Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release


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Charles Manson followers Leslie Van Houton, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel

Today a California state parole board denied Charles Manson follower and convicted murderer of Sharon Tate and her baby “compassionate release.”

If you recall, Atkins was the killer who wrote the word “PIG” in Tate’s blood on the front door of the home shared by the actress and her husband, Roman Polanski.

Here is the graphic photo of Sharon Tate’s death:

Remember Susan Atkins famously told a sobbing and begging Sharon Tate prior to her murder and mutilation, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.”

The California Parole Board made the RIGHT decision.

Susan Atkins should remain incarcerated for the rest of her natural life.

Look BITCH, the people of California have NO MERCY for you.


Bob, a commenter has written about his experiences with Susan Atkins and Charles Manson. Here is his photo which goes along with his fascinating story. Please read below.

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169 thoughts on “Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release

  1. I remember those murders very well. I don’t know how a woman could get so cold hearted unless controlled by an evil mastermind like Manson. Atkins brother said Susan was abused as a kid. That doesn’t necessarily mean you lose your conscience in the quest for looking for love. Atkins didn’t admit guilt till convicted and didn’t apologize until years after at a parole hearing.
    Although I don’t believe in the death penalty or revenge, I believe a life sentence without parole was just. I think Susan has had a lot of time to think. She has become a born again, she has worked from prison to intervene with teens at risk. She has been in solitary. I hope she has had a true conversion and that God deals with her according to his wisdom. God have mercy on Sharon Tate and my prayers are with her family and the LaBiancas as well. This is a great example of what charismatic popularity gone haywire can do and also LSD usage which Atkins claims to have been on. Dr. Timothy Leary I hope your proud of yourself.

  2. I saw on the news the other day where they were considering a plea to let Susan Atkins out of prison to die. Seems she has terminal brain cancer and they have already amputated one of her legs. She is partially paralyzed and just about gone already. Well, they denied her request to die among friends and family. “She is a cold-blooded woman who to this day has not displayed any remorse,” wrote Sharon Tate’s sister Debra Tate, according to The Associated Press.
    The Los Angeles County D.A. argued against Atkins’ release and said that the woman who was the leading character in one of the most horrific chapters in California history “has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes.”
    Atkins, who has about six months left to live, had asked the court to let her spend the last days of her life among friends and family and not prison guards. Atkins is now 60 and has been in detention longer than any other female inmate in California history.
    Maybe it was tasting the victim’s blood, then using it to write the word “pig” on the front door.
    Maybe it was telling the woman who begged for mercy that there would be no compassion for her or her unborn baby on that infamous night nearly 40 years ago that defined the California nightmare.
    LA District-Attorney Patrick Sequeira detailed for the board the Family’s carnage. In the end, authorities counted 102 knife thrusts in the nine murder victims, not to mention shootings and other mayhem. Mr Sequeira put Atkins right in the middle of it. “Miss Atkins is one of the most notorious mass murderers in United States history,” he said. “To grant her a release would be an affront to the people of this state, the California justice system, the family and the next of kin of the many murder victims.”
    For whatever reason, the Board of Parole Hearings yesterday said no to Susan Atkins, whose friends and family had begged the state to let her out of prison in her dying days on a compassionate release.
    No explanation was given for the board’s 11-0 decision.
    Boy, Charles Manson…… that really brought back some memories…..
    I was about 21 or 22 working at Orbach’s in Beverly Hills in the print shop making signs for the store when that all happened. It was 1969 and a few months before I got into the special effects lighting business. I was eating dinner by myself at Alphie’s on Sunset Blvd. one weeknight in September not hardly a month after those murders. Susan Atkins was walking the Strip, probably panhandling, and out of the crowd she just plopped herself down at my table. Alphie’s was a sidewalk café and my table was right by the street entrance. I was through with dinner and drinking a cup of coffee while watching all the freaks parade past. She started telling me this crazy story about the “Family” she was a part of. I figured she was a very spaced out druggie, and tried to get her to leave. She was filthy dirty and really skuzzy wearing a long dirty madras hippie dress. I remember thinking she had the most unusual fingers I had ever seen. They were long and skinny, and her fingertips almost came to a point. Her tiny narrow fingernails were also very dirty. Anyway, she just kept on and asked me over and over to give her a ride home. I tried to ignore her, and went in to pay and leave. She followed me, and kept saying that it was only a block away. HA! When I went out back to get in my car, she followed me out there too. She would not take no for an answer. I was driving a classic ’62 Mark II Jag, (I still have it) and she just HAD to have a ride in it. I figured WTF, I’ll take her a block and be rid of her. Well, then she kept saying that it was just around the next corner. She had me turn left, and the next thing I knew I was on the freeway heading north. Then she said it was the next exit. That kept on until we got to Chatsworth. Then up a mountain that looked like a scene from a Hopalong Cassidy movie to the old movie ranch where they were all hiding out. We got stopped by a couple of cops in the road on the way up there. They had their guns out and said they were after a guy that they thought they may have winged. They searched my trunk, and then let us go on. They told us not to stop for anyone on foot. To this day I never have figured out what that was all about. I pulled into the run down ranch, and parked at the hitching post. I knew right away that I might be in real trouble when this really scurvy looking ragtag bunch came out of one of the storefronts and started eyeing me and my car. The Jag, my handmade Italian shoes, and handmade leather coat had them licking their chops. Something told me I would have to play my cards right if I was going to get out of there alive. It never occurred to me that they could have had anything to do with the recent grisly murders, but they sure looked like they might have something to do with mine.
    Anyway, I met all the freaks that were at that ranch, including the old blind man, the little witch who lived outback in a chicken coop, the old cowgirl, and Charlie himself along with all his minions. Charlie told me all about their place in the desert, and asked me to join the group. I was flattered. He said they were going to smuggle dope across the border from Mexico on gliders and get rich. I told him that sounded like a great idea. They needed someone with a legitimate job to get a baby out of protective services the next day when one of the girls was going to get out of jail. Well, of course I told them I would be glad to let them stay with me. So, they let me leave with all my stuff after giving me their phone number. Atkins had told me her name was Sadie Glutz when she invaded me at Alphie’s. She gave me the number and said it was the number for “Spahn’s Family”. I told her I would call her first thing the next day. She told me I was her Sir Lancelot. I gave her a phony number and told them I worked at May Co. Then I got the hell out of there. The next morning at work, I told a couple of the guys all about the weirdos I met the night before. I told them the whole story, and we all got a big laugh out of it. I don’t remember exact dates, but it was only a couple of weeks or so until one of the guys walked in one morning with the LA Times. He flopped it down in front of me and said they had caught my buddies up in the canyon for killing Sharon Tate. I looked down at the front page and there they all were. I was stunned. That was when I realized that it really was a good thing I had gotten my ass out of there. Well, a couple of hours later after the story had spread all over the store, the head of security came into my office and told me I needed to go downtown to the police station and talk to someone in the homicide division. He said he heard about my encounter with the Manson bunch, and said they wanted to talk to anyone who had any contact with them. I went downtown and got interviewed by a detective. He asked me a lot of questions that I couldn’t even answer, but he mainly wanted to know what kind of music was playing on the stereo when I was there. I told him they were playing Beatles music, which they were. I also told him about the cops that stopped us on the way up there. He didn’t comment on that, but he gave me his card, and told me to call him if I thought of anything else. Well, I didn’t care to think of anything else, but I kept his card. I still have it too. I scanned it and here it is along with a picture of my old Jag. Picture was taken in Ft. Pierce, Florida about five years later. I saw recently where they were looking for more bodies of people killed by those creeps in the desert, and up in Devil’s Canyon where Sadie Glutz suggested we go.
    It would not let me attach the card and photo.

  3. It is all true. I sent you the scan. That is the short version. I left most of the details out, including the part about the vest the girls were sewing for Charlie. They told me he was both the Devil and God.

  4. I vividly remember these scum bags. A real pity that they have been allowed to live a ‘normal’ and publicly funded life in prison this long at our (taxpayers) expenses. Parole them? Compassionate parole granted to them ? Not in a Hundred Years ! Hang em`high, burn em`, and bury their ashes all in a mass unmarked grave in the desert. Then — Forget Them!

  5. @ Huber

    IF there ever was a case for the death penalty this is it. Thanks to left wing judges they escaped the ultimate penalty.

    Shame on them.

  6. Open the prison door to mass murderers? NO!! That is a no brainer. They are not ready for society and society will never be ready for them.

  7. I Was Only Six Years Old At The Time Of These Awful Murders, But, I Still Remember Them And The Reports On Television. I Was Born In Los Angeles And Lived There Until 1996 When I, Myself Was Attacked In My Apartment In The Hollywood Hills And Beaten, Robbed And Almost Murdered. That Is When I Left California. I Now Live In Colorado. May God Dear Sweet Lord In Heaven Never Have Any Mercy For The Manson Tribe And May Sharon Tate, Her Baby And Her Friends That Were With Her That Terrible August Night Rest In Peace Forever And Ever. God Bless. The Murders Took Place Exactly *39* Years Ago Tonight. 08-09-69 / 08-09-08.

    Dean Austin Neiferts last blog post because None is banned/ignored from CommentLuv

  8. I really wonder, is it because these murders happened to “beautiful people,” like Sharon Tate (indeed, she was very beautiful) and the others that society is so full of hate and no compassion at all for a dying woman? God help us if this be the case. Susan became a Christian many years ago. She is no threat to society now. Oh, and please dont give me the “she had no compassion” thing, we are supposed to forgive as God forgives us. If you read her book or Charles Watson’s you would know that she did NOT kill anyone, but yes, acted as a watch. You would also know she is very sorry for her part in these horrible crimes.
    Also, I have lost a family member to murder. It hurts, but one must move on and pray for the ones who did it.

