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The Obligatory Ashley Judd Vs. Sarah Palin Wolves Video

From the Eye on Palin Web Site: Exposing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s anti-conservation agenda

Yeah Yeah another Left-Wing Hollywood type Celeb going after the ‘CUDA. They must be lined up five deep and take turns.

Now, it is about the killing of wolves? What it really is about is the trashing of Sarah Palin by the ORGANIZED LEFT.

How do you spell TAG-TEAM Palin Derangement Syndrome?

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38 thoughts on “The Obligatory Ashley Judd Vs. Sarah Palin Wolves Video

  1. Another washed up Judd! Go-Palin we need common sense back in our government leadership! Actors get paid to pretend and do not have the gumption to stay out of politics! Sarah is the real deal!!!

  2. Hey Ashley SHUTUP you freaking idiot. you have no idea what the heck you are spewing or how it effects other people. Do you research before slandering A woman you have never met and know nothing about. Except this she has more moral and convictions in her little finger than you do in your whole horrid body. Why do people like you say so much with so little meaning, Like my Granny used to say more money than brains. You Retard


  4. Ashley Judd…just another Hollywood Idiot. Like so Hollywood idiots many, she does not know what the f–k she’s talking about. Ms Judd, you are entitled to your opinions whatever they may be. It’s when you decide your opinions should be news, that’s where you cross the line. I get that you hate Sarah Palin with an obvious passion, even though you have never met, spoken to her at any point and time. However, that and your sudo-celebrilty does not give you the right to public slander her. You have absolutely no basis of fact to back one claim your make here. If Mrs Palin did not run for VP last year, you would not even know who she was much less give a s–t. You pop culture president won, just be happy about that. But apparently, that’s not good enough. Why are you and so many liberal whack jobs so affraid of Sarah Palin anyway? You must feel threated by her some how. Ms Judd, as far as this “ad” and eyeonsarah. org goes, I would encourage anyone to boycott the site. Ms Palin has more morals and charactor in one strand of her hair than you have in your whole body. Also, Mrs Palin does not hunt down wolves, she does everything she can as a governor to promote the growth and expantion of all wild life, including the wolfs. Ms Judd, as a suggestion, why don’t you try doing some research before you open your pie hole next time…better still, why dont’d you just go back to making “B” movies that nobody wants to see, that’s what you are good at…better still, why don’t you, James Brolin, Barabra Streisand, Senn Penn, Susan Saradon, Tim Robbins and maybe also Keith Olbermann all take a trip to the Yukon and Alaska and run around in wolf costumes…the world would be a much better place without all of you…

  5. okay, Are you all non Alaskan so eager for the oil money, climbing jobless rate now that is coming the Alaskan way that the only way you can hope for a dime is to get that $150.00 bounty? Oh please. This woman got as far as she has through the media period. Promotion for wildlife my sorry hide. The science is far off the mark on the wolf population that you all look as idiotic as Palin does. More moose are killed by vehicles and trains than any wolf pack could kill in a year.
    Tell the truth. The draw to kill and bag a moose during out of staters coming here to Alaska to make it a for sure kill for their “hunting trip”? Tell and be truthful. Thats because you can’t.

  6. Asley Judd, a pretty face with very little brains(like Pooh Bear). A bit of an OVER Acting Actress, if you ask me. Best known for taking of her top then for her acting. I liked these left wing communists, when they were actors with no money! Why just cap CEO on Wall St? Why not cap 20 million dollar salaries to these liberal actors in Hollywood.

  7. Sorry. Palin does not have two brain cells to rub together.
    But it is a very scary concept to promote the killing of wolves and not babies.
    Now that is a real human reaction in your God fearing religious world view.
    Yep. That christian attitude is a very merciful thing now isn’t it?

  8. Being a young woman, Ashley Judd is hard to understand. She doesn’t make sense. Do we understand what she is saying? Maybe she needs to find a writer.

  9. Not two brain cells to rub together.

    Wow Emerald, such intellectual criticism. Tell me, are you governor of a state? Have you been in charge of setting multi billion dollar budgets or managing thousands of employees while raising a family? Are you commander of a National guard unit and missile defense? Have you been a specialist on energy issues or chaired a state’s fuel and energy commission? Have you ever negotiated one of the biggest energy projects in history with another country? Have you ever broken the back of a corrupt and entrenched political establishment? Have you ever demonstrated courage or savvy enough to actually take on the oil companies and come out on top? Do you have the highest approval rating of any governor in the U.S.? Have any of your editorials ever appeared in major newspapers?

    No? Then maybe you should kept that sewer in your face shut. That’ll keep the MSNBC kool-aid flavored excrement out.

    Your screen name suggests you are female. If so it helps to explain your catty, venomous, junior high school attitude. I suspect that you are so resentful of Sarah Palin because she has beauty, integrity, class, confidence, courage, intelligence, humility, a virile husband, a great marriage, a hot sex life, a loving family…well, all the things that you leftist harpies only wish you had. And she didn’t have to sleep around or murder her unborn children or subscribe to the angry, hysterical, feminist victimology to get where she is.

    Well honey, its sad but true. There’s a lot more men out there who are turned on by Sarah Palin than you. Suck it up.

  10. Sarah Palin wants to stop the wolves from killing too many moose!!!!! Why??? So there will be all the more for her to slaughter. I hope that p.o.s. and her murdering hunting buddies crash down in the planes they use to kill these animals with.
    To all you people who don’t like Ashley Judd because of her voicing an opinon on Palin, too bad. I’d take her as VP
    any day over that murder Palin

  11. Kevin,
    What drugs are you on, and has tv formed your education to the pont that you believe you watch on the commercialized entertainment squawkbox?
    My Native heritage taught me long ago that those that have the lashing sarcastic defense of the guilty will do whatever it takes to justify the destruction of what they fear the most.
    Your attack on me is not unlike the attack on Ms. Judd.

