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    Washington Post REALLY Screws Up Sarah Palin Story

    One of Sarah’s snarky responses to a bogus story that she had joined Al Jazerra America Network

    Wow! A new low for the LAMESTREAM media.

    Why they wish to continue to pound Sarah Palin five years after she was a failed Vice Presidential candidate is beyond me?

    But, Suzi Parker should be reprimanded and her editor probably should find another line of work.

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    Sarah Palin Out At Fox News Channel

    Sarah Palin and fox News

    I was wondering why Sarah was not seen very much after the November elections.

    But, now it is clear.

    Sarah is out at Fox News.

    After a three-year run as a paid contributor to the nation’s highest-rated cable news channel, Sarah Palin and FOX News have cut ties, according to a source close to the former Alaska governor.

    “It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP. “She remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion.”

    She will probably be offered another news punditry gig at another network, if she wants it – like CNN or ABC.

    I am wondering if she might just return to Alaska politics and run for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Democrat Mark Begich?

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    Will Sarah Palin be the Mystery Speaker at the Republican National Convention?


    The word on the internets is that it won’t be Sarah Palin but may be any of the following:

    • Nancy Reagan
    • President George H. W. Bush
    • Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
    • Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin
    • Clint Eastwood

    Sarah Palin speaking

    The BUZZ has started and who else to deliver the “RED MEAT” speech to end the Republican National Convention?

    Republican convention planners appear to have a surprise planned for those tuning in Thursday night.

    Buried deep in the convention schedule released Monday is a vague reference to a mystery speaker scheduled for the event’s final evening. “To Be Announced” has a prime speaking slot late in the Thursday program.

    By then, speakers from Mitt Romney’s church will have taken the stage that night. The co-founder of Staples office-supply chain will have spoken about working with Mr. Romney during his time at Bain Capital. State officials from Massachusetts will have talked about the former governor. Olympians will have already thanked the presidential candidate for leading the 2002 Winter Games.

    The only other speakers to follow “To Be Announced” will be Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Mr. Romney himself, suggesting that the unnamed guest may appear during the 10 p.m. hour when the networks all will be broadcasting the convention.

    Has anyone checked to see where Sarah is? Her last Tweet had her in Arizona.

    I cannot think of anyone who could stir up the convention crowd and who could deliver such a motivating speech.

    I guess we will see.

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    Day By Day August 19, 2012 – No Lie

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Chris, the report on a new Poltico book is that the Obama White House has already marginalized DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    Many of Obama’s advisers have quietly begun questioning whether they should have picked Wasserman Schultz, an outspoken Florida congresswoman, as his DNC chairwoman. She has clashed with Chicago over her choice of staff and air-time on national TV shows — and they think she comes across as too partisan over the airwaves.

    Obama’s brain trust secretly commissioned pollster David Binder to conduct an internal focus study of the popularity of top Obama campaign surrogates. Number one was former press secretary Robert Gibbs, followed by Cutter. Traveling press secretary Jen Psaki, who was added to a second study, was third. Axelrod, Plouffe and current White House press secretary Jay Carney were bunched in the middle. Wasserman Schultz ranked at the bottom.

    As far as Sarah Palin – I don’t think anyone will be able to muzzle or marginalize her impact.

    Today, the Washington media frenzy is all about some ridiculous/incredulous remarks from Rep. Todd Akin who is also the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate from Missouri. I wish we can tune him out and I somehow think he will be gone from politics by the end of the day.

    Or, at least should be….

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    Cheney: Choosing Sarah Palin as Vice President Nominee Was a Mistake

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

    Dick Cheney said today that John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee was a “mistake.”

    Dick Cheney has some advice for Mitt Romney on choosing a running mate:  Don’t pick another Sarah Palin.

    In his first interview since receiving a heart transplant in March, Cheney told ABC News, that John McCain’s decision to pick Palin as his running mate in 2008 was “a mistake” —  one that it is important from Romney not to repeat.

    It’s subject on which Cheney has some unique experience.  He helped Presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush lead their vice presidential searches and, of course, served as vice president for eight years.  He’s also privately offered some advice to both Romney and Beth Myers, who is leading Romney’s search for a runningmate, on the process.

    Cheney would not comment on what he told Romney and Myers, but he was harsh in his assessment of McCain’s decision to pick Palin.

    “That one,” Cheney said, “I don’t think was well handled.”

    “The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?’”

    Cheney believes Sarah Palin failed that test.