  9. Gale, compassion for a dying woman you say? Where was the comapssion for all of the victims of the manson Family? Whether or not Atkins is a threat to society is not the point. She participated in the murders of Gary Hinman, sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski and Steven Parent. Just by her very presence and helping Watson and Krenwinkel, she is guilty. I have read her book and Watson’s book and frankly they are full of baloney. It amazes me how many killers find God once they are sent to prison. Gale I am sorry for you and your family as victims of crime. It could have been my family…Watson and manson took after my 2 younger brothers with guns in the summer of 69. Only by the grace of God did they get the car stared and drive away. I for one do not believe she is sorry. She made the choice to participate in cold blooded murder. The Supreme Court gave her compassionate release in 1972 by over turning her death penalty. Surely that is compassion enough. She has had 39 years of marriage, college classes, art classes. television and life itself. What have any of the victims and their families had in the past 39 years? agony and memories of the horrible deaths of their loved ones. Yes, Ms. Tate was an actress by profession but she was also a woman expecting her first child in 2 weeks when Atkins told her “look bitch. I have no mercy for you. You better be prepared to die”. Whatever your religious beliefs are gale are your choice. You say that God wants us to forgive them as He forgives us. I am not so sure about that. I will let God tend to that but as a human being who has seen first hand what murder can do to a family, I say let the justice system take care of business here on earth. I am 100% for the death penalty. How can anyone ever amend for 9 murders and expect to be released? Atkins and the other killers laughed about the murders. They bragged about them…then after being caught they suddenly find religion. Give me a break. They all deserved to die in the gas chamber. Tell us gale, when will their victims be paroled? When will they get compassionate release? And what of an unborn child who had no chance for life outside his mother’s womb? Now talk to me about compassion.

  10. I am not saying release all of them. All I am saying is that Susan is no danger to anyone as she is dying. Talk to you about compassion? o.k. It isnt just me , Christ is the one who said have compassion on all.
    We all have opinions, this is mine.

    The end.

  11. I Was Only 10 Years Old At The Time Of These Awful Murders, But, I Still Remember Them And The Reports On Television. I Was Born In Los Angeles And Lived There Until 1996 When I, Myself Was Attacked In My Apartment In The Hollywood Hills And Beaten, Robbed And Almost Murdered. That Is When I Left California
    . I Now Live In Colorado.

    love says:
    Kill the fucking bitches!!!! That people is sick!!



  13. Hi brothers ; This is Impulsivo from Istanbul. Sorry for my broken English, but don’t think there is a follow-up in California solely, regarding the most brutal crime of the century. Lots of people worldwide still feel sorrow what had done to this unlucky souls. Sometimes, we Turks say “zaman herseyin ilacıdır” meaning “time cures every wound” but definitely not for this case ! There’s no forgiveness for certain acts. Let alone fourty years, such heinous barbarism should be remembered for generations. So many years after the incident, so many books, blogs, court records I read, I still can’t understand what kind a of a creature commits such a cruelty against a defenseless pregnant girl. No, you can’t call them animals gentlemen, it is a horrible insult against animals.

    No mercy for cold-blooded sadists, no parole for them ! I also wrote to Ms.Debra Tate. Let them rot in their cages until the end ! God bless you.

  14. I think execution is the easy way out, a few minute(s) and they’re dead. If I were sentenced to life in prison, I would be begging for the death penalty.
    #1, VB I agree!

  15. This story is both heartbreaking and fascinating. It is so sad to me how ruthless that mankind can be. And even worse for me to realize that there are more bad humans out there than good.

  16. who says Charles Manson is even sane. Or if we are even sane. I believe he was proving that we kill animals so why can’t he kill humans I mean in reality its the same thing. And some people don’t view it the same way but it’s ok to kill anything but a human. This is not right at all.

  17. Its people like the Manson family that you all vote for every 5 years, so you’re exactly the same as them.

  18. You people are ridiculous. Not one of you has ever met or spent time with Susan Atkins. And i can personally tell you that she is not the cold blooded cruel bitch you make her out to be. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people i have ever met. She has infulenced my life in so many positive ways. She has helped me to find god, to be forgiving and to be generous. As for the comment made by Debra Tate on her not showing remorse. Did she ever come into contact with her in the later years to come? No i think not. Because i have discussed with her how much she wishes the day her father visited her before she met that bastard Charles Manson and asked her to to come home to him and her younger brother she had said yes instead of denying him. If she had her life would have taken a completely different road. Nothing will ever be able to excuse the actions and crimes that she commited in the past and i have true remorse and sympathy for The Tate and LaBianca families i could never imagin what they went throught. But i know my aunt and i know how wonderful of a person she truely is. So keep listening to all the lies and all the hatred, it will never change how beautiful of a person she turned into. If you had spent even five minutes with her you would’ve seen that.

  19. Thank you anonymous, I also know Susan to be a wonderful child of God. She and her husband James are great people. I am glad to know them.
    God bless you for telling people how other people can and are changed.
    I am sure we all can think of times in our lives we wished we had done things differently.
    All we can do is asked God to forgive us through His Son, Jesus Christ and live the best we can.

  20. What is with this magical belief that just because X amount of time has passed it’s okay to let em off the hook? She should be allowed to leave in a box when she is no longer breathing.

  21. I feel bad for Shanon and her friends. I had someone in my family murdered along time ago. I was realated to Shanon. Was, Was

  22. If the Californian death penalty had not been abolished in 1972, then Watson, Krenwinkle, Van Houten, Manson AND Atkins would no doubt no longer be here today, along with several other family members. I agree with an above comment that that was compassion. It was compassion for people awaiting their death..Although every one of these people stated ‘death is only an illusion’ it was clear in the early stages of their incarceration there was fear for their impending deaths. Of the five Tate-LaBianca murderers it is widely believed the only one ever likely to be paroled if at all, is Leslie Van Houten. Atkins was by far the most vicious and unrepentent of the girls, at that time. Of course as soon as convicted murderers are given the chance of parole they become ‘born again Christians’ it goes with the territory, I have no doubt some are genuine, but it’s also a given that some are not. I don’t personally know Atkins but psychiatrist after psychiatrist still insists she is manipulative and unrepentent, and I think Debra Tate has every right to express her opinion on Susan, or any of the others. I do agree that because of the notoriety of the crime and the victims it may have an effect on the girls spending so long in prison, because of course, many murderers serve 25 years and they are paroled.. It is coming up to four decades of incarceration and it’s obvious Atkins will not be granted compassionate leave, Manson will definitely never be released, Watson won’t, I honestly believe Van Houten will eventually though. If Atkins was genuine in her remorse and has TRULY changed, and not just for the purpose of parole, then I think she should have been granted it.. I feel 40 years in prison for someone’s crimes commited when they were more or less children is just.. But a remorseless Killer with no repentence and a devious nature should never be freed, I think this is why Atkins will never be released, even though it’s quite obvious she is no threat to anybody. These murderers have had quite a good life in comparison to their victims, they have earned college educations, taught courses, Krenwinkle even teaches puppies to become guard dogs. The question remains, if the victims were not the rich and famous (not at all downplaying the seriousness of the crime, it was diabolical and I truly feel for ALL of the victims and families) would these girls still be in prison 40 years later? Because the justice system feels they HAVE to keep them incarcerated because of the notoriety and stardom of some of the victims.. And all the attention the case recieved because of who the victims were.. I feel they would have been paroled before now. But what happens happens, and 4/5 of them will no doubt never be released.. And due to the nature of the crimes, and the viciousness they portrayed, the laughing and complete disregard of the feelings for the victims family during the trials..That they pretty much got what they deserved.. And I don’t think Atkins family can feel hard done by that she hasn’t been released .. She had a much longer and a much more comfortable life than Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, and Steven Parent did. So while I wouldn’t strongly object to any of them being paroled, (especially Van Houten I agree 100% she should be released).. I don’t feel it would be unjust if they weren’t either.

  23. Any moron that sympathizes with this bunch of evil turds is just as bad as the killers. Sharon’s mother crusaded and suffered for years having to look at these ugly creeps in the face and keep her composure to ensure they never get out. I hope Susan’s cancer takes a long time so she can contemplate about the ruined lives she has caused just because she wanted to be manipulated by a creep. I had a horrible childhood and I never put a gun or a knife to someone or was WEAK MINDED enough to be manipulated by druggies. After Susan goes I hope the rest follow one by one. Good riddence to bad rubbish. They are not even human. Rabid animals are a lot higher up on the chain than these waste’s of skin.

  24. So she’s done all these great things for people. She was able to do that behind bars, keep her there.
    Letting her go and die peacefully with her family is insulting to the families of the 8 people she was involved with viciously attcking and killing. They were all dying, but not peacfully with their famillies, they were dying brutally and terrified with people who had hatred in their eyes.
    She got to live decades longer than she was supposed to, and Gary Hinman, Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Sharon Tate (along with a child due in just 2 weeks), Antonio and Rosemary LaBianca had to die dacades before they were supposed to.
    Maybe she is remorseful, maybe she does realize the severity of her crimes, maybe she has found a new way to live her life, and maybe she will never kill again, but that doesnt mean that she shouldnt have to repay society for the time when she mocked the murders as they were detailed, when she used her victims’ blood to write insults on the walls, when she declared Manson as being the god that she followed and would kill for with love, and when she murdered 5 people and then got up the next day and set out to murder again. It’s society she is paying the debt to, not her victims or god–she will pay to them when she finally goes. And the people have not forgotten what she’s done. Prisoners should not be rewarded for following the rules and doing what’s right. Isn’t that something we should be doing anyway? What’s next? Giving out participation trophies for playing basketball on the prison yeard?