  12. Sarah Palin is a disgusting tool. Anyone who supports her wackjob notions is no better. President in 2012? Right, the delusional should dream on.

  13. Why doesn’t Ashley have a video about her support of the slaughter of innocent babies. If she believes so much in women’s rights and partial birth abortion why not have a video supporting it. I value human life above all. Why can’t she support ALL life. I think the left is just scared of Palin’s appeal to the people and that she will win in 2012.

  14. Isn’t it amazing that your Christian right can pull the babies dying through abortion , but ot a one of you would support a single mother through a welfare system for the first 5 years pf their lives when the fathers of said babies are quick to exit stage left for the THEIR PART OF THE CREATION OF THE BABIES. Whole different story isn’t? You all are ever so quick to bring up abortion but it shouldn’t affect your glorified wallet.
    and if you think there is no connection between the slaughter and torture of animals, then you all ought to go back to school and get a REAL EDUCATION INTO REALITY, and stop banking on a woman who went to 6 colleges before finding her current fame in the media.
    National District Attorneys Association
    The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) was formed in 1950 in response to crime and the need for community protection. NDAA is dedicated to enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of prosecutors and improving prosecutorial and criminal justice practices. NDAA influences public policy by advocating prosecutorial views with those within the White House, U.S. Congress, the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies. NDAA is the voice of America’s prosecutors. It also sponsors conferences that highlight legal issues and specialized trainings in areas such as anti-terrorism, community prosecution, DNA technology, ethics, juvenile justice and capital litigation, along with trainings that focus on the prosecution of those involved in acts of violent crime, child abuse, violence against women, and elder abuse. NDAA has approximately 6,700 members who represent about 30,000 prosecutors. State and local prosecutors are responsible for handling 95% of all criminal cases in the U.S.

  15. What we need is a bill authorizing hunting Sarah Palin from helicopters. Cue: The Ride of the Valkyries, by Richard Wagner-from over the horizon appears a Huey helicopter with a GI pointing a machine gun forward through the open door – the sun is huge, rising behind the Huey – fast forward – the death scene is in slow motion – every bullet that strikes home causes a visible jerk that moves the body several inches over a period of a second or so – the Huey lands to take the trophy- proof to give to the bounty-payers-on the wall behind the counter at the bounty office hangs a giant painting of Senator Ted, wreathed in black-the next assignment is handed out – we see a wanted poster with Rush Limbaugh on it handed to our bounty hunter – fadeout—

  16. @18

    Your comment about killing Sarah Palin has to be one of the heinous ones here at Flapsblog. I am leaving it up to show readers how delusional the LEFT is about her.

  17. “Isn’t it amazing that your Christian right can pull the babies dying through abortion , but ot a one of you would support a single mother through a welfare system for the first 5 years pf their lives when the fathers of said babies are quick to exit stage left for the THEIR PART OF THE CREATION OF THE BABIES. Whole different story isn’t?”

    Perhaps, Emeraldweyes, you do not understand our values as well as you think. Though it seems rare to find true christians around these days, it is our belief that it’s the christian duty to provide support for the mother, not the government’s. We have no wish to withold our money from a suffering mother.

    But these are hard times, with the church infected with the self-serving, self-righteous people who do not understand what they preach, nor do they attempt to live it. I do not even attend a “church” right now, due to disappointment with the ones around where I live. As a matter of fact, my personal tithes, due to mistrust of how the church would use them, go straight to mothers that I know have financial difficulties. That is the way it is supposed to be. The community must help each other, the government should only be for protection.

    It is unfortunate that the community has failed, making it the ill-equipped government’s duty to provide for them. Many of those against welfare, are actually simply against the government being in charge of it. I myself am… unsure how I feel about the subject. It should not be the government’s duty and they do, and will always, screw it up, as they screw up about anything that doesn’t have to do with the defense of this country, what government was made for. However, if they don’t provide it, who will? The reality is that most communities cannot be trusted with providing help for its members, and the government can be trusted to at least try, even if it inevitably messes up. This is not an easy subject with an easy answer. Please do not make attacks against those whose opinion you do not understand, though I know you are only one in a billion who do.

    But perhaps this has shed a little light on a different perspective?

