Iraq,  Iraq War,  John McCain,,  President 2008 and AFSCME Channel 100 Years of Iraq War in Anti-McCain ad

New ad by and the public employee labor union AFSCME

This is a hard-hitting ad targeting John McCain’s “100 Years in Iraq” remark.

Of course, the entire remark has been taken and spun out of context, but what else is new for the LEFT?

The RNC’s response:

“ was wrong to smear General Petraeus, just like Barack Obama was wrong to not go to Iraq to meet with him. America cannot afford a Commander-in-Chief who listens to partisan groups like instead of our commanders. Bringing peace and security to Iraq will require a Commander in Chief who won’t allow partisanship to cloud his judgment.”

The unions and left-wing organizations will continue to pound McCain on the unpopular war. But, will the Iraq War be the primary issue in the Fall with conditions on the ground there being dramatically better?

Flap thinks the economy and taxes will supercede the importance of the war.