    Do I think that the members of the Manson “family” would be spending 40+ years incarcerated if their victims weren’t Hollywood’s in-crowd? I absolutely do. They were horrific, violent crimes. These victims weren’t shot from afar and then robbed and left for dead (which is violent in itself). These people were robbed FIRST and then chased down and repeatedly stabbed until they were positive they were dead. Some of them had dozens of wounds even after their deaths. These murders would have been infamous no matter who was killed. As long as the horrors of that night still shock us all and are known widely by people who weren’t even alive at the time nor did they live anywhere near there, these people need to remain in custody of the state.
    David Berkowitzis’ victims weren’t famous, but his crimes were brutal and he has been repeatedly denied parole.
    Besides, this woman was directly involved in these murders. She played a large role in the killings and seemed to enjoy it the most as evident while she recalled the murders during trial. If she were paroled, then how should the 2 other women, or Manson himself who was never even present when these 7 were killed, be expected to continue to be imprissoned? What about Watson who took a direct role in every one of those murders and atleast 2 others? It’s been 40 years, maybe he’s learned his leason and he can rejoin society now. I mean really! She serves less than 6 years for each life she took? Is that what those people were worth? I have enemies, geez 6 years out of my life and few college degrees to set me up when I get out again… sounds like a good deal to me!

    She says had she chosen to go home with her father then Manson couldnt have made her do this? Everything is a choice. There were “family” members who were not involved in these crimes, one of which was present at the scenes but did not get involved. She chose to murder these people. Manson didnt make her taste Tate’s blood. He didnt make her play in her victim’s blood after the murders and write with it on the walls. These are things that she did on her own and with obvious delight in it. She didnt even show that she became horrified at the brutality later on when she ate her vistim’s food and played with their pets.
    She was on drugs? If I drink and drive and inadvertently kill 7 people, should I be allowed to roam free because I was impared? What’s different? That I drank and intended on going home and Atkins intended on murder?

    Besides, back in June of 2008 she was supposed to have 6 months left. She’s still alive. Actually she was supposed to die years ago.
    I have yet to find out what the result of her parole hearing was yesterday. My only hope is they sent her out saying “Look Bitch, I have no mercy for you!”
    She doesnt deserve to be released on parole. What she deserves is someone to defile her dead body by carving “war” on her abdomen and painting “pig” on her walls in blood for her family to remember always. Now that would be “sure ‘Healter Skelter.'”

  25. Well, not that it makes much difference but Atkins didn’t participate in the LaBianca murders, that was Krenwinkle,Watson and Van Houten, Krenwinkle carved ‘War’ into Leno LaBiancas stomach and left the fork protruding from it..Atkins stayed with Kasabian, Manson and Clem.. After dropping the three off to murder the LaBiancas they drove to get milkshakes I believe.. Her parole hearing has been postponed.. And she’s fully expected to be denied anyway. The usual minimum sentence for first degree murder is usually 10 – 10 and a half years.. Prosecutor Bugliosi only expected each of the girls and Watson to serve 15-20 years, it’s been almost 40.. Out of all of them the only one who has fully admitted her responsibility and acknowledged her crimes, without attempting to BS the parole board with any ‘I’m a born again Christian’ crap is Leslie Van Houten. At an earlier parole hearing Atkins denied even stabbing anybody, which is obviously absurd, this constant sly mendacious and devious approach is what will continue the denials of her parole hearings, whether she is at deaths door or not.. And she has to answer to someone higher than anyone on earth next.

  26. I cannot state any more eloquently than alot of you have about Susan Atkins not being released from prison. I just wanted to vent some. It makes me feel sad to think of what Sharon Tate went through at the hands of Susan Atkins. Poor Sharon begging for her life and that of her baby – begging they take her baby so it could live, crying out for her mother. Susan Atkins brutally murdering Sharon and her baby by hanging Sharon who was still alive, stabbing her at least 16 times, maybe more. Susan Akins tasting Sharon’s blood and writing “PIG” with Sharon’s blood. Now WE are suppose to have “compassion” for Susan to be able to spend time with her family before she dies. The victims never got that chance and they never got a reprieve either like Susan did from the death penalty. Death is finally coming for Susan Atkins and it can’t come too soon for me. Letting her out of prison now would be spitting in the face of justice, the faces of the poor victims, and faces of their loving families who continue to fight on for the victims rights. The picture of the scene of horror posted above says it all. It would be fantastic if the parole board could say to Susan’s face. “Look bitch I have no mercy for you”. Even life in Hell would not be good enough for Susan Atkins.

  27. After all these years, Susan Atkins and the rest of the Manson Family convicted of their horrible crimes still brings out the horror of 1969. Someone wrote about comapssion for Ms. Atkins…..okay. Comapssion for the agony she has caused so many people. Compassion for the helpless victims who have been in their graves for so many an unborn child who never had a chance. Compassion for the families who were in court every day watching her giggle and make an ass of herself during horrible testimony. How can any of us ever expect to get over it or tell ourselves it has been 40 years, enough is enough? I feel compassion for those who suffered so terribly all those years ago…butchered in their homes for what? I cannot and will not judge Ms. Atkins on her accomplishments since being in prison. You ask for compassion for a woman who is suffering terminal cancer and wishes to be with her loved ones before she dies. Where was her compassion when a 26 year old woman begged for the life of her unborn child? Punishment for brutal crimes is a part of the picture. I have read that some folks are blaming Atkins for the financial state of California…ludicrous. It all comes down to this, even if she is incapacitated at this point in her life, she still cannot be disassociated with her past. She along with Tex Watson, Pat Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, Bobby Beausoliel, Bruce davis and countless others chose to kill. 5 along with an unborn child on Aug. 8, 1969, 2 more on Aug. 9, 1969, Gary Hinman one month earlier, Shorty Shea about a week after the sheriffs raid on Spahn Ranch, a guy named Zero later in Venice beach. And on and on. It is so easy to say “I’m sorry” after the fact. It brings no one back. Justice is never easy. And I will always believe that when the death penalty was over turned in 1972, Ms. Atkins and her cohorts received their comapssion. A life sentence with the right to apply for parole…not a guarantee of parole. I doubt we will ever know the full extent of murdrs committed by Charles Manson and those who killed for him. I don’t wish Ms. Atkins to suffer her disease but neither do i wish her compassionate release. She did horrible crimes and however good her prison record may be she deserves to stay incarcerated.

  28. You people who are so full of hate and wishing someone in hell are the ones I feel sorry for. Susan has made her peace with God and will be in Heaven when she dies. Christ died so that we could be forgiven our sins and Susan has asked forgiveness.

  29. GALE! Get a life and a mind of your own. You sound as weak minded as all of these Manson idiots. YOU are exactly the type of person that could have been manipulated back in 1969 to kill. Nobody floats up to heaven. Feel sorry for yourself you moron. If you were in that house that night screaming for Jesus do you think that would have helped you? Since you are so full of god why don’t you move into prison with those freaks? Show them the way while they slit your throat. THE ONLY people I feel sorry for are all the victim’s families. Their suffering is never ending. Now go grab your beads and pray to your non-existent god if that makes you feel better but don’t be a hypocrite and judge us. I had a rotten childhood like Susan and I NEVER put a gun or knife to anyone. I know what is right and wrong I don’t need a book of fiction written over 2000 years ago to tell me how to live my life.

  30. I have a mind of my own and thank God it isnt full of hatred like your seems to be.
    A book of fiction, you say? Lets see how you feel when you stand before God to give an account of your life.

  31. okay this is all there is to say, if someone killed the person you loved most, that was carrying your first child, im sure you would think much differently. Weather she did the killing or sat there and watched she deserves being in the slammer. laws dont change because shes a sweet old lady 40 years later. yeah obviously shes sorry, only because she wants to get out of there! no compassion for all those victims but she should get compassion now? your buggin, im 19 years old and even I know that thats ridiculous.

  32. AND there should have been no question as to if we should leave her in there or not. LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES. I say karma’s a bitch and she deserves everything thats coming to her. I dont see how you can sit there and defend such a cold hearted person. And I believe in God, and i still think she deserves being in there till her end.

    PS- It also says YOU SHALT NOT KILL.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you <– shes lucky she didnt get death penalty.

    And i agree with ChinaB, its terrible to say, but its true..
    My only hope is they sent her out saying “Look Bitch, I have no mercy for you!”
    What she deserves is someone to defile her dead body by carving “war” on her abdomen and painting “pig” on her walls in blood for her family to remember always.

  33. In response to comment #30, Yes I have met and spent time with Susan Atkins. When she was a spaced out LSD freak and cult minion of Manson. Did you know her then? That was the most demonic group of people I have EVER met. She was capable of anything and should have been put to death way back then.

  34. People, please understand that all I am saying is God can change anyone, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” That means Susan, me and yes all of you too. Lets give up the hate, cant you see how you are being used by the real enemy here, satan?
    Now I am sure to get dozens of emails about how you dont believe in satan, well, you might not believe he exists but he does. Read your Bible and find out.
    ..indeed drug addled minds can and are used for evil purposes. I have never said Susan or anyone was innocent, she is forgiven.

  35. We have all sinned. No doubt. She WORSHIPPED SATAN. She did his work. I’m touched that you can forgive her. That is my Jaguar pictured above. I was quite familiar with that whole demon cult. I am lucky to have lived through my experience with them. I can forgive also, but she and Manson still need to rot in jail.

  36. I am glad you lived throught the relationship you had with them also.
    Why are you surprized that I forgive? If God Himself forgives, who are we to condemn, providing a person has truly asked forgiveness by Him.
    We all have our own opinions about what should happen regarding compassionate release.


  37. I didn’t say I was surprised, I said I was touched. Glad you have. I have a different perspective on the whole thing, and I always will.

  38. either way, she deserves what she gets. Laws are Laws and it shouldnt change because she decided to believe in God now after worshiping satan for however long. Can you honestly say that you would forgive her if she were to do that to your sister or you in fact? Actually dont even answer that because alot of things are easier said than done. I do understand where you come from but not to a woman like that. Cold-hearted murderer with no mercy.