  18. This is for all of you especially “Euripidis?” do you actually relate him to yourself? that would be indicitive to the narcissistic persona of Palin’s bloodthisty act[s]! Not one of you “Mac” has given any intellegent reasons for why torture/killings of the Great Gray Wolf is creating an all out war on these majestic creatures,Gods creatures,I might add! No, Miss Ashley Judd& President of “Defenders of Wildlife”Roger Scieliesen{Larry King,Feb 10th/09 showed a clip of the bloodthirsty,”personal” shooting of a wolf by Palin’s “henchmen” who enjoy this act of “murder” afterall the reward of the “foreleg” pays $150$ after Palin sees it! This comes under heading of “Violence” overkill,animal abuse,the Ariel Flying red neck mentality,spend thier days flying low and Fast,rendering the wolf exhausted,thus landing,for the “close-up” photo,holding up the wolf’s head w/ a big smile,as if he conquered the world from the Monsterous species Palin wants to extinguish? Interior/Sec Ken Salazar said “he wanted to be the firs t to shoot a wolf,or was it “Butch” Otter? What a class name,but for red-neck mentality,it fits …”Butch?” Cattle are attacked? sure,but how many? Scientists and “avid” hunters have the total[s] and are fightinr side,bec- you know nothing aboutg for the life of the wolf! Alaskan’s must all be demented,right? They send thousands of letters,and still Palin does what she does best..ignore,bec- she’s not interested in “truth” and is devoid of genuiness& shows,no,displays a bland laugh,not from the heart,not once was there a hearty deep down sound of laughter, she is repetitive and to imagine the egotistical “flight of fancy” seeing herself as “President?” Obama will run & win again! To continue the “clip” to aire will be a momentum thing,perhaps her trip to Indianappolis would be the right time? Also Celeb’s do NOT do enough!You said “another stupid celeb is starting to… but no,they should do more…Canine’s,these wolves “bonded” w/ MAN hundreds of yrs ago FACT! “Death Penalty?” should include those murderers who kill wives,children,not the once Endangered one day,then hunted the next! Look at the schools[system in Alaska,Palin’s non-interest/non respect for education? Her answer was “NO,to stimulis$$..? while parents stood on the steps of schools in protest of the conditions!!!In the cold while Palin was “OBLIVIOUS”,? Her “special needs” kid,was a neclectful act,where she didn’t have the sexual forethought to protect herself,unaware of her age,a dangerous age to have a child? She again did waht she does best…ignore ..get up and grab your protection? So enthrawalled,in passion,she just didn’t care,until her dr told her,either you abord or…but keeping it was NOT the first thought as Palin tried to starve herself,subelty trying to loose it..FACT! So if any of you women DO get pregnant,or RAPED,your child will have the DNA of a sicko!!Don’t compare “abortion fetus’s to the poisononous gasses she unleashed in late 90’s and maybe again! It takes 12hrs for them to die!!!Insanity,dementia, hullicinations? Is this what you all are celebrating this woman who raises her nose at the truth? Devoid of any heart,any soul, an evil,non-loving creature who is more a killer than her henchman and the wolf, what next, the Bald Eagle? This is a Palin page, I’ve read the FACT pages,look for THOSE! Enjoying the torture/ You indeed, and also she went to 6 schools in 6yrs? She hates to be told what to do,or taught,explains her ignorance!Wonder why she left? Thrown out? hated “authority” perhaps? Uneducated,uncultured,hates America,and you all..are on her side& against the U.S? Join Ashton and De-mi who live in Idaho and do nothing for the maniac Salazar who kills and or will follow Bush/Cheney’s kill,until Obama jumps in and soon,bet on it!!Bush? another red-neck-lazy idiot like Ashton’s CNN VS Twitter? w/ his millions,doesn’t he have better things to do re: Human-kind? Humane…Man? UN-KIND! So, let’s kill all animals inc the Polar bear[where the skin hangs in her sons room!They hAD to get the skin somewhere…guess? The hunters,real men who do not see wolf as a threat,cannot hunt while the Palin’s men are hunting,without a permit and/or the “clan” club! Imagine,oh that’s right, you cannot imagine the Cook Inlet where she thinks OIL will yield,so she said NO to the Blue Whale also?? There will BE NO OIL there,scientists told her, so it is not legit to kill animals Species just bec-women abord unwanted,dangerous births?? For get it cause that will never happen anyway! Look at the Facts/numbers of..etc, so each kill,torture/ necessary or Triumphant mentality/ each time means “good, take THAT..another abortion for another wolf?? she kills everything,devoid of warmth,love of nature! She’s a sick,diabolical fake and soon exposed she’ll be “Eupides”,can you quote him? Quote anything?[com]sarahpac…PACK? Guilt or reminding us what she’s doing? She will be stopped..leave Judd alone, she’s normal,Palin is not!!Jealous of money? Riches? Palin spent $4000,000$ BOUNTY on killing Wolves? Why such a gigantic message filled w/ hatred.huh? why bec-wolves are terrorizing? no they are not, she is a terrorist! Wolves have been studied and can have thier own territory! They deserve a chance! Palin is “DELISTED from running for anything” Killing babies,how would YOU “girls” like to have a special needs child,then again Palin’s kids are “dividends” she has plenty of help,plenty of money and she ows plenty,worries about nothing!She oblivious to anything that might effect her conceited,indulgent self!

