Poll Watch: Who Has More Popular Support – The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street?

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Tea Party April 15 2009 080

Ventura County Tea Party Rally, April 2009

The answer is probably NEITHER.
That’s tricky. We asked the same “support” or “oppose” question of both in the aforementioned USA Today/Gallup poll. The results show broadly similar views, although the Tea Party, with a 22% supporter, 27% opponent response in this poll, is slightly more negative than the 26% supporter, 19% opponent profile for the OWS movement. Half or more of Americans are neither supporters nor opponents of these movements. That underscores the point made by my colleague Jeff Jones in his analysis — namely that the majority of Americans are not highly caught up in these movements that occupy so much of the news media’s time.

My friends and colleagues, by and large, could care less. So, this is probably correct.

Unless, of course, one of the demonstrations disrupts traffic, then that person will hate your group!

Video: Let’s Take Those SOB’S Out – Teamster’s President James Hoffa

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Teamster’s President James Hoffa, Jr. at a Labor Day rally: “Let’s take these son of a bitches out

I was recovering from the Disneyland Half Marathon and relaxing on Labor Day when this flap ensued. While to rhetoric is “UNCIVIL,” it is unfortunately the usual from Big Labor. Here are a few stories on the blow back to the organized labor movement and the President of the United States, Barack Obama who is coddling them.

How Obama Protects the Teamsters

Barack Obama and Jimmy Hoffa are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Lady Gaga and hype, the Jersey Shore cast and hairspray: inseparable. The president can no more disown the Teamsters Union’s leader than he can disown his own id.

At a Labor Day rally in Detroit on Monday before Obama spoke, Hoffa stoked anti-tea-party hostility by urging his minions to “take these son of a bitches out.” (Botched grammar added that extra boost of street-gang authenticity to the labor lawyer’s threat.) The same civility police on the left who decry any references to crosshairs as incitements to violence are now mute about Hoffa’s brass-knuckle rhetoric. The Chicagoans in the White House refuse to comment.

Those calling on Obama to condemn Hoffa’s uncivil tone are deluding themselves. The 1.4 million–member Teamsters lifted Obama to power with a coveted endorsement and bottomless campaign coffers funded with coerced member dues. Over the past two decades, the union has donated nearly $25 million to Democrats (compared with $1.8 million for Republicans).

What quid pro quo protection has the Teamsters’ money bought? Let us count the ways.

Trumka won’t condemn Hoffa’s vitriolic rhetoric

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka refused to denounce the vitriolic rhetoric that his fellow union leader, Teamsters President James Hoffa, espoused in a speech on Monday.

While warming up a Labor Day crowd in Detroit before a speech by President Obama, Hoffa said unions should fight a “war” with tea partiers and congressional Republicans. “President Obama, this is your army,” Hoffa declared. “We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and take America back to where America we belong.”

On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Trumka said he “probably wouldn’t have chose the adjectives [Hoffa] used” but that he supports the premise.

“I think Jim Hoffa’s speaking for the anger that millions of Americans have,” Trumka said. “These people [tea partiers and congressional Republicans] are playing political brinksmanship and not allowing us to create jobs and they’re not willing to help us get the country moving. Some of them even announced that they want the president to fail.”

Trumka went on to declare that tea partiers “don’t have the right to say they’re the only patriotic ones out there,” especially “when they want the country to fail and 25 million people not to get back to work.”

Vines: Hoffa called my mother a what?

Am I mad that Jimmy Hoffa called my dear mother the B-word?

I am, after all, her son and I am a conservative Republican and love the tea party. Therefore, ipso facto, if Jimmy wants his buddies to “take these son of a bitches out” then I guess I am a target and Momma Wisecracker is a “you know what” in his eyes.

Ah, that new civility called for by our president. The same president who pulls the lowest form of partisan politics and demands a full session of Congress for him to speak at the exact same time Republicans have scheduled their first major presidential debate. He said he wanted to go back to the unifying spirit of 9/11, but I guess 9/7 doesn’t count.

Back to Jimmy. Am I mad? Not really, because what everybody is focusing on – the use of S.O.B. and “take out” – are probably uttered on a daily basis by union thugs like Hoffa and the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka.

No, I’m disappointed in Jimmy’s sentence construction.

“Let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.” The phrase “give America back” should have been followed by some form of “to whom.” Example: give America “back to the little people”. Or: give America back “to hard working men and women.” What he said, in the end, was nonsensical.

What was equally silly was Aretha Franklin warming up the crowd singing “Chain of Fools.” Considering the Obama Administration’s dreadful economic results, the failure of the stimulus, and increasingly awful poll numbers, “Down by the Lazy River” or “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)” would have been less-heinous choices.

Chain of Fools? Holy hits Batman, you just can’t make up this stuff.

Chain of fools indeed and such civil conduct about which our President remains silent.

Come on now, Mr. President, repudiate this type of discourse.

Christine O’Donnell Bouncing Around With The Iowa Tea Party

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Dang, make up your mind.

The organizer of the Tea Party rally in Iowa this weekend told NBC News he had to cancel Christine O’Donnell’s speaking slot again — after she was re-invited — “after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides — and is now hopeful Palin will attend the Saturday rally.

I can understand Sarah Palin’s concern.

Obviously, someone in the Iowa Tea Party is not happy with Sarah Palin’s demands.