  39. Sorry Bob, touched, not surprized. Thats even kinder, at least to me. Again, I am very thankful that God spared your life.

    Brittany, I have lost a loved one to a violent crime, his throat was cut ear to ear.
    This is a hard thing to forgive, but certainly possible and I have.
    To God, sin is sin, it is all the same, thats why we must forgive and have compassion, like His Son said.
    It takes time and strength, but to let hate take over your life is such a waste.

  40. There is a big difference between the two. Thanks for the emapthy on my not dying in the late 60s. I have lived a full life as a result. You may be referring to Brittnay, but my life is not consumed by hate for those demons or anyone else. I give thanks to God for every day I spend on this side of the dirt. I have no hate, but I have no comapassion for those devils either.

  41. Understood Bob. No, I didnt mean you are filled with hate, etc. You sound like an intelligent person.

    It seems #30 is a neice or nephew of Susan.

  42. We all have the same genes. We all have the same ancestors. Early humans were hunters possessed a killer instinct. They also wouldn’t survive without capability of killing a man as the tribes often attacked each other. We all still have the same instinct. The evolution has chanded the way we live, but we all are still capable of killing. With or without reason. It’s just a matter of circumstances.. And maybe.. who knows.. It could be you, holding the knife.. I’m not saying they are innocent and that they should have never been punished for their actions though. They did it and they didn’t have to. But they should be forgiven now. They certainly didn’t forgive themselves.

  43. Wow, I’ve never actually seen an uncensored picture of the deceased Sharon Tate. I’ve read Helter Skelter and I just can’t fathom how people can be so disgusting. Ugh, it makes me nauseas. “Crazy Sadie” is an absolutely horrific person, not only for what she did, but also for who she is still to this day.

  44. Gale, so what you’re saying is if someone chose to not believe in god their entire life, lived a life full of; hatred, crime, murder, deceit, adultery, etc. and when their dying day had come, asked the lord almighty to forgive their sins “just in case there is a hell”, they would go to heaven.?! Mm, no.

    These people are sick. And they let a man lead them to unforgivable crimes that will NEVER be forgotten. i’m only eighteen, but i have read so much about this case, and they all deserve to die. if they were to be released, what makes them think they wouldn’t do it again? yes, they are quite old now, just let them rot.

    look at the pictures of the crime scenes, if that was you. your sister, mother, you religious folk would forgive and pray for them.?!


  45. No Mel, I am saying that someone helped Susan to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and that was many years ago NOT when she knew she was going to die. Susan has helped many people in all these years, as has Charles Watson. Dont think I dont feel sorry for the victims families, I truly do.
    I ask God to help them with their feelings of hate. He doesnt want anyone to hate.
    Thats why he gave His only Son to die so that we may be forgiven.

  46. Back off pricks…she is a dying woman and a totally different person from 1969…
    You’re all putting urselves in the same bracket by showing no mercy hence ur just the same.

    Susan should be free to die with dignity at home with her family. 1969 cant be changed…so wise up!

  47. God bless you Johnny G.
    ………..and may God have mercy on those who choose to hate and not
    see that people can change.

  48. so god shouldnt have mercy on us, because we “hate” but should have mercy for a murderer? dont think so. i went to catholic school, im pretty sure i know enough about my religion and also to know that you cant just go around killing people off, and like Mel said, just incase theres a hell want to be forgiven for their sins? i do believe in forgivness, but not for a person who could stand over a pregnant lady begging to save her childs life, not hers, and say, ” bitch i have no mercy for you” basically slice her to death, hang her while she was still alive, LICK HER BLOOD, and carve pig onto the door. come on now. maybe if she wanted to play the psychopath card, but seriously shes gunna play the ive found god card when you know your dying? how is that fair? how come were all supposed to believe in god forever and if we dont we go to hell, but she can go against god COMPLETELY and then one day just be forgiven for THAT.

  49. I didnt say God shouldnt have mercy on anyone or everyone, because He does if you really are repentant of your sins.
    He gave the life of His only Son so that thieves, murderers, those who hate, and any other horrible thing could be forgiven. You might not forgive but He does. Jesus paid the ultimate price.
    For us ALL, not just a select group.

    Oh, and Susan didnt ‘get religion’ when she got sick, she gave her heart to Christ a long time ago. Maybe you should read her book or even better Charles Watson’s. He also is a dear brother to me and a strong Christian.
    …..and I dont need to hear your hate about him, etc.

  50. Brittany…get a life. Slice her to death? You make it sound like she put Sharon into some sort of farming machinery. Hang her? That was Tex not Susan (do u really think Susan would have had the physical strength to do that?). Lick her blood? We all know that was a myth. Carve the word pig? How the hell can u carve something in blood??? You really need to read the facts before you start to ridicule others comments…or better still, leave the debate.

    Gale…you clearly know what you’re talking about and your comments are wise and true. Also thank you for the kind words on my previous comment.

  51. I vividly remember these scum bags. A real pity that they have been allowed to live a ‘normal’ and publicly funded life in prison this long at our (taxpayers) expenses. Parole them? Compassionate parole granted to them ? Not in a Hundred Years ! Hang em`high, burn em`, and bury their ashes all in a mass unmarked grave in the desert. Then — Forget Them!

  52. John…stop being a prick. How the hell is 40 years behind bars a normal life??? First u whine about the taxpayers money keeping them IN jail…then u complain about not letting them OUT of jail!!! So which is it to be???
    100% strange person.

  53. get a life, funny. im just stating how i feel on this subject, NEITHER of you are changing my mind, so stop trying. how old are you, telling me to get a life? funny joke. sorry but i know that if i killed someone id be in jail and i wouldnt get any special treatment so why the hell should she? i love how your defending her but shit.. yod be rotting in jail too with no special treatment either! and okay MY BAD let me rephrase, WROTE PIG IN BLOOD ON THE DOOR. better? still DISGUSTING either way you put it. dont write back to me, thanks. And gale, if you dont wanna hear what i have to say, then dont read.

  54. this makes for a good argument. but i wasnt the one who said ” and I dont need to hear your hate about him” or whatever your talking about. if you dont wanna hear/read about what i have to say about these people, then dont bother, but if i wanna say something, you can believe im gunna.

  55. Gale…DO argue with Brit cos she aint capable of holding an arguement and you’ll wins hands down…

    Brit…Thats what we do in a topical debate such as this…write back and forth commenting on the good and bad points from the last post. Im 30 by the way but what difference does that make…what age are you?

    Susan isnt asking for special treatment…its called compassionate release and its been around quite a while now. I hardly think waiting until your dying of cancer, paralysed and an amputee after serving 40 years is special treatment. Do you???

  56. I think you have said pretty much all that needs to be said Johnny B. and said it very well!
    Thank you!

  57. Exactly…40 years. So let it be because the past cant be undone. I hope Susan gets released in September before its too late…

  58. Yes, it is past time for Susan to be released. I pray the parole board will let her go in Sept.
    You are very compassionate JohnnyG. I applaud that.

  59. Gale…as are you and I in turn applaud that also. The thing is they wont let her go because no one has the balls to be the one to give that the ok. Even though in their heart of hearts they think the same as us. They need to let the past go and let Susan go too…

  60. Thank you Johnny G. You are so right about the person who wont be the one to say let her out.
    If more of us would write to the parole board it might help. I have and pray they can see Susan is no threat and
    deserves to be with her husband and family in these last days. The brain cancer has been in remission but drs have told them it is only a matter of time before it isnt.

  61. Yes, there is a loving God. There are however, people who influence and do bad things to innocent people.
    We must all be accountable for what we do, we cant and should never blame God for these things.
    He gave us free choice, it is up to us as to what to do.

  62. Dave H…dont be such a prick. Murder is just one of those things. U think we should all be perfect? Ur in dreamland.
    And anyway, how does this comment contribute as to whether Susan should be let out of prison or not?
    Im a bit embarrassed you have stated ur from the UK. U let us down with that view…

  63. I think that they should keep Susan Atkins in jail for the rest of her life or what she has left of it she took two lives when she killed Sharon that was not justified at all they took a mother A daughter and a sister from this family I no all to well what that is like my brother was murdered in Canada are laws are not stern enough leave her in there for ever

  64. Mary…much as i sympathise with ur situation over ur brothers murder you cant base that to come to the conclusion that a woman who is dying of cancer, no harm to society and the fact that 40 years have now passed since her crime, should stay in prison and die. Thats a very harsh decision and rather selfish…

  65. If I recall correctly history has shown that many people who committed serious crimes… murder, torture and the likes also became great leaders and did more for man than most average folks. Names like Moses come to mind.

    If we have no ability to forgive we should expect none. I know I make my share of mistakes and to hold others with a vindictive tongue for actions over 40 years ago…well I think you are hurting yourself much more than your enemy.

  66. You sound like a very compassionate, intelligent man, Ken, with a knowledge of the Bible and what God says about it all.

  67. Thank You, My knowledge of the Bible is limited. I had to learn the hard way that until I forgave some people in my life I could never truly be free. I believe forgiveness is one of the most overlooked aspect of our growth and happiness in life.

    It seems to fly under the radar when compared to topics such as abundance and other spiritual subjects related to our aspirations rather than the tough work we truly need to do grow and prosper.

    Just my 2 cents and experience.