  19. Did anyone catch what jennifer sacco said? I swear I tried, but the lack of grammar killed my eyes…

  20. Whoever questioned “my” grammer,must also question their mentality and odle praise for a bloodthirsty fake,the said..Sarah Palin..we need no excuse to depise her “backward” wayward exsistance! Being devoid of culture,uneducated,it is easy to follow “her Pack” of murdering crusade on an Endangered Species, 2nd to a dog…Canine!! Grammer has nothing to do with one’s twisted view of,and the idle minded who “need” such an idol,as you do w/ Palin! No doubt, you agree w/ her high-flying “henchmen” who not only shoot wolves but torture them by throwing “Gas Bombs” into their cub-dens! “Overkill?”, but why “any” kill? She, nor your kind cannot give one reason,not one scientific reason, be it logical or any sane reason for such a “murderous” act[s]!! You are OUTNUMBERED,indeed, and Ashley Judd is not just “another” celeb …what was it ..the list went on saying,re: how celeb’s are jumping on board, actually they are not” as much as they should be! Judd,& President of “Defenders of Wildlife” aired/Larry King ] w/ . of Defenders of Wildlife/Action Roger Schlickeisen,President,just aired this “dark evil clip just in time for Palin’s “welcome” to Indiana!!It was shown on tv for ALL to see the truth..soon it will aire on all on it! “How Do You Spell “Tag-Team Palin Derangement ?”Syndrome? Is “this” grammer,the same grammer you were perplexed by,when you read what “I” had to say?Yes..It is the “Thrashing” of wild animals &/ or whales,or Polar Bear..etc “Thrashing” just to knock Palin?It is the “thrashing” of our Great Wolf”! “Trashing”,she did that alone,as she is uneducated,simpleminded,phoney who kills wolf cubs,poisoning them,12 hrs to die? but has such wisdom when it comes to the miraculous “womb”,the same one she pretends to covit as such a virginlike sin,abortion? Is that why she starved herself for 11 hrs on way back to Alaska, or is that why her baby is a special needs child in the first place?? Her doctor must have warned her as to the outcome of her hubby’s lazy ass,forgetting to grab a “prophilactic?” Goodness..such passion…such abstinence,huh??
    Look at that poor wolf..he is not the monster..she& her brood are hated in Alaska,Palin’s disrespect for school system,just to keep her “false” shall I say..pride,by thumbing her nose at Pres.Obama’s stimulus$$,afterall she did have the $4000.000$ for the “Bounty” on all wolves! “Bounty”ies] usually meant for criminals,imagine this hatred for an animal who deserves own territory as much as any animal! Scientists have already concluded and researched the behaviorisms of these “misunderstood” creatures! You are devoid of “any” knowledge”,and cannot give nor justify one “irresponsible” reason for,as you haven’t “any” reasoning to begin with! If you can watch such Saddistic,savage,treatment..if paying her henchmen $150$ for the “forleg” after she examines the reminance of the kill, if you can accept such evil from her or anyone like her..Bush/Cheney/McCain..then you are headed for evil,as we all will have to answer for our soul behavior! In your case..soul-less..The entire page is filled with the same opinion[s],rather twisted view[s] of what is sane and insane! Are the percentage of all those who are in protest..wrong? Should we cheer each time the wolf is slaughtered? Oh, I mught add, the sweet arms of Palin,holding her grandson,would that be in “loving arms?” selfish arms? Greedy arms…Now she’s going to be sued! Look at his mom..[Larry King] nothing like what Palin painted her to be…her daughter demanded that his sister not talk to her own brother??? These Palin’s are sicko’s and they “will” loose in court! Abuse of Power only comes when one “has” power,Palin hasn’t any power! She just abuses everything,and her “narcissistic” soul her egotistical brainless,uncultured,no class, take it all..greedy shopping spree,like a pathetic bum..these are the ways of a woman who actually announces she’ll run for president!!!!Obama will RUN and Win again..fool,still, she tries to place that “fear” in her mind! It’s too deep for you to bye..where do you live?
    Tag-Team??Derangement Syndrome? Is that real grammer? Derangement?Syndrome? What is syndrome in relation to Derangement? Palin is deranged not “Defenders of Wildlife” Wilderness society or! “Ghandi” said..You can tell how good a country is by the way it treats it’s animals” What world are you in??? Cook Inlet is another “dellusional” race to win for Palin..ignoring again the dry pipes she thinks will yield oil when it’s been proven there will never BE ANY for that she wants to close the Inlet to Beluga Whales? This sick excuse for a woman is a heartless wench without any articulation,and a sick need to WIN when she’s always loosing…All governors have mental problems ..count them..I’ll bet the court wish’e it had slapped a fine on her “abuse of power’ issue,but they’ll have another chance..I see the writers of your page as “the Idle needing an Idol”,afterall, what kind of people condone an insane lunatic who’s idea of Global Warming has nothing to do w/ poisonous ,fuel,6 to be exact?Blowing in the wind…only to melt the great Antartic,or do any of you watch National Goegraphic or even aware of what is falling apart around us? Are these scientists idiot’s? Is Palin the brains? Watch for the “Palin Clip” soon! EXPOSED! They’ll be nothing left to say…Perhaps Palin should go to Dallas next time…just sayin’

  21. Oh my, I’ve been attacked by a “gang mentality” blog!! “Did you hear what Catherine F/Sacco aka jentilpet said….Palin being..ah, shot?” you took it out of context,and said nothing about the intellegent things said,just the easy ones?? You can’t even deny or justify any issue,especially the Torture&Killing[s] sensless,that is of wolves!!Why are millions in protest while all of you,oh yeah “Flap” did say agree w/ US! while Daviv N is obsessed w/ abortion but forgetting the issue OF abortion…Let’s not do the Versus’s dumb! Judd doesn’t need to be “Obligatory” she cares as much as you do not! You are massocists! Passafists, aneachesd cannot give 2 legit reasons why Palin became a gov.and is the worst for Alaskan’s, wouldn’t they know? Palin DID try or rather did intimidate librarian into “Banning” a book??? imagine the lenghths she goes to? Imagine those on THIS “Blog” who close their eyes to the truth,placing her on a pedastal,where she couldn’t be further from the first step!!Step stool maybe? She sacrificed her birth to prove a point,what a strong lady,huh?? While she slaughters cubs& Polar Bear from the sky,she preaches “birth control?” Kills animals that need territory,not death,not torture!!!Scientists are wrong??Palin is right? you are all insane,if this is all you have attained from GOD!! Get real! She’s a demonic,draconian,excuse for anyone in office,then again most or all polititians are greedy and evil anyway give or take the good ones!!Biden/Obama thank you for them…

