess and the United Sates Senate’s intransigence.

Flap believes some of the President’s unpopularity is disaffecton of his GOP base with his “Guest Worker” plan.

The United States must secure the USA-Mexico border FIRST with a “wall,” fencing, troops and electonic means. Once the rushing tide of more “illegals” is stemmed, then the congress can deal with the remaining 12 million illegal folks already here.

Captain Ed agrees with The Immigration Backlash

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