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Flap and Big Brother Live Show September 10 2008 Edition

Big Brother 10 Screen Capture September 9

Flap and Smelly Cat (Stacey) applaud at start of Big Brother 10 September 9, 2008 Live Show

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Yes, I confess I am a Big Brother addict and have watched the CBS show for years. A few weeks ago a Twitter came across Twhirl from Dingo’s Hamster Watch (Follow Dingo on Twitter here) informing Flap that “LIVE” show tickets were available for a few future shows.

Flap jumped and secured four tickets for last night’s show (actually Flap called Smelly Cat weeks ago and had her obtain the tickets since Flap had already used his name previously in August).

What a blast yesterday afternoon!

Big Brother 10 Screen Capture Arrows

Flap (L) and Smelly Cat – now you know who we are

Flap’s, Mrs. Flap’s and Smelly Cat’s adventure at an August Live Big Brother 10 show is chronicled here.

Since Mrs. Flap was at work and Big Brother is produced “LIVE” at 8 PM EDT or 5 PM PDT, Smelly Cat and Flap headed over to CBS Studios around 2 PM. when we arrived there was already a line 20 or 30 people deep. We parked on a nearby street and hurried over to the on-street line.

There was some confusion at first since the NBC Show “America’s Got Talent” Show was taping and there was a much larger line for that show (the studio for Talent holds over 700). However, this was easily resolved and we were led into the studio around 2:45 PM.

After the metal detectors and search we received our priority tickets of #24 and #25 and breathed a sigh of relief since we knew we were within the top 107 spots for the Big Brother 10 audience. Remember Flap had tried for an August 28th Live Show and was denied a seat (silly me I waited for the CBS parking structure to allow admittance instead of parking on the street and walking into the area to line up).

But, we made it and around 4 PM we were taken over to Studio 18 and the Big Brother House. In the meantime, Flap was looking out for a fellow Hamster Watch chatterer, Habitrail.

Funny, as it turns out she was right behind Smelly Cat and Flap in line. But, she was identified by her real name, as Habitrail was chosen as trivia quiz contestant prior to the show’s start. She won a Big Brother T-shirt after correctly reciting the season ten eviction votes. Congrats.

We met again and chatted after the show.

So, here are some photos:

Big Brother 10 September 9 LCD 2008 032 final copy arrow
Big Brother 10 September 9 LCD 2008 018 final

Big Brother 10 September 9 LCD 2008 021 final

Flap’s Flickr photostream of Big Brother September 10 2008 photos is here

The producers and staff again were great to all of us Hamster Watchers. Flap asked producer, Nick, how much CBS charged Ollie for his destruction of House property and he replied if only they had. His grin revealed the “REAL” answer.

Don Wollman
, the voice of Big Brother and Co-Executive Producer appeared to be under the weather and gave a few albeit weak sanples of his Big Brother voice.

The stage manager EK or Eric was true to form and made us all great for TV.

So, Flap will be watching Dingo’s tweets today for Big Brother 10 Finale tickets but Flap doubts that they are available or that if available, Flap could get in past all of the CBS Production VIPS.

The chances of going to the final show of the season and meeting Janelle?

Doubtful……but there is next season……

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