    Well, Cheney never really thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be the Vice President. He just did not articulate it so bluntly earlier.

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney won’t say whether he thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to be president.

    Asked in an interview on NBC broadcast Tuesday morning whether he thought she was qualified, Cheney ducked and said he’s “not going to get into the business … of saying this one is, this one isn’t.”

    The former vice president said he would speak out at a later time on the 2012 contest.

    “I’m interested in Gov. Palin like a lot of people are,” he said in an interview on the “Today” show.

    “I’ve met her,” he said. “I thought she’s got an interesting political career established.”

    Cheney said he watches the former Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate’s reality show, “Sarah Palin’s America,” and thinks it’s “very good.”

    Cheney wouldn’t weigh in on her chances in 2012 or whether she’d do a good job in the White House. “She’s clearly a factor in the Republican Party, has a strong following. She also has a lot of critics.”

    It’s not the first time Cheney has avoided weighing in on whether he thinks Palin could be president.

    The problem with the GOP in 2008 was not Sarah Palin, despite her shortcomings and lack of experience. It was not her blow-up with Katie Couric.

    The problem and the mistake in 2008 was the Presidential nominee, John McCain. He simply was too old, too liberal and not aggressive enough in order to make the GOP case to the American people. The campaign he ran was abysmal.

    Even though New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was more moderate on social issues than the GOP platform, he would have been the better nominee.

    Rudy would not have needed and would not have selected a novice, inexperienced Governor from a small state to be his Vice President. I would have bet he would have chosen Mike Huckabee to balance the ticket and would have beaten Obama.

    Here is the video embedded below of Cheney’s interview:

    Watch More News Videos at ABC2012 Presidential ElectionEntertainment & Celebrity News

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    IN-Sen: Sarah Palin Endorses Richard Mourdock

    In a blow to incumbent Senator Richard Lugar, former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed Indiana Treasuer Richard Mourdock

    I join commonsense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the next Senator from Indiana. Conservatives of all stripes are uniting behind Richard Mourdock. It’s not just Indiana that benefits from sending the right Senator to serve for the right reasons; the nation as a whole benefits, and that is one reason why the eyes of so many around the nation are focused on the Indiana race.

    Indiana deserves a conservative in the Senate who will fight for the Hoosier State, uphold our Constitution, and not just go along to get along with the vested interests of the permanent political class in D.C.

    Richard Mourdock is the conservative choice for Indiana. Senator Lugar’s 36 years of service as a Senator are appreciated, but it’s time for the torch to pass to conservative leadership in Washington that promises to rein in government spending now.

    Get the facts here. Learn more about Richard Mourdock at www.richardmourdock.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

    – Sarah Palin

    The election is coming up on May the 8th and the latest polls have Mourdock in the lead.

    Senator Lugar might be able to pull out a victory, but it increasingly is looking like Lugar should have retired.

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    Day By Day March 9, 2012 – Rush

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The hypocritical LEFT will regret going after Rush Limbaugh with their secondary, targeted boycott.

    For one, the LEFT uses name calling and Alinsky demeaning tactics far more than the RIGHT.

    And, the RIGHT will now be empowered to show the hypocrisy over and over again. A little daylight works wonders. Right, Bill Maher and Ed Shultz?

    The Rush Limbaugh take down will fail as well.

    The LEFT media always has the Sarah Palin bashing Game Change premiering on HBO this weekend. Talk about misogyny.

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    Day By Day January 30, 2012 – Rino Call

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    I see MSLSD (MSNBC) is now hawking the HBO Film, “Game Change” which trashes Sarah Palin. Steve Schmidt has a prime starring role in the film.

    Let me say, that political consultants have driven the “interview” for the Presidency into one of the nastiest, profane professions. The race for 2012 is no longer convincing Americans to vote for you, but rather trashing all of your opponents to the most extreme degree.

    I won’t be enjoying “Game Change.”

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    President 2012 Video: Sarah Palin Says Vote for Newt – Rage Against the Machine

    Here is Sarah Palin yesterday on the Judge Jeanine Show urging conservatives to vote for Newt Gingrich.

    Will it be enough in Florida?

    Probably not, but Gingrich will go forward with a hard earned second place and will take his campaign to other states. When Santorum and/or Ron Paul drop out, he will hope a one on one contest with Romney will help him win sufficient delegates to at least tie up the nomination (deny Mitt Romney a delegate majority) until the convention.