  22. This is for “DHM”..rantings of…”If she never ran for VP, we’d have never known her?” well, said it!! Why would we, as she hasn’t made any indelible mark FOR humankind anyway..She’s an animal killer, and you are evil,while you place such a woman on a pedestal,you are as evil as she is!! Tell us..just name one reason why she is trying to “obliterate” a species? You haven’t one solid reason for nor can you discuss scientific proof,not to mention… you as she hasn’t any MORALE Compass..these “trophy” hunters are hated by seasoned professionals& hunters alike..hunters do not hunt Wolves..stupid! Alaska has become a “RED Planet”, what was once a clean quiet place has become bloodsoaked w/ the blood of wolves who do not deserve to be tortured,and to imagine Palin anything anything but mentaly disturbed would be a bad guess! SarahPac[K], is that guilt or throwing it in our Her…PACK of “murdering Ariel Joe’s will have their day! She wants to kill pregnant wolves,and cubs..IS “this an abortion? Caring about babies is not a either or issue,and to compare the lives of wolves to the life of woman’s child during abortion…ask Palin..look at this contradiction!!How ridiculous all of you are..pious idiots..Irresponsible phoney Palin, practicing the opposite of what she “preaches” did not bother to protect herself,nor did Todd the Nod, afterall, to have a baby after 40?? Aren’t you a bit in a cloud re: mental/physical defects are the first things her doctor MUST have warned her about, and IF she could have aborted in complete secret she would have and she tried to anyway!!There’s not ONE woman on this planet who’d welcome such a heartache,but look what happened to her? Punished for her own twisted phoney GUNG-HO, nun-like acceptance of her..cross! Proved a point indeed she did,so now she wants ALL women to suffer,by forcing them to have a child,even if it is through a “rape” or another emotionaly devestating reason? DNA from a rapist? An accident,only a legit one& “not” her lazy,passionate,”safe sex” NO SEX..which one was it? She’s rich, so the care of her son will be from her other kid”s,although she said when asked what she’d tell Michele Obama[advice?} on… she said “let them be “kids” have friends over.. etc? what? first, I e-mailed that stupid reporter,telling her,asking her what the hell does Palin know about raising kids? she’s always had help,she didn’t struggle to become a…what is she,anyone can run& win,in Alaska when a giv was needed…buyers remorse..ask people of Alaska? %%% what “advice” would Michele Obama “need” from such a jerk like Palin..perhaps how to kill a caraboo? How to use a rifle[shotgun? Or like her middle son..hunting without a permit?? I’m sure Michele will know what & how to raise her girls!! Imagine the Teenage parties,her son would have,& her young daughter,when she’s grown? Ah, but what am I thinking…Palin’s dream of unleashing HAVOC together w/ her cohorts Republican snobs,imagine the “mess”?? Now, since, there’s no-one who answers me or adds to this Wolf-kill-torture…pregnant wolves giving birth? Birthing season? “That” shouldn’t be disturbing? Whatever woman or man is “bent” on this Wolf, and child[human] abortion thing is not a sane comparrison! Killing? Torturing? you are actually cheering for this? Wolves are the most beautiful animals in Alaska,and any real hunter is against such such carnage..sorry but all of you are OUT-numbered by us! “Defenders of Wildlife”..just the title alone should tell you,we must be and we must know and feel something you do not as a “HUMAN/or IN-humane non-being!
    By the bye..this and other stories are in the news…I write for a paper..and they know this site now…disturbing!Did you know that John McCaine was drunk one night in the late 60’s,stationed at Virginia,& hit& killed a man?? It was covered up?I read this from a reputable source!Also Sarah,”Plane” and short sighted! had an affair w/ Todd-the Nod’s business partner? She must have been “abstaining”,or was it safe sex? Mother-in-law[married or not] from hell! Her wrath is just another egotistical,narcissistic act..going against her own daughter,keeping “his” child from him??Is this normal? his mother& sister look like really nice women,so unlike Palin’s description,but that’s to be expected…how blind are you??very blind?legally?what?
    Whoever said Wolves are monsters that NEED to be killed? she did..why?tell me, bec- they kill cattle? they’re doing what wolves do!!How many? “Hunter Magazine” says the total is so low..Palin saves Cariboo for her trophy hunting brood, not bec- “wolves” are running rampant…get the facts..also do we “gas” a woman to kill the embryo? Do we gas the baby? This is not a baby VS wolf thing..just proves how republican and twisted you are…Rush? what a ham!Fat! uncultured red-neck Bush/Cheney/McCaine clan! Ken Salazar?another [Idahoian] killer of wolves,wyoming,Yellowstone NE Rockies? Please..get real…Then another guy..said “he wants to be the first to shoot a wolf” isn’t that sweet? What a fullfilling thought! what do you want to be when “you” grow up? will you teach your children as Palin has to hate wolves,turtles[at risk,just read how they catch and sell them to China for soup!
    An arrest was made in the exporting of exotic animals,turtles,snakes..etc.Against the Law by-the way..stuck in the door panels,everywhere! These criminals are all over just as wolf killing..remember they’ve been Endangered for decades..suddenly it’s “open Season??”Then,there was a quick..something re” the Bald Eagle?” don’t they have anything better to do? Why don’t you erect a statue to her,first you must tell us exactly what has she done for humanity? against human-kind like Hiter? yep..Hitleresque in her actions,she’ll loose..just wait for the “CLIP”,coming soon to your favorite tv/cable/directv/whatever…Watch,for her…we in USA will be!

  23. Oh, yeah, you don’t have a gang mentality at all, do you? *eyeroll*

    I think you’ve got some anger issues to work out. Good luck with that! I look forward to the long and repetitively hateful reply!