  68. I think that if Atkin’s were released, it would be followed by appeals from other monsters. Many times the law uses similar cases as a bases for one that’s currently being evaluated.
    I think he release would be setting a horrible example. Someone who was supposed to be put to death was released from prisson. This has little to do with Susan herself rather, the circumstances. Maybe Susan’s heart is with her god but her body is still on earth where we have laws and justice and principles.
    What happens if everyone who has been born again were pardoned and then, like the prodigal son, strayed and began again to committ acts of violence? Should human lives be sacrificed for a period of one’s life where they were walking with god? Should be put so much faith in a person to continue that walk that they will not take more lives? God is the absolute not his followers. I understand that Susan could be of no physical harm to society, but she has scarred this world with the news of her horrific crimes 40 years ago, and those wounds have obviously not healed here on earth or there wouldnt be such an extreme debate. She needs to stay there, for the peace of mind of those outside and to show that people who committ such crimes–crimes punishable by death, cannot be released under and circumstances.

  69. The circumstances are quite different than those of other prisoners.
    We are talking about a woman who is dying. Is no threat at all to anyone.
    Indeed, many who are let out because of an overcrowded system do reoffend.
    Like Arthur Shawcross who killed 2 children, was let out after serving a mere few (maybe 7?)years, went on to kill, I think it was, 11 women. He died in prison , but never the less, he was a monster who was young at the time and should not have been let out.
    Susan is a termianlly ill woman who cant speak but maybe one word at a time. There is no comparison.

  70. Ken, however it happened you learned the lesson. Thats what matters, and indeed, you are right about forgiveness being such an overlooked aspect of growth and happiness. I had to do some work on forgiveness myself after being married to a man who was a batterer. Now I have no bitternesss, hate or unforgiveness at all for him.
    I am happy for you and God bless you for posting, I pray someone learns from you.

  71. Gale,
    Thank you for the kind words. I would pose one question to those who are so adimant in thier views of the correct punishment. Have any of you ever taken the life of another human, be it directly or indirectly? Have you had family members who have spent thier life in Jail for a mistake?

    No one is considering these aspects. I apreciate in the post above someone did consider that if it were not for the lives of these “beautifull people” being taken this would not even be a post.

    I believe the sentence handed down is based on who died and who Susan was associated with. I have seen the Justice System at work first hand and there are many people who are free today who took lives of others and never did close to 40 years.

  72. ChinaB…I wont even tell u what I think of ur comment because it was a waste of time and energy. A total crock of sh*t.

    Ken and Gale…as much as I value ur comments and agree with most of what u r saying I feel u both sway of the subject a little. This is the 3rd Susan debate I have thrown my views into and I have found they all follow a similar trend in that a lot of highly Christian people take part. Dont get me wrong, Im as God fearing as the next guy but I think when we tackle this subject with how God will judge her and involve the Bible a little too much then it kinda gets the whole thing off track. This applies to Gale more than Ken of course. The question is whether we think she should be released or not. My opinion is yes and that was even BEFORE she had the cancer. 40 years is far too long for anyone to spend behind bars.
    Also Ken i cant see how ur point of whether we have killed or have relations who have killed makes any difference.
    9 out of 10 of us will say release them if they re a relation but i think the fact that its neutral makes a big difference.
    Sorry if i have offended either of the 2 of u guys…

  73. Johny,
    No offense taken. I was trying to drive home that the vindictive rott in Jail attitude I read here speaks volumes.

    The fact is if she did not kill some Hollywood people she would have been walking the streets long ago.

    Also you are spot on, my experience does not play into her release or not.

  74. No offence taken here either. I feel 40 years is way too much for all these people.
    We know that they say “life” but most get out on parole anyway, way before 40 years too!

  75. @98 Yankeerose

    Actually, your comments are being moderated because you called me and some other commenters some foul names including cocksucker.

    I have given you a wide birth and more than others who I have just banned completely.

  76. She was reduced to life only because of the law, not because of anything she did to deserve it. She DESERVED to die in the 70s. So even if most of those that spend life are released, she is an acception because her ass should be already cold in the ground.

  77. Wow, Gale. I honestly believe that you are completely insane. How is 40 years “too long” for mass murderers? I think if you have ever killed anyone, you shouldn’t be released. Period. You say God forgives and okay I can understand that if you make a little mistake of some sort, but going out and killing people? Especially as brutally as they did? That’s an unforgivable sin. I don’t believe in anything the Bible says, but I know that if I or anyone I know were to kill someone I would not feel any sympathy for them. They can rot in prison and spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they’ve done. These people had absolutely no sympathy for the people they killed, so why should the rest of the world show sympathy to them? Doesn’t the Bible also say treat others the way you want to be treated, or something of the sort? I don’t care if it’s been 40 years or more, what she did was her own fault and she’ll just have to live with that the rest of her life. Every action has a consequence.

    I also have read alot of others saying to have compassion for her because she is dying and usually I would. My eyes well up with tears when people I don’t even know die. But did she have ANY compassion at all for the people she killed? No. “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.” Well guess what? Karma’s a bitch & I have no mercy for HER either.

  78. Interested, your opinion of me means absolutely nothing.
    If you dont believe what the Bible says, why are you quoting it?
    The Bible also says that we will be forgiven by the measure that we forgive.

  79. look I was incarcerated with these woman….back in 1983. Susan was a stud broad, bullying her cell-mate and even making threats on her cell-mate’s life. She is not the idol prisoner you read in other posts, on especially her husband’s web site (lol) ! These three woman, of course took/take/partake in every activity afforded to them, what the heck else do they have to do with their time?????

    I hope America, especially the california parole board, remembers what evil lurks inside these woman! They should never be released into society!

    NO PAROLE!!!!! They all deserve to die in the California Institute for Woman’s prison system.

  80. johnny g, your whack. stop acting like a teenager. you want everyone to listen to what you have to say, and then when ChinaB makes A VERY GOOOD ARGUMENT, you just say you dont wanna hear it. Is that because you know its the truth? We do have laws, and the laws we have obviously dont intertwine with religions views but thats something we have to get over. Like i said before, not you johnny g, or you gale, or me in fact, would get special treatment. If you break a law, you pay the price, you cant just kill people cold heartedly, and decide 40 years later that maybe we should let this insane whack job out just because shes sick. Plenty of people are sick, and especially in jail, so why should their be exceptions to certian people? you say its because she murdered famous people? okay funny joke. im pretty sure that when you kill someone and your convicted, (famous or not) you go to jail, maybe it would be different if she was only sentenced to 40 years, but she wasnt.

  81. it takes a different kind of person to do what Susan Atkins did. She should not be release for the reason that those who lost their loved ones on that august night, those that lived the horrors of their relative being slaughtered should feel that justice has been carried out. I believe that remaining in prison should be sufficient, because the state should give the society the idea that death under any circumstances is wrong. While i say that, I do wish that certain people on dead row, people like the night stalker, or Susan Atkins be put to death.

  82. My posts do not come from prison, but you can think what you want. I am one person, I have no idea where Johnny G. lives. Speaking of twisted minds, who would even think that one person would want to post as two? Why? You need a check up “Truth”. Seriously.

  83. Susan needs to die already, in prison. Let God forgive her, not the parole board. She will have a better death than she chose for her victims.

  84. Let’s all just be thankful that God chose brain cancer to end her life. It is probably the worst way to be removed from this world. She has no doubt wished that she had only been stabbed 40 times and been done with the pain more quickly. The Lord works in mysterious way.

  85. I am a Christian. I do believe Christ forgives and wants us to do the same. I do believe after finding Christ, you CAN change. I do believe Christ has compassion and wants us to have the same. However, when Christ forgives or offers compassion, it does not mean that sinner does not have to pay for their crimes. Our justice system found her guilty and her sentence was ultimately life. Not life ‘pending’ terminal illness. She should serve her sentence and just be grateful that she found Christ before SHE died.

  86. if someone murdered me, i would want that they never forget and keep fighting for it.

    if someone murdered my love ones, i dont think i can forgive and FORGET at the same time.

    and it would be adding more pain on my part when someone else, whose family was not murdered on that same night would have the nerve to tell me for forget, let go and set her free.

    Who do you think you are to tell the family of the victims to let go? To this day sharon tate’s family still fight for it, because it still hurts for them.

    forgive when it has happened to you, but don not impose or suggest to the other victim to do the same, they grieve on their own way, and while i do agree that it would be truly nice to forgive and let go, fact is they havent. it has affected THEIR lives and some who were equally afraid that time.

    Some people preach of christianity and forgiveness yet the mot simple respect could bot be afforded to the truely affected by it. Someone read a book and was converted yet the most grahic of all crimes skips her mind.

    Is respect for others so hard. Is it? That we keep on insisting they be released when the aggrieved party has already made it clear many many times in parole – ITS NOT OKEY FOR THEM. RESPECT THAT!

  87. This woman committed a horrible crime. She watched her victims beg for mercy and in return she showed no mercy. It takes someone purely evil to go against human nature and butcher another person the way these victims were butchered. I am glad that God himself has given her a horribly painful death sentence, brain cancer. She gets to live knowing she is dying a slow and painful death without the loving arms of family.

  88. Hey peoples. Stop confusing the relationship between Susan & God with the relationship between Susan and the People of the State of California. The two relationships have zippo to do with each other. The parole board followed the law 100% when they refused to certify Susan as suitable for parole. Read the California Code sometime. Her lawyer and husband needs to read it as well, because his statements concerning it are full of nonsense. As for God’s forgiveness (or lack thereof), we will never know. It isn’t any of our business and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her prison sentence.

  89. Don’t worry about any trouble with her and God. She’ll never see God, she’s going STRAIGHT to Hell on the non-stop Red Eye.

  90. …and how do you know she will never see God? She will and so will you and all of us, to give an account for our lives, good or bad.
    Oh, and for those of you who are happy that Susan has brain cancer and is suffering, she is resting comfortably.
    Shame on you to be glad about this to anyone, are you human???? Think about it.

