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The Gallup Poll: Giuliani Has Uniquely Broad Based Political Appeal

Clinton’s popularity concentrated with Democrats

Recent USA Today/Gallup presidential heats measures indicate the 2008 election is not going to be easy for either party. Various pairings of the leading Republican and Democratic contenders generally result in extremely close races. If such early indications are correct, to win, the candidates may need to maximize their support from all sides: their political base, political independents, and even members of the opposing party.

Data from the Feb. 9-11, 2007 survey suggest the leading candidates have very different chances of accomplishing such a political trifecta. Only one candidate, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, has relatively strong favorable ratings across the political spectrum. New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is highly rated by Democrats, but receives relatively weak reviews from independents and Republicans. Arizona Sen. John McCain and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama fall somewhere in between.


Let’s look at the favorability ratings for the two main impediments to Rudy winning the White House:


McCain does OK but Giuliani is better. And McCain’s unfavorability is trending upward.
The question: Is Rudy’s unfavorability trend line increasing?

Now, Hillary Clinton.


Flap is starting to believe that David Geffen is a terrific political handicapper.

Stay tuned……



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2 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Gallup Poll – Rudy Has Uniquely Broad Based Political Appeal”
  1. Rudy Giuliani Watch: Gallup Poll – Rudy Has Uniquely Broad Based ……

  2. Eric Dondero says:

    It’s funny how they spin that at first, “neither party has an advantage,” then admit that Rudy — the Republican — does have an advantage. Typical Liberal Media.

    Anyway, I just read over at Human Events that Rudy is about to gain some MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS from some Top California Congressman and Legislators.

    I put an article up on it over at

    Rudy certainly has the momentum. Let’s keep it going.

    Eric at Libertarians for Rudy Giuliani!

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