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    Ventura County Democrat Chair David Atkins Has a Twitter Problem

    Atkins and Brownley on FacebookVentura County Democrat Chair David Atkins and Rep. Julia Brownley D-Oak Park (From Facebook)

    The Ventura County Democratic Party and namely its Chair, David Atkins have a twitter problem.

    The chairman of the Ventura County, Calif., Democratic Central Committee celebrated the Fourth of July weekend by accusing Republicans of backing Nazis and discussing the size of conservative men’s genitals on Twitter.

    “Do you have the freedom to get an abortion without coathanger induced sepsis? Thank a Democrat, vote out Reoublicans,” [sic] wrote David Atkins, tweeting from the handle @DavidOAtkins on July 4.

    Atkins, an “online activist” who was elected to head the Ventura Democrats in 2012, spent the holiday marking America’s independence attacking Republicans as racists and backers of the Nazis during WWII.

    “Do you have the freedom to vote without a poll tax or getting fire hosed because of your skin color? #ThankaDemocrat,” he tweeted.

    Good grief.

    And, here is a screenshot of some more of his tweets:

    Atkins Tweets

    As a 63 year old white male, native Californian and thirty five year resident of Ventura County, California, I am deeply offended by David Atkins’ comments. The Ventura County Democratic Party should repudiate them and ask for Atkins’ resignation.

    I mean, come on!

    “I’ve met plenty of women who used to have conservative boyfriends. Ideology isn’t the only place they fell short,” he added. 

    Atkins is listed on the endorsements page for Rep. Julia Brownley (D., Calif.), who is running for reelection against Republican Jeff Gorell, an assemblyman from Camarillo.

    Julia Brownley for Congress has contributed $3,450 to the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee this election cycle, giving $1,500 in April, $1650 in January, and $300 last May.

    Atkins’ tweets have been the subject of controversy before. As the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee’s vice chairman in 2011, Atkinstweeted that Republicans who testified at a Redistricting Commission hearing in Oxnard should “just put your white hoods on already.”

    He was condemned for his remarks, but was not reprimanded by his fellow Democrats.

    In response, Atkins said he “regrets the choice of words I used, but I will always stand up to defend the rights of minorities in Ventura County.”

    My Representative to Congress, Democrat Julia Brownley, should disavow Atkins and send no more campaign funds to the Democratic County Party until Atkins is removed from the Chair.

    Julia Brownley needs to send a message that such hate-filled speech is not welcome in Ventura County politics.

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    Video: MoveOn.Org and Ventura County Democrats Protest Rep Elton Gallegly Over Bipartisan Debt Ceiling Deal



    This is just a set up from the Ventura County Democratic Party who astro-turfed this protest in their press releases. You see, the local Democrats know the California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission has gerrymandered Gallegly out of the current CA-24 Congressional district to the newly formed CA-36 which is less GOP friendly.

    So, they go to the streets ala Saul Alinsky to paint Gallegly in the worst “intellectually dishonest” light that they can.

    But, remember the American Debt Limit deal was a bipartisan affair and was supported by Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer AND Dianne Feinstein. President Obama signed the legislation yesterday.

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    Ventura County Democratic Party: An Obscene Insult

    +++++Content Warning – Adult Content Below+++++

    Screen Cap from the Ventura Demcoratic Party Website

    David Atkins a blogger for the Ventura County, California Democratic Party posted an obscene insult to over 1,000 Ventura County national tax day tea party participants on their official party website.

    Atkins who blogs at the Daily Kos as thereisnospoon has obviously thought that the typical obscene references at Kos are appropriate at the official Democratic Party site.

    So, what is the FLAP?

    Is it Atkin’s unhinged rant against the Tea Party protesters or his wild conspiracy theories as to the organization of the event?

    No, Atkins is entitled to his opinions – as unhinged and unintelligent as they are.

    The Flap is his reference to TEABAGGERS.

    What is Teabagging or a Teabagger?

    Teabagging is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth[1] or on or around the face (including the top of the head) of another person, often in a repeated in-and-out motion as in irrumatio. The practice vaguely resembles dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea.[2][3]

    Teabagging is also an erotic activity used within the context of BDSM and male dominance, with a dominant man teabagging his submissive partner, either a woman or a man, as one variation of facesitting and/or as a means of inflicting erotic humiliation.

    This post is vulgar and disgusting.

    Is this the photo of a Teabagger?

    Tea Party April 15 2009 018
    How about this photo of GOP Camarillo, California City Council member Mike Morgan and veteran plus attorney Jeff Gorell?
    Tea Party April 15 2009 100

    The Ventura County, California Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves and issue an apology for their vulgar reference on their website.

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