  91. Gale says: “I am sure we all can think of times in our lives we wished we had done things differently.”

    I have done plenty of things I “wish I had done differently” and perhaps she wished she hadn’t murdered Sharon tate and her baby… The fact is, she did and as much as she may (allegedly) wish she had done things “differently” (used a sharper knife, perhaps?) she cannot EVER go back and give back the lives she took. The law is the law and while we can have compassion that she is, herself, dying, too bad, so sad, she has to do her dying where she is.

    As for her being a “lovely person”… she is a “lovely person” who cold-bloodely murdered…. Even “lovely people” have to pay for their crimes.

    Even the most heinous humans who have walked the face of the Earth have some “redeaming” traits… Hitler made the trains run on time. We do not have to excuse her because you think she is a “lovely person”.

  92. Well, she’s dead now, isn’t she? And if you believe in such things, she will be facing her maker, and her fate in the hereafter will be decided … I do so hope there is an afterlife, and that she suffers in it.

  93. Rest in peace, Susan.

    As a person who believes what Jesus taught, I know that Susan is with Him right now in Heaven, so all you ppl so full of hate can feel whatever you want.

    To want someone to suffer eternally? Better check your own life.

  94. gale i am impressed that you keep coming back to this blog, month after month to defend this lady.

    This is what you have to swallow: she may have received forgiveness from God, but that does not mean that her crimes were wiped away. The state has every reason to keep her locked up, even until she dies. her punishment was for murders which were committed. no amount of repenting will erase the crimes. perhaps in God’s economy, her sins were forgiven, but that does not mean that California should respond the same way. “pay unto caesar that which is caesar’s” – even if the payment is life in jail.

  95. dj, thank you for your comment.

    I agree with you about do the crime do the time, but she was no threat in any way to anyone when
    she was bedridden with cancer. The other reason I post is it is heartbreaking to see all these ppl so full of hate.
    Being a victim of violent crime myself, I can say I forgive.

    It is over now so I leave you all in peace.

  96. Gale, sorry I have to disappoint you… Susan Atkins, she’s sucking c*cks in hell!!!
    You make me sick! Keep reading that BS magazine that you call ‘The Bible’.

    Greetings, a non-believer from Holland

  97. Quite frankly, I don’t see the point why we discuss whether it would have been right or wrong to allow Mrs. Atkins to spend a few days lying in another area of this world as intended from the jurors 40 years ago.
    Where I see a big need for discussion is that we seem not to make a big difference between crimes of the mentally ill and those who kill for money or other egoistic human needs. This was clearly a crime of a disturbed mind and someone who felt to have been betrayed by the game rules of society. The goal of a well functioning society should be to better understand the mechanisms of the human brain and through the gained knowledge learn how to prevent. We don’t seem to go in that direction.
    Many of us seem to beleive that good and evil are created at some mystical place and we can simply decide which place we home onto. If that was true then we could make similar observations in the world of the animals but that is not the case. Not because they are so much more wonderful or better as we are but because the complexity of their brain (at least not the parts they’re in charge of emotional responses) didn’t get to the point where they are capable of failing as miserably as we are. According to recent scientific discoveries much less is free will than we might think. The more we know the more it becomes obvious that we are like machines, our mind programmed in the first few years of our lives. After that it is very difficult to make adjustments. Our actions and basic personality is determined for the rest of our lives. We just run the same program over and over again. Every single day in the morning is a restart of that program.
    There are millions of lives left behind in this world. They are born into a family where their chance to succede in life is taken at the very beginning. Abuse, lonelyness, exposure to innapropriate behaviour, just to name a few causes. It only takes a few key ingredients to withdraw from a young persons life to make that individula fail in his environment. Most of them don’t fail in such a spectacular way as Mrs. Atkins but they all fail the one way or another. Exception makes the rule. Most of them don’t meet a Manson or a Hitler in their lives because they are luckily not born every day.
    While we pay millions of dollars to people who can throw a ball far enough for our enjoyment, we don’t enjoy facing issues of disfunctional families or members of our community since it’s not even our problem so we are not willing to pay for that. Period.
    I think that the Mrs. Atkisons out there are a symptom that reminds us on our failure as a community and a lot of us would like to kill these individuals because we don’t like to be reminded on that and on the fact that we are not wonderful creatures of some great entity but individuals who are very prone to malfunctioning. And it doesn’t even take that much.
    Our desire to focus on punishment instead of prevention is again a symptom for our short sighted viewes and simplicity. We just want to continue our lives in the illusion that we’ve done something against evil.
    I am very well aware of the fact that we will probaly never be able to help everybody but we are not even really trying.

    I hope my comment hasn’t been misunderstood in a way that some of you think I would have granted Mrs. Atkins a vacation on the fiji islands.

  98. Yes, it is over now! Where will you brain dead hate mongers take your venomous comments next? You should all get on your knees and thank God we still have people like Gale, Johnny G and Ken who still have human compassion and the courage to
    voice their opinions left in this corrupt, hate ridden world!

  99. “# Diana says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 10:52 am

    Gale, sorry I have to disappoint you… Susan Atkins, she’s sucking c*cks in hell!!!
    You make me sick! Keep reading that BS magazine that you call ‘The Bible’.

    Greetings, a non-believer from Holland”


    Odd that the only way you know of Hell is from that BS magazine called “The Bible”.

    I always imagined that people from Holland were idiots, thank you for confirming my suspicions.

    But I do hope our brain bricked little Suzie is indeed sucking c*cks in Hell. Sorry that by the time her brain was totally consumed with Cancer, she was in too much pain to appreciate it. Wow that must have been a horribly delicious death to watch. Thank you Jesus. Sharon Tate can rest in peace finally. Hopefully equally brutal deaths await the rest of Charlie’s Angels.

  100. Atkins is no longer an oxygen thief, nor in hell, nor on some other plane. She’s dead- no longer do electrons flow
    in her misbegotten pathways. Now when Manson goes perhaps a lot of us from that era can breathe a small sigh
    and rest a slight bit more. The halcyon era that produced such tripe as “the clan”, and OK’d drugs for all the following
    generations had so much positive going on that the dastardly crap so overwrote. I was part of the other better things happening- and
    would rather emphasize the good things from then. Too bad Atkins got so subjugated by vermin. She seemed to have a brain
    (when not addled by acid). Surely more of that group had potential (though from personal experience of having gone to school with one of them,
    I feel some are pieces of shit from the git go). Time for the ’60’s to actually close out now, folks. Move on….


  101. I’m wondering how constructive discussions about whom we shall forgive and whom to hate are for our children. Anyone can hate or throw around with quotes from a book. That doesn’t take a keen intellect. If want to contribute to a better world for the new generation than we’ll have to start thinking about how we avert future threats in our society after we neutrilized them.

  102. Kathy, indeed I would want to forgive if it happened to my daughter or to anyone I love.
    I would pray to God for the grace to do so.

  103. This is to Gale:

    Hello Gale,

    I’d like to say some things to you. First, my name is Ebby and I’ve been reading this message board for some time. Johnny G sent me the link and asked that I participate, but I declined to get involved due to the tiresome and disrespectful “Jerry Springer” mentality of not all, but so many, on this board (i.e. Diana’s comment). I read with amusement that someone thought you and Johnny were the same “twisted” person. (smile) Johnny G lives in Ireland, but is currently in Iraq. (I thought you might like knowing that.) And though you and Johnny aren’t the same person, you both have the same compassion and capacity to forgive, which is what initially drew me to Johnny. While I’m not sure I believe that Susan Atkins “deserved” a compassionate release, I hope my heart never becomes as hardened and ugly as some of those who’ve posted here. And when I find myself in need of compassion and grace (for whatever reason), I hope I’m surrounded by the “Johnny’s” and “Gale’s” of the world. (smile)

    You are a bloom in the desert, Gale – don’t ever change that about yourself.


  104. Dear Ebby,
    Thank you for your sweet and kind words. As I read this I have tears in my eyes and cant express my gratitude enough. I also thank you for enlightening me about Johnny, I had no idea where he lived or certainly not that he was in Iraq. God bless him.
    You too have a kind and loving heart to write the words you did knowing that most here hate me. They can hate, call me names, but I know I am right about this. Just trying to do what Jesus would want me to do.
    “A bloom in the desert”, I dont know if I have ever had a nicer compliment! Thank you. As far as changing– I am just me, Ebby:-)

    Also, a thank you to Croc who expressed their opinion (above). I am undeserving of these kind words but thank you.
    A great thanks to Johnny and Ken for your intelligent and caring words offered here. People can learn lots from you.

    May God bless you Ebby for having the courage and compassion to post this. Sincerely.

  105. I read through many of the comments on this thread last night and thought
    I would offer my response to it….partly in response to Gail’s issue of “compassion
    and forgiveness” and also in response to some other comments made.

    I feel many of us need to sort of think things through, here, mainly because a lot
    of the opinions here don’t seem to be well thought through, and also because there
    is a lot of faulty reasoning as well.