    That’s sarcasm, by the way. I don’t look forward to it at all. 😉 But, what can I do? Some people just don’t know how to calmly argue and add a hint of logic to their statements…

  24. For..Jennifer who’s in a silly fog re: Ashley Judd& what did she mean exactly? Ah, gee,let me see,Jennifer,since she needs a writer to explain her simple protest,a protest followed by thousands,should they too “hire a writer” so maybe you’ll understand the obvious message?
    For: KEVIN..who thinks[believes] a “Gov” knows all the answers just because she’s able to fake them just as each & every[most] are imfamous for being idiots&immoral,entitled,greedy fools..Palin didn’t know what Africa was..huh,let’s see,is it a country? a city…I know.. Africa is a Continent! Didn’t you ever hear that saying?…”Me,be a governor,but I haven’t the experience!..that’s okay…you’re hired! doesn’t mean those who voted for her,do not have buyers remorse! Many hold “dormant” the horrific acts,they harbour,waiting to unleash the uneducated charachteristics of their “acedemic” background…even geniuses are stupid when faced w/ other reality-based issues…Palin is not one of those “geniuses,rather,stupid”…To ignore scientific eveidence re: the entire “Pack” of wolves as creatures who are slaughtering when that loving wolf was shot?? ALL live-stock is an easy way out not to mention easy addition…when none adds up! Those “editorials” written about Palin,is that a revelation? You also said :she has the highest approval rating,approval of what? Tearing our great Grey Wolf off the “Endangered List” then placing the narcissistic Palin on the same list as…Dangerous List would have been sane..She keeps her men happy,hunters who get their Caraboo trophy’s like the woman wrote[comments]The scientific community& their experts know& proved that wolves need only their own territory,from which they would not stray! A woman whose spoiled brat,lifestyle,ignoring evidence,is a good governor,a gov who poisons cubs,which takes 12hrs to kill a creature, but not killing them..yet? First they must suffer insanity,delusions,stomache[s] being eaten away as they still breath? Can you tell me what “joy” these men who fly above,shoot the wolf,then land & slit their throat,likened to a rodeo,who will get there first? Pictured on a card[news/Palin article..”editorial”? is a smiling face..the man who triumphantly held the wolf’s head,as if to make appear as if it were alive…one could see the blood around the neck…I ask you,is this the way of the hunter? a real hunter would never kill.hunt a wolf anyway!Wolves have bonded w/ MAN thousands of yrs ago if you must know,like Palin who’s so-called “acedemia” left her without a real education when it comes to wildlife but taught her nothing re: killing/torture, she learned “that” on her own!!
    Ashley Judd,wanted us to know,and good! The President of Defenders of Wildlife” Roger Sclieisen[spelled] he has been fighting since 70’s,when poison was used then stopped for 28yrs ’till again,this is why Palin must STOP this torture,and “YOU’ all of you could not give ONE reason for why Wolves cannot live side-by-side w/ MAN,having their own territory? I guess you have the facts,huh? Maybe you have the total of the so-called cattle slain from wolves,or is it the hunter.Palin,welcome to Alaska Trophy season to make her “henchmen” comfy,then blame the wolf for the killings,[Cariboo etc] instead it is given on Palin’s silver plated “ego?” She had an affair w/ hubby’s business partner,did ya know this…the nerve to talk about “abstinence” when she,nor Todd[another stupid name]thouht about the outcome…nobody thought of breaking their passionate grip to get “protection?”At,over 40? still she wasn’t thinking that a baby at that age could very well be born..well.w/ issues? Later,it was rumored Palin tried to starve for the 11hr trip home!If she could have had an abortion…she would have! She is no saint,her kids do alot for her,helping that kid as does the nanny,they are “loaded”indeed!!Her bloodthirsty “Bounty” Ariel Flyers who shoot wolves.then the $150$ for the fore-leg[paid to each henchmen]Tax-Free[of course] and you condone her???There are some really good articles..if you will…Edit-orials written about her,that are the truth about her,and the things many do not the one by a Rabbi& what she said about the Jews,anyone Jewish out there,because she said they’re being punished for not believing in Jesus,that’s why Isreal..Jeruselem.are at war” would a Rabbi lie,there’s more!!Imagine “her” speaking about “Jesus?” A murderer,who hides behind the love of “birth” VS abortion when she could care less,it is just a ploy! How does one kill newborn pups,but not compare them to a baby? A “womb’,birth are the same,we do not poison embryo’s do we! This loving “facad” is as big a lie as she is! She hates America,and Alaskan’s hate her…look at the %%% of parents who had to stand on school steps freezing to protest Palin’s Power gone amuck again]those schools are in the worst condition& Palin’s office shut their doors!!!Was “that” in any ediTorial you read? Such respect for schools but turns down Pres.Obama’s Stimulus saying it had too many restrictions? something like that,I can imagine the laughs her staff had when figuring “thet” one out when it is really her False-Pride,as if to prove she doesn’t need us?? Her Alaskan’s DID! They needed it! The schools are the worst in the country..2nd maybe? that’s what “my”info stated…was it the same as those you read? That “approval” rating? You and others are twisting this Abortion VSKilling wildlife/wolves..their babies.why,when killing is the same mentality! Not one of you can explain in total,the reason for her bloodthirsty character..guess what Miss Ashley Judd is a caring woman..are those millions who are fighting to STOP Palin’s torture/killing…all crazy& only this blog is sane?Did Ashley & Pres.of Defenders… go on Larry King because they Didn’t care,when the Pres,has worked over 40yrs enlightening us as to the cruelty inflicted,the ignorant,evil,most politicians are capable of…no secret..I doubt there are many readers in this blog,and by the way..why do you hate wolves? “Dances With Wolves” remember…look up the story behind the “TWO-SOCKS” the “Trained” wolves…they understand& are so intellegent,they are “trainable” he[wolf] would have saved Dunbar[Cosner}he knew Dunbar couldn’t get loose…Should we have cheered when he was shot? Did you passivly watch that film,or cheered for the “BlueCoats?” Give me the “editorials” you’ve read re: why she torments…why she still thinks OIL will flow when experts unlike herself..the Governor…will not give safe haven to the Beluga whale? All animals..she will never be president…No Sarah “Global Warming” is not from GOD..admit is from Politicians like you! Emerald…you only needed that one sentence…I’m with you!

