Obama Era Abuses: Who Is Kevin Clinesmith?

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Even after the collapse of the collusion thesis, good luck getting the press corps interested in allegations of Obama-era abuse.

It was an almost unbelievable story—fit for a spy novel, and among the most disturbing and consequential allegations of governmental abuse in recent history. The alleged abuse went right to the heart of our ability to participate in free and fair elections. But much of the U.S. media seems ready to forget about it.

On December 9 Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz reported that a critical piece of evidence used to obtain a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign associate in 2016 was falsified by an FBI lawyer.

Even before the release of the report

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, the New York Times had the scoop in November but buried it under a headline which suggested a sort of vindication for the FBI: “Russia Inquiry Review Is Said to Criticize F.B.I. but Rebuff Claims of Biased Acts; A watchdog report will portray the pursuit of a wiretap of an ex-Trump adviser as sloppy

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, but it also debunks some accusations by Trump allies of F.B.I. wrongdoing.”

The investigations are not finished…..

Obama Decides His Iraq Policy Sucks

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Credit: Michael Ramirez

But, we knew that, right?

Out comes the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, as another Iraq City falls to ISIS.

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, serif; line-height: 28px; color: #333333; background: 0px 0px;”>Defense Secretary Ash Carter held open the possibility of a strategy shift by the White House on Iraq, a few days after recent setbacks in Iraq and Syria revived sharp criticism of the Obama administration’s approach in combating extremist groups there.

Islamic State forces last week captured the key Iraqi city of Ramadiand also expanded their reach in Syria. Critics and even allies of the administration took to Sunday television talk shows to call for a strategy change by the administration to stem the advance of Islamic State forces.

ObamaCare is a California Loser

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ObamaCare is a California Loser

How many months ago did I prognosticate that ObamaCare, while rammed through the Congress by Democrats, would NEVER be fully implemented? Look what is happening in California, which is probably BEST case.

More than 1 million cancellation notices have been sent to Californians as the Affordable Care Act begins allowing individuals to buy insurance through exchanges, Jones said. The federal law requires policies to offer minimum levels of coverage, forcing companies to terminate many existing plans. But Jones said that under the law, insurers have another year to do so.

More than a MILLION policy cancellations!

How many Californians will be “BARE” (without insurance) over the next year?

Just wait for the increase in premiums and the “sticker shock.”

The Congress should get busy and make the necessary changes in the law or….. voters should change the Congress.

Day By Day May 15, 2013 – Bell Curve

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Day By Day May 15, 2013

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The bloom has come off the Obama Administration rose with multiple scandals.

Now, the Washington Press has turned against the President and is FINALLY being held accountable for his inaction on multiple fronts.

Wait for the Democratic POLS to start jumping ship.

Pundits really thought the GOP was moribund?

President Obama and his merry band of progressive political thugs have committed Democratic Party suicide.