    Firstly, to Gail’s exhortation that we have “compassion” and “forgiveness”.
    Compassion, as it were, can be misdirected. You believe it to have been compassionate
    to offer Susan Atkins a release from prison due to her illness. However, this act may,
    on the balance, be woefully uncompassionate to the family and friends (as well as to the
    memory) of Sharon Tate and the other victims of August 1969. It offers the murderer
    (Atkins) the opportunity for a peaceful end, that was never offered to the victims (Tate,
    Parent, Frykowski, Sebring, or Folger). You see, in participating in the murders of these
    five people, Susan Atkins abdicated her rights, in the order of justice, to have her own
    human wants met, especially in her time of dying. Some may refer to keeping Susan
    Atkins in prison until her death as an act of “revenge”. It is not “revenge”, it is justice.
    Only fair justice in compensation (as unsatisfactory as it is) for the deaths of her five victims.
    Furthermore, regarding Atkins being “born again” or “being remorseful”, remember that
    the act she committed was not due to self-defense, accidental negligence, or any such
    situation that may mitigate her guilt. Her act of murder was intentional, unwarrented,
    and taken upon truly unsuspecting and undeserving individuals. If she truly was
    reformed, “born again” as it were (which a have sincere doubts about), and wished to
    make a positive contribution in atonement, let her do so within the confines of prison.
    Let not the family and friends of these victims suffer any more for the benefit of the

    Secondly, regarding “forgiveness”, to say we should forgive Susan Atkins is a faulty
    proposition at its core. If person X commits a crime against person Y, it does not
    make sense for person Z to say to person X “I forgive you for what you did to person Y”.
    The only people who are even in a position to offer forgiveness would be the family and
    friends who suffered direct loss, God Himself, and the victims themselves (should it be that
    Susan Atkins, in her death, is in the process of once again meeting Sharon Tate, and the
    other four victims face-to-face in the hereafter). It is not our place in any way to “offer
    forgiveness” on behalf of these victims. In fact, it would be sort of an insult to the bereaved
    family to do so.

    Still….to all the others who have posted, I do say, for the record, that none of us knows
    the true heart of Susan Atkins in her death and in her judgment before God (although we
    all certainly have reasonable doubts). As for the state of her soul, let God make that call.

    As for temporal justice in this world….our justice system made the right call.

    Lastly….as for all of us “falling short of the Glory of God”, this is true…but come on,
    have some common sense here for crying out loud. I think God does make a distinction
    between stealing from work or lying to one’s friends, and cold blooded murder.

  106. Phil –

    I find it interesting that you talk at length about Gale’s (and other’s) misdirected opinions and faulty reasoning regarding compassion and forgiveness, yet don’t mention, or appear to be bothered by, comments such as: “Kill the fucking bitches.” and “Susan Atkins is sucking cocks in hell.”

    If a potential release, compassionate or otherwise, is to be measured against being woefully uncompassionate to the family, friends, and memories of the victims, then no one would EVER qualify for release or parole. Prison isn’t just a place for punishment (unless it’s life without parole), it is also a place to become rehabilitated for possible release, if that was an option given at sentencing – which in this case it was. People are not one dimensional- they can and often do change. And if Susan Atkins (or any of the other’s) are being kept in prison solely because of their involvement in the infamous “Manson” murders, which many believe they are, that is not justice – it is revenge. The law gives the right to try for release/parole, and it should never have been offered if there was no chance.

    While I’m not certain I feel that Susan Atkins deserved a “compassionate” release, I did feel compassionate toward her health-situation, AS WELL AS for the victims and their families, one does not negate the other. Having compassion isn’t a bad thing. It simply means you have feelings of empathy or sympathy for a person/situation.

    I maintain that I hope my heart never becomes as hardened and ugly as some of those who’ve posted here. And when I find myself in need of compassion, grace and forgiveness, for Whatever reason, I hope I’m surrounded by the “Johnny’s” and “Gale’s” of the world – and not the one’s who hope that I “rot” and “suck cocks in hell”.


  107. Gale, you and Johnny braved an onslaught of hate-filled comments for feeling differently than many do on this board. I believe that Vincent Bugliosi (the man who actually prosecuted Susan Atkins) stated beautifully and articulately the position of those who dare to have any level of compassion at all, and think beyond the one-track, narrow mind “let her rot in prison” mentality. Mr. Bugliosi’s comments, in part:

    “She’s (Atkins) got brain cancer, she can’t communicate.. her left leg has been amputated and her right leg is paralyzed. She’s already served close to four decades, you can’t cavalierly dismiss that. I reject the notion that just because she showed no mercy for the victims, we therefore are duty-bound to follow her inhumanity and show no mercy to her at no time under no circumstance. To me, that’s being child-like. Because she showed no mercy, we can’t show her the tiniest speck 37 years later? I don’t agree with that. I didn’t have any mercy on her when I asked for the death penalty, but these are totally different circumstances here.”

    That, to me, is compassion, grace and mercy at its finest.

  108. Ebby,thank you again, I was just saying what I think is right and just. The parole board is to determine whether a person is a threat to society when they make the decision to let them out or not. I feel that because of who the victims were and who the person in prison was is the reason no parole, not even compassionate release for a dying woman, was denied. No one can deny that other prisoners get it.

    I agree totally with you about Mr. Bugliosi’s remarks. I watched him on TV as he said he thought Susan should be released. I think he is a good man. He knows of all the changes Susan went through and all the help she was to others while incarcerated.

    I, too, wondered why no one ever said anything about all the filthy talk and rot in hell attitudes of most ppl here.
    Guess thats ok to hate and spew obsenities but not ok to have compassion. Thats all very sad. All I can say is I am not changing.

    Thanks again Ebby, I would like to be your friend. Sincerely, Gale

  109. Hi Gale,

    You’re right, these women would have been paroled years ago if not connected to the infamous Charles Manson. There are many child molesters and murderers released from prison – and after serving a lot less time than 40 years. Their crimes are every bit as heinous, but because they weren’t connected to Charles Manson and didn’t murder the beautiful Sharon Tate (no disrespect intended), they are paroled and freely walk the streets today. The Manson/Tate combination sealed their fate, making parole impossible. No one on that board wants to be known as “the one” who voted in favor of parole; but because they were sentenced to life WITH the possibility of parole, they continue the charade that there “might be a chance” and continue to parade them before the parole board. Upon over-turning the death penalty, they could have been given life without possibility of parole; and in hindsight probably should have been.

    And you’re correct when you say that it’s fine to hate and spew obscenities, but then be lectured by a patronizing and condescending psych 101 major about the political correctness of compassion and forgiveness. Go figure.

  110. Hi Ebby,
    Seems I recall and could scroll up to make sure(but I dont care) that I was blasted pretty well for saying it was because they were the ‘beautiful people’ who were killed and that was why the women would never get parole, are hated, etc.

    LOL! Yes, love the lectures from the psych 101 majors. Geez!

    Why is it that so many people love to hate?
    Also to Phil, if you read your Bible, it says we will be forgiven by the same measure as we forgive.
    Thats means all of us, thats why I encourage the Tate family and anyone else to forgive.
    Yes, it take work and prayer, but is so freeing.
    The judging is up to God alone.

  111. The following poem reiterates what Gale has been saying!
    I was shocked, confused, bewildered As I entered Heaven’s door, Not by the beauty of it all, Nor the lights or its decor. But it was the folks in Heaven Who made me sputter and gasp– The thieves, the liars, the sinners, The alcoholics and the trash. There stood the kid from seventh grade Who swiped my lunch money twice. Next to him was my old neighbor Who never said anything nice. Herb, who I always thought Was rotting away in hell, Was sitting pretty on cloud nine, Looking incredibly well. I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the deal? I would love to hear Your take. How’d all these sinners get up here? God must’ve made a mistake. And why is everyone so quiet, So somber – give me a clue.’ ‘Hush, child,’ He said, ‘they’re all in shock. No one thought they’d be seeing you.’ JUDGE NOT!!! Remember…Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. Every saint has a PAST… Every sinner has a FUTURE

  112. Wow Croc, thank you for this awesome poem!
    Indeed, we all have a past and a future, it is up to us how to live the future part!!
    Thank God for people like you and Ebby! Also our Johnny!

  113. Two responses….

    First to Ebby…
    If you notice, I didn’t use the inflammatory language that the others did.
    Like I said, we don’t know the ultimate state of Susan Atkins’s soul. I thought
    I made that clear. But to a more important point….anger is not always
    unjustified. Evil is supposed to make decent people angry (that’s what anger
    is for). Let me ask you, what makes you more angry, the brutal murder of
    five innocent and unsuspecting people, or the murderer being allowed to live
    for 40 years but just not getting to be with her family at the end of her life ?

    Second to Gale….
    Yes, I am quite familiar with the Bible. But, you miss my point. It is not our
    place to “forgive” Susan Atkins for the murder of Sharon Tate. None of us were
    the victims. Secondly, forgiveness is only asked of us if the perpetrator asks
    us for the forgiveness. Granted, it may have been that Susan Atkins, toward the
    end of her life, was asking forgiveness of the Tate family….but it is the TATE FAMILY’S
    place to offer the forgiveness. We don’t have the right to step in and do the forgiving
    in their place.

    With regard to our relationship to God, it is incumbent upon us to forgive those who
    have wronged US, and then have asked us for forgiveness. We are not required to
    forgive those who are obstinate (although it may show additional virtue to do so).
    Forgiving people for transgressions they have done to others is illogcial, and does
    nothing to load our “forgiveness bank” before God. If that were the case, let’s all
    forgive Nero for sending Christians to the lions, Hitler for executing 6 million Jews,
    Stalin for sending millions to the gulags, Pol Pot for executing one-fourth of the
    population of Cambodia, and, for that matter, let’s forgive Satan for all the evil he does.

    You may clarify me if I am portraying you unfairly, but it bothers me that the brutal
    murders Susan Atkins committed seem to be not that big of a deal to you. Rather, it’s like
    saying, “oh well, we are all sinners, let’s just be compassionate and forgive her now”.

    While the state of Susan Atkins’s soul is God’s call, in the temporal realm, she
    abdicated all her rights before the law and before humanity when she willfully chose to destroy
    the lives of five people, and deeply, negatively impacted the lives of dozens of others in August 2009.

    Again, the judges made the right decision.

  114. Phil, you are quite distorting all that has been said.
    I said nothing about a “forgiveness bank” and it seems you are the one making light of things. The very idea of bringing up Hitler or Pol Pot!
    I am so very sorry for the Tate-LaBianca families! They suffered great losses as did the other victims families.
    What I am trying to get across is that if we seek to forgive, we become spiritually better people.
    No matter what I say it isnt going to sink in, I fear, so I leave you in peace.