  25. DHM..this is for you! Palin does everything for the well-being[whatever] of wolves??
    Where have “you” been? “B” movies? Honey,you know nothing about cinema..Ashley Judd’s “Double Jeapordy” w/ tommy Lee Jones/ was one of the best drama’s made,I fear your age bracket! I can imagine what other critiques for flicks you’ve “grooved to”…What was that about Barbara Striesand,Brolin,Pann running around in “wolf’s clothing” we’d all be happier? what? anyone who’s insult the likes of Barbara Striesand “must” be an immature jerk!
    What are you talking about anyway? Are you an expert “at” “B” movies? She [Ashley Judd] never..ever made a bad movie,the ones she “did” make were ALL expertly done like any other “A”[as you catorgized]
    Why don’t they all run around in wolf’s clothing? really!
    We never met Palin so how can we say this& that? easily,from her actions…the usual way,FACT! Truth,she’s a low-brow,liar,who has the capacity for killing wildlife when scientists and hunters[Real]Genuine]know,it is against the laws of wildlife federation to actually aim for the annihiliation of a SPECIES?? Is she great for this?She is an unloving,excuse of a mother,and has too may…one too many,,and if you think Palin does ALL the work..forget it,because she has plenty of help & has had plenty of everything!Perhaps God punished her!Grow-up & when you’re old enough & or/ “Double Jeapordy” no not the Game…Look up jeapordy too!

  26. OR: “Emeraldways’ Said you were a Native, what did you mean this? Did you read my comments under Catherine Jennifer Sacco but registered as jentilpet,but they never signed me as jentilpet!
    I write for a paper,this is why I find it so difficult to read the immature comments re: the Idoltry of Palin& her pecially…murderous soul,perhaps her new child is her punishment? This is the trouble here,nobody wants to admit the truth!If I said things that appauled others,they suddenly became filled w/ “She’s angry” Has an anger thing? NO, I don’t, I am intellegent& will not compare torture of wolves to abortions…they are 2 different issues..There’s not one person especially the guy? who wrote to Kevin [bec Kevin didn’t write more than one sentence]Then again..his[forgot name] was long,but twisted w/ backward thoughts re: Palin’s uneducated 6yr schooling,oh yes why “did” she leave each year to go to another…? could it be because she couldn’t form normal relationships? Her teachers couldn’t stand her anymore,she has a need to RE-Introduce herself to another school? Is she spoiled? T she’s sooo beautiful? NO,ever see her crows feet & not 50 yet? Miserable soul perhaps…torturing? Cheap?Uncultured,so much so that she went “NovaRiche'” Grab-Bag shopping,then denied it as if it was all a mistake…? please! Low-class,wearing boots to Washington dinner? By-the-way ashley Judd& Pres.Defenders of Wildlife film WILL be aired as it was in Palin’s last visit to Indiana..they aired it when she made her big slick huh?Now,for the bigger screen!No one with “any” knowledge,any heart,could never imagine,accept the sounds of gungire,the smoke filled plains/tundra of Alaskan soil,bloodsoaked ,all for the quest of killing wolves? There’s more killing there than the killing they say is being done by wolves! Only licenced hunters[killers] can hunt…other genuine men hunters cannot!True! jentilpet

  27. Jennifer sacco/a/k/a jentilpet..says to Jennifer 10..”You mean,being a “stupid” young woman?” right? Ashley is an advocate for “OUR” Endangered Species! You don’t? as a ..what was it..a “young woman?”Perhaps young or old,your brain hasn’t grown a mind! You need a writer,to decopher the ignorant statement…young one!

  28. FOR: ALLY! TIS TRUE, never met the “WENCH”,since when does anyone have to “meet” someone? You’ve never met her also!If you did,you’d make a fool of yourself anyway,you ALREADY adore her bloodthirsty lifestyle,& YOU’VE never met her..stupid!……Still waiting for someone to tell me it’s fine and dandy that Wolves were fine& dandy until Palin’s twisted need to torture came into Alaska’s government,and those who paved the way in 70’s w/ poison…are you all Americans? Are you saddists as well,come on…why should a once endangered species be annihiated…waiting and NO,don’t tell me it’s bec- they kill cattle..that has never been proved! Do you know what an advocate is? McCaine lovers,Bush leftovers! Worst president we EVER had…red-neck!

  29. dear “Flapsblog”
    I did not mean “kill Palin” she’s already “spiritually dead”…I’d never wish death on another human being…maybe Hitle wolves? Is it people,”like” Palin,have adopted the same mentality to kill animals that are misunderstood,and deserve a territory just as any other wildlife but your “sight-less” blindsided love for a killer,who takes pride while her own country despises her acts? Is that why “abuse of Power” was an issue? abuse of everything…why? because FOR NOW…she can? for now! So forget ALLY’s insipid “Freaking” as part of her vocabulary..and let us not forget…that actors are paid to mean like Palin’s “henchmen?” are they pretending to shoot? Is that “pretend blood ?” too/The above word was “Hitler-esque…you’ll see an error…Hitle..see, I even need a writer!another one to join your “tribute” to a madwoman! Let’s talk about how she’s keeping that baby from it’s father,or too? Did you hear that TODD the NOD tried to buy his daughter by telling her “if I buy you a car will you stop seeing him?” after the baby was born? how evil that so-called family is! Sue them? good..he’ll win!I guarentee those on that court have remorse that they never did sighter her for “Abuse of Power” still she’ll abuse all she wants until OBAMA sends her a mesage,bec- we’re not going to wait until she “really starts another holocaust…analogy?ever hear the word? Kill? no,I didn’t mean that,why not answer the other questions re” YOUR WILDLIFE!what kind if any..Americans are you? Palin has stated she hated America! She is a mere number,Alaska was added,she was not!

