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The CPAC Presidential Straw Poll results are out.

A summary by Patrick Ruffini:

Romney wins narrowly while Rudy Giuliani finishes a strong second:

Romney 21%

Giuliani 17%

Brownback 15%

Gingrich 14%

McCain 12%


But, Rudy Giuliani wins the combo vote of first and second place choices:


This was a young crowd with the vast majority of registrants under the age of 30. And more than 2/3 rds were male.


This was not a bad showing for the Mayor.

Mitt Romney worked the crowd and beat the Mayor by 4 % on the first poll and lost in the second. John McCain who did not show for the confab did not do well.

What is the significance of this poll?

Probably not much due to the demographics of the voting population.

But……is there any doubt that Hizzoner is the most broadly supported candidate by conservatives?

Captain Ed agrees that Mitt Rromney did not do THAT well.  Rob Bluey sees a big Romney win – why Flap doesn’t quite understand unless it is the hangover.
Flap saw Romney’s speech on C-span and was not impressed. I am sorry folks but Romney reminds Flap of a television informercial salesman – too slick.

Flap gives better credence to the latest Newsweek poll where Rudy beats Romney 70% to 20%.



The Rudy Giuliani Files

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  1. Swing State says:

    […] Lunch Bucket Conservative Is Romney’s grassroots support legitimate or merley Astroturf? Thursday March 15th 2007, 6:30 pm Filed under: News from the News, Michigan Politics, Presidential08′ First there was the touted Romney win at CPAC a couple of weeks ago in which numerous bloggers and news mediums have reported the possibility of being tainted because Romney bussed in college students to skew the already skewed sample even more in Romney’s favor.  These reports could not have been worse for Romney considering when the numbers came back and it was all said and done, Rudy Guiliani had actually acquired higher numbers in terms of first and second choice totals. […]

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