  115. Gale,

    Everything you said did sink in for me, and you did clarify your point to me.
    I truly wanted to make sure that you were not making light of the victims,
    and the victims losses. I believe you when you say you are not. But, by the
    same token, I am also not making light of the situation in comparing Susan Atkins with
    Hitler or Pol Pot…there is very little difference between them, except for the
    volume of people that were murdered. Again, I ask you in all seriousness,
    do you forgive Adolf Hitler in the same way you say you forgive Susan Atkins?

    (Regarding the term “forgiveness bank”, you seemed to be suggesting that
    God will forgive us in the measure with which we forgive others….as if it
    were that simple.)

    To your other point:
    PEOPLE (that’s about as basic a tenet of Christian theology as there IS,
    for crying out loud). Please don’t act like I’m some sort of moral dummy.

    My point is, and I am eminently correct about this, and you have FAILED
    to address this point….while forgiveness is noble and lifegiving,
    You may truly, in your heart, forgive Susan Atkins for the murder of the five
    victims of August 1969 (and also feel very good about yourself in doing so,
    especially since you’ve been bragging about how forgiving you are on this
    public board), but the fact is that such an act is meaningless, since you were
    NOT the victim. Moreover, as I have said, it’s not your place to offer forgiveness
    on behalf of the Tate family (and the families of the others), if that is what you
    believe you are doing. I trust and hope that you do not regard yourself as being
    morally superior to Susan Tate’s sister because you forgave Susan Atkins and
    she did not.

    Lastly, what I think a number of you on some of these recent posts are missing
    is the other side of God’s nature in all this. While we all seek to exalt God’s
    Infinite Mercy (as we should)…thus the doctrine of Heaven, we often forget that
    God is also Infinite Justice….thus the doctrine of Hell.
    In the end, not even God forgives everybody.

    Gale, you are undoubtedly a kind-hearted, decent, caring Christian individual who
    is seeking what is right. Maybe if we were in the same room, this fragmented
    conversation might be different. You would surely be a fine person to have as a sister, or
    as a next door neighbor. Unfortunately, I doubt you would make a very good judge.

    I say again….the courts made the correct decision.

  116. Phil: Yes, I noticed you didn’t use “inflammatory” language. That was not my point. I found it interesting that you appeared offended by Gale’s comments about compassion and forgiveness, yet said nothing about the vile comments that I won’t repeat a second time. You stated that anger is not always unjustified. Of course it’s not, Phil. But I maintain that we can feel angry, hurt, mad, pissed off, pissed on, and every other emotion imaginable- and for Whatever reason- and still be courteous, respectful, or at the very least, civil, to the views of others. Isn’t that what sets us apart from “people like” Susan Atkins? Gale seems to be the kindest most loving one in this entire debate, yet the most persecuted for it. She must feel like the woman at the well. And no, Phil, you’ve not used inflammatory language with her, to her, or about her. Bullying comes in many forms; perhaps you don’t even mean to come across as condescending, patronizing, and demeaning in your long-winded attempts to make a point with those who don’t believe as you do. But, and I say this with all due respect, You Do.

    I disagree that ONLY the families of the victims hold the right to forgive. Those heinous murders did not just effect the families; they effected society as a whole, and particularly the residents of California who were afraid to go outside their homes. To accuse Gale (or anyone) of feeling that the brutal murders Susan Atkins committed “are not that big of a deal” because of her stance on forgiveness and compassion is unfair. Forgiveness doesn’t condone anything, nor does having compassion.

    Croc: a lovely poem that is beautifully put. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

    And finally, Gale: One thing I DO agree with Phil about is that you truly do come across as one who would make a fine sister or neighbor. And don’t worry about his comment that you wouldn’t make a very good judge. That is not your job. Nor Phil’s. (smile) I hope you never lose your capacity to love, show compassion, and forgive, whether others feel it misguided or not. If you’re misguided, I hope it’s always on the side of humanity.

  117. Wow Ebby, what a lovely message to come home to, especially after reading Phil’s
    Thank you for explaining to Phil what I was going to attempt to.
    I so appreciate the kind words also. Any compassion, love or forgiveness I have come from God, I am truly thankful for that.
    No, I am not a judge nor do I want to be. We have to have trials and courtrooms here but the ultimate judge is God Himself.
    What Phil and others dont know is that my own precious mother was murdered and yes, I do forgive the person.
    Thank you, Ebby and please never change the way you are. The world needs you.

  118. Phil, your vocabulary and command of the english language is unsurpassed in this blog. You have said SO much, yet so LITTLE.
    I’m still trying to decipher what you DID say other than making an attempt to put Gale down merely because she is a forgiving, compassionate person.

    PS: You may be surprised some day to learn that loading your ‘Forgiveness Bank’ before God is very much relavant and necessary!
    Also, placing Susan Adkins in the same category as Hitler and Pol Pot is ludicrous!

  119. Another thanks to Croc this time!! I thought it was just me alone who thought Phil used so many words to say what………..exactly??
    and your last sentence is so very true too!!!!

  120. Hi Gale,

    Aw, you’re welcome. I just can’t stand a bully, educated or otherwise; and I tend to advocate for the “underdog” – which you definitely are in this debate! lol You’ve taken some heavy duty cyber-stoning on here. Someone commented that they are impressed you keep coming back. I’m surprised actually that you do keep returning. Either you are steadfast in your convictions – or a real glutton for punishment! (smile) Seriously, you’re to be commended for not allowing anyone to chase you away. Good for you.

    I’m a little concerned about Johnny G. He’s not one to shy away from a heated debate, and that he’s not commented in some time worries me a bit. It’s just not like him. I do hope he’s all right in Iraq.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  121. Hi Ebby,
    Certainly havent forgotten you and what a kind, compassionate person you are!
    Also, was thinking about Johnny G. I pray he is well in Iraq. If and when you hear from him please give him our best and let him know we are praying for his safety.
    Hope you are having a good week!


  122. It is great to have the opportunity to read a good quality post with useful details on topics that a lot are interested on. The fact that the data written are all first hand on actual experiences even assist more. Go on doing what you do as we love reading your work.

  123. Gale, you have sympathy for unworthy people. Cheap sympathy builds on Sharon Tate’s blood and her family’s forever pain. Generous by donating other people’s money. If you’d think Hitler should be paroled after he claimed to be religious, please listen to what Jews would say to your face. Manson family deserved bullets to the head. Die among families and friends? So ironic.

  124. God does forgive. If Susan has truly repented, and has accomplished anything good, she should be grateful for having that opportunity to do so. True humility would be to accept the punishment for her crimes, and be grateful the she will escape the eternal punishment of hell. She would accept the circumstance of her life with peace, and die knowing Jesus is with her, whether her family was there or not. She would be embarrassed to even ask for comfort, and only look forward to heaven, and leaving her prison, and horrible memories. Yes, God forgave the thief on the cross. But he didn’t take him off the cross. He still received the punishment for his crime. He didn’t even ask for his life to be spared. He new he deserved his punishment (which was death). All he asked was to be forgiven. When we are truly sorry for our sins, we receive forgiveness, and don’t receive the eternal punishment, but that does not mean we will not reap what we have sown here. Susan has had many years to read her Bible. David suffered for his sin, and knew he deserved it. Paul suffered many times and knew it was for his past sins. They were HUMBLE, and that is what made them such wonderful examples. At the very least, Susan should except her situation humbly, and accept her punishment. That would convince others that she indeed is saved. This crime is too horrific to expect or ask for anything. As a Christian she should know this. God is so very merciful, the afterlife is where all her hope should be. She should feel nothing but gratitude for the blessing of being able to serve him, and be completely humble, not only accepting her circumstances, but being grateful for them. It sounds like she has people who care for her and she has love in her life. She should know it is more than she deserved. But God is merciful. The only thing anyone should hear about her, is how grateful she is that God used her in prison, and how humbling it is to be used by him. If she is close to death, then she should be completely humble and look for ways to be continually used by him with the time she has left. She may very well be a Christian. I hope so. I hope she reads this and realizes that she is where Jesus decided she should be. Both as a punishment for her

  125. …..Both as a punishment for her crime as well as a place he could best use her. May God have mercy on all of us.

  126. I like getting comments on that blog, it turns fuel talk and gives people to feel like they are able become involved in the chat. I completely agree. It’s a awesome way.

  127. There are things in life that if given a chance to change we would definitely change it. And I guess that would Susan Atkins will say. She had committed a crime against the law of this world but it doesn’t mean that we have the right to judge and hate her. I know she had confessed and repented for the crime she did. And i know God had already forgave her no matter how hideous it was she had done in the past. In the end, God will be the one to judge us from the good and bad things we have made while living on this earth. This story will always remind us that there is a God of Mercy and full of compassion. A FORGIVING GOD. That no matter what are our shortcoming, in the end of the road we will be victorious together with him.

  128. So they killed a bunch of piggies….so F**king what?? Take Forkowski – sure he was just a drug dealed who suck Folger into the sh*t…

  129. drugs control your mind exp LSD and as much as they were using it was making there brain believe one thing and it wasnt reality i dont care what the situation was chrles manson or anyone for that matter can tell me to do somthing and i would know and understand what they was asking and i would know right from wrong on drugs like that i can see why it happened it doent make it right but you know in gods eye a sin is a sin and he is the only one that has a right to judge or take a life and when the world executes a person they have comitted the same crime now who do we punish them we dont they live in society in our neighbor hoods there in war and they are the goverment and isnt anything right in that area

  130. People like Gale, Johnny G, and Anonymous always come out of the woodwork and sympathize with the murderers and the scumbags…and it disturbs me to my core. I think they are just as bad. If you really think the criminals deserve the same considerations as the rest of us, you are probably a sociopath…and frankly, I don’t wana share the f*ckin planet with you. 

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