Video: MoveOn.Org and Ventura County Democrats Protest Rep Elton Gallegly Over Bipartisan Debt Ceiling Deal

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This is just a set up from the Ventura County Democratic Party who astro-turfed this protest in their press releases. You see, the local Democrats know the California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission has gerrymandered Gallegly out of the current CA-24 Congressional district to the newly formed CA-36 which is less GOP friendly.

So, they go to the streets ala Saul Alinsky to paint Gallegly in the worst “intellectually dishonest” light that they can.

But, remember the American Debt Limit deal was a bipartisan affair and was supported by Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer AND Dianne Feinstein. President Obama signed the legislation yesterday.

Day By Day June 24, 2010 – Gulf Handicap

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

The 24 hour BP Oil Leak video feed reminds me of the Nightline Iranian Hostage Crisis reminder – except that it is streamed all of the time. Remember it was President Obama who wanted to EXPAND offshore oil drilling, baby!

Plus, President Obama’s golf game is well documented. Where is Michael Moore and Remember how they criticized President Bush while America was at war in Iraq AND Afghanistan?

Oh Yeah! They are busy scrubbing their website regarding General David Petraeus to cover Obama’s ass over the Taliban-Afghanistan War.

It was there the last time Google cache took a screen shot of it (June 18th), so it was scrubbed
sometime between then and today. If you try the link now ( it
goes to MoveOn’s default page.


I don’t think Obama or the LEFT will be able to cover the President’s ass over Obama’s policy failures. Americans are aware that Obama is all talk and no action.

Democrat Supporting Organizations And Unions Target GOP Senators On Obama Stimulus Bill

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Latest television ad targeting GOP Senators on Obama Stimulus Legislation

Left-Wing Democratic Party supporting groups are going to bat targeting GOP Senators over next week’s vote on the Obama/Democrat Stimulus Bill that passed the House yesterday.

Who are they targeting?

GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Olympia Snowe (Maine), Judd Gregg (N.H.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa).

An ad mixes that clip with voiceovers imploring the Republicans to cross the aisle: “Tell Sens. Collins and Snowe to support the Obama plan for jobs, not the failed policies of the past,” a voiceover intones in the ad running in Maine.

Collins and Snowe were among the five Republicans who have already supported the legislation at the committee level.

Obama won in Maine, New Hampshire and Iowa by large margins, though he lost Alaska’s electoral votes. The ads aim to pressure Murkowski, Gregg and Grassley, all of whom face re-election in 2010, to vote for the Senate version of the stimulus package.

Collins won reelection in 2008 and Snowe doesn’t face voters again until 2012.

The ads, which will cost $500,000 total, are being funded by Americans United for Change,, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Service Employees International Union. The group of organizations estimated it would spend a combined $4 to $5 million on the entire campaign.

Will these GOP Senators hold the party discipline like the GOP House that voted unanimously yesterday against the bill?

Perhaps, because despite the ads, polling shows American voters are not that enthused over the Obama pork-laden plan. and AFSCME Channel 100 Years of Iraq War in Anti-McCain ad

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New ad by and the public employee labor union AFSCME

This is a hard-hitting ad targeting John McCain’s “100 Years in Iraq” remark.

Of course, the entire remark has been taken and spun out of context, but what else is new for the LEFT?

The RNC’s response:

“ was wrong to smear General Petraeus, just like Barack Obama was wrong to not go to Iraq to meet with him. America cannot afford a Commander-in-Chief who listens to partisan groups like instead of our commanders. Bringing peace and security to Iraq will require a Commander in Chief who won’t allow partisanship to cloud his judgment.”

The unions and left-wing organizations will continue to pound McCain on the unpopular war. But, will the Iraq War be the primary issue in the Fall with conditions on the ground there being dramatically better?

Flap thinks the economy and taxes will supercede the importance of the war.

John McCain Watch: Launches First Attack Ad

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The MORONS at cannot get the McCain context right – same as the Democratic Party.


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