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More Celebrity Problems for Barack Obama?


The Far Left must be worried about McCain’s lead in the polls and have brought out the big entertainment “CELEBRITY” liberals to squeeze money out of their donors.

Matt Drudge has the poop:

The nation’s financials may be in a spiral, but cash is flowing into the Obama campaign faster than Marvin Hamlisch can play “Niagara”!

Yesterday, Obama declared how we are in “the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

Today he will host a dinner in Beverly Hills — costing attendees $28,500 dollars each!

Hundreds of high rollers, including some of the biggest executives in film, television and music, will munch gourmet chow and hang out with the candidate.

Streisand will then sing at the five-star Beverly Wilshire, no doubt reviving the Depression-era standard “Happy Days Are Here Again” with new urgency.

Obama is set to break a single-day fundraising record of $9 million.

Tuesday’s events in Tinseltown come after Obama racked up a record-breaking $66 million dollars in fundraising last month, beating his previous high mark of $55 million last winter.

“The fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are still very, very difficult times,” rival McCain said, sunny-side up. 

“Sen. McCain, what economy are you talking about?” smiled Obama.


More here on the fundraising effort this evening.

How does Barack Obama lure wealthy donors to a big-money fundraiser in Hollywood? Bring in Barbra Streisand as the headline performer.

The Oscar-winning singer and actress was to perform Tuesday night on Obama’s behalf in Beverly Hills. It was to be a two-step evening with a reception and dinner costing $28,500 a person followed by a later event featuring Streisand at $2,500 a ticket.

Obama was flying to Los Angeles after an appearance Tuesday morning in a Denver suburb.

The wealthy fundraiser comes on a day when the crisis in the U.S. economy remained an urgent issue for many Americans. Monday’s sharp sell-off left the Dow Jones industrials and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index down by more 4 percent, eroding the value of individual retirement and investment accounts, for example.

Barack Obama who has forgone public financing of his campaign has burned through tens of millions dollars on a failed 50 state Howard Dean type strategy.

So, he needs to reload. The entertainment moguls and their friends are lock step enough to fund his failing campaign.

Flap bets Hillary wished she had been the recipient of some of this largess to pay off her debts.

However, Barack is “The One” and it is ALL ABOUT HIM.

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  • Gina

    These elitist snobbish celebrities who think they are so clever, think they know better what’s best for us than we do, using the wealth we gave them by watching their movies, and buying their sponsor’s products. I don’t want these celebrities to buy the Presidency. The people of the United States should chose the President. Each citizen’s vote should be equal, not canceled out, or overshadowed by some spoiled celebrity. Look at the list of lame celebrities who are trying to get Obama in the white house …
    Madonna, Ludacris, the idiots from the View, Rosie, Pamela Anderson, Oprah, Lohan, chevy chase, Susan Sarandon … These celebrities are out of touch with us Americans. They are just part of an
    “in crowd clique” who think they are at liberty to use disgusting language, and make nasty attacks, with impunity. They don’t know the issues, or care, for they are insulated by their wealth, and believe they are above reproach. We, the common people are the ones who gave them their celebrity and wealth … and, we the common people are the ones who can take it back. No Wright, no Farrakhan, no Rezko, no Ayers, no Pfleger, no mean Michelle, and, NOBAMA !!!

  • sassinfras

    barack is the one and will be remembered as such. john mccain has celebrites too,john voight for example,but not as many as obama. if celebrities can buy the election [which they can not] and duly influence the voter ,whats that say about USA democracy.everything #1 said is the standard GOP smear campain against obama[forgot being a muslim thou].
    obama is so popular with the average american,esp the young, people line up for hours just to hear him speak. and he has common sense policies which will attract the average american young and old. but thats the problem -talking about policies and not the diversions.

  • Flap

    The election is a dead heat at the moment.

    Most Hollywood celebrities are left-wing zealots who rabidly support Israel.

    Sass, what do you think about the Israel/Jew part?

  • sassinfras

    not sure what you mean..i’m not anti semetic, but i think zionism is wrong and breeds racism among jews. zionism has changed judism into nationalism and is destroying the very fabric of that religion. the jews were a peaceful rightous people with great traditions. [friday nights family dinner is a great thing to have in one life]. i have a lot of respects for the jews but hate the B.S the zionist leaders have heaped on them for the last 60 years.the jews deserve better and deserve peace but will never achieve it with the current policies…. and israel has cost USA alot[and i mean alot]. israel is NOT a strategic assest like you think.its a great liability. its the single most cause of anti americanism in the middle east. it has stop USA from having far better relations with the arabs[and cheaper oil]…. arab fundermentalism is basicly a result of jewish fundermentalism. you stop the ‘greater israel way of thinking’ and apply international law to the occupation of palestine,the war on terror is won then and there. the israel/palestinian problem could and should be solved [in five minutes ]if you applied international law. international laws are tailored made for that problem.but USA will not do a thing except bankroll israel expansion.
    also i do not like how the israel lobby controlls most politicans in america.just look at barrack obama who is running on a anti lobby stance. yet the second he became the democratic nominee his first stop was the israeli lobby and he basicly got down on his knees [now thats something you might want to use].what is needed is a US leader strong enough to tackle the israeli lobby and save israel from from its ‘nuclear crazy’ self, before its to late.

  • sassinfras

    why cause i’m against zionism.i could same the same thing about you ,cause arabs are semitic too and your website portrays them in a very bad way. thats the zionist biggest weapon. you worry about arab radicalism but ignore the jewish kind, which is far more dangerous[ which i can give you pages of examples]. zionism breeds racism, even the UN says so. a early zionist leader once said that the world would judge the zionist by the way they treat the non jews.which is appaulling. you should read up on the human rights abuses in israel/palestine. but US media is censored in this regard.
    when israel tried to annex jerusalem and the U.N didn’t recognize the claim stating to give the land back[according to international law], the US was as quiet as a mouse.but when saddam tried the same thing with kuwait the US gather the biggest army since WW2 to make sure international law was applied. how do you think the arabs feel about that. two rules one for the zionist and one for the arabs. israel has defied the UN more than any other country by a long shot. i think the UN now is much weaker cause of israel and US support for israels crimes.
    look i could go on for hours with this and in the end you would still think the same. i bet ‘flap’ your one of those people who thinks- ‘palestine was a country without a people and the jews were a people without a land’ . tell that to the 800 000 arabs the zionist ethnic cleansed in 1948. and just one thing . before the historic ‘onslo agreement’ there was 80 000 illegal settlers, but now there over 500 000. and i bet you think the zionist leaders are seeking peace.

  • Sam Osby

    I can’t stand Lindsey Lohan. She’s always in trouble and never stops partying. She needs a lot of support. She was a real good actor it’s unfortunate.