  30. *raised eyebrow* I thought you were simply a blind, hate-spewing fool. But you’re also an imbecile, aren’t you? Although I hate to leave arguments unresolved, this isn’t an argument. You’re not even pretending like you’re wanting to do a real argument. You simply want to spew hatred towards someone you don’t know. I pity you, you poor, deluded creature.

    I am officially done watching this thread. Goodbye.

  31. It is obvious,the people here,are not privy to “Defenders of Wildlife”‘s constant updates re: the carnage made & enacted by a wayward,backward,full-of-self-woman! Didn’t you hear the cute conversation shared by Todd the Nod & his twisted daughter…Bristol…and by-the-way,where Did they get those “symbolic” names? Daddy-O told her he’d buy her a brand new car if she’d stop seeing her boyfriend? You remember,the guy they call the “father” of a grandchild they’re supposed to love,instead are keeping from father? These are the people you idolize? You are an “idle” idiot who thinks I have envious issues w/ Palin’s “looks?”..she no Catherine Zetta Jones& have you ever seen those crows feet?Bristol actually demanded,telling her boyfriend to stop talking to his own sister?Imagine,and this is not an opinion,there’s no room for “I don’t believe it” or it’s not true..because it IS true!Seems Bristol has a problem w/ her mentality as well…that apple thing,you know…falling far from the tree…so after the sister,and his mom were ready for a lawsuit…it is visiting time again?I don’t understand your insipid IDOLTRY for such a dysfunctional Motley Crew,is that what they call love? Keeping a father from his child,then everyone here screaming about abortions VS Wolves…which I NEVER said! Abortion has nothing to do w/ Wildlife,& Palin IS killing them,needlessly,and you do not see the cruelty in this,while millions of others do? “Defenders of Wildlife” these dedicated men&women fighting to keep the dignity of animals,you know, those creatures God made? These are NOT monsters…seems Palin has a deep rooted mental distortion worth $4000,000$ when it comes to ALL animals…like the Beluga whale? Don’t you people EVER read? NOW PALIN IS LEAVING…now she announces it? As if by chance?She’ll never be more important than our REAL LOSS…Michael Jackson..we want to know who’s responsible for his death!That will be the important issue,& not why Palin is leaving!Note: her silly..once again…dumb speech only those close to her can understand…she has no sophistication,& devoid of real intellectual meaning,she’s so phoney,my God,how do you not see her evil,bloodthirsty mentality? You are an animal hater? That’s another thing…how can you keep defending such a killer…nobody has ever done such killing before at such a rate of HATE!! To spend hundreds of thousands on A “Bounty”..leave that for child abusers,killers,not animals who are acting like animals! “Cruella DePalin..bring me more wolf legs!!!Is this the beaty you’re talking about!Is this your idea of a woman we should be “jealous” of? Sorry,but you have no clue as to what I look like! I’ve been pretty all of my life & at 50 I don’t have those wrinklres!!!One would think w/ ALL that money she’d have a beaty regimen of sorts!Her “energy[ies] are for those who do her killing in the sky!Let’s see if the NEXT GOV has the same Ba$$$s as she does in this matter…will he continue this killing,or be embarraced by it? Let’s not start saying things about a certain person who has accomplished more than she will ever…& not a cold blooded wicked,animal hater as most of YOU are!You’re not interested in truth,nor the Global issues,you just keep going on& on about another decadent governor!All governors are always doing the unimaginable anyway…Truth!Fact! What planet are you on? Jr.High,you say? Listen to “YOUR” insipidness!She hates America!She has said this in other words…Their little groupies in Alaska? She’s full of it,because they are laughing at her..while she stands there,thinking people are actually listening to her heartfelt sacrificial jargon,”I don’t want to do that to Alaskan’s…thing?”What? she is hated by more than 1/2 the people,turning her back,ignoring the issues that she finds not important…her main attention span goes to rifles,shotguns…hunting cubs…same as aborting babies!While pregnant,they are killed too! Legit hunters despise the monsters who call themselves “hunters” Real men do not kill the way wolves have bonded w/ MAN thousands of yrs ago…they are 2nd to CANINES..stupid!Would YOU shoot a dog?How much do you respect animals? I feel sorry for ANY pet you might have,because you’re condoning the killing of their bretheren!Goodby..where did this blog-like thing come from? Janice #12 You’re the only sane person,& 2 others,but thank you for the sanity&intellegence! You are a lady,Palin thinks the world is going to stop,that we’ll forget & put ON HO:D the death of a beloved ICON? I think not! We can’t ALL be wrong!Her news is NO Shocker! Good ridance,she knows,she’s about to be defeated re: issues we are not privy to,don’t kid yourself this went deeper than just a resignation..oh my,lest we loose sleep?

  32. This must be an old site,then again Palin has been the same..Lookee here,another “bored move” by Palin who went thr ough 6 schools in 6 years! Was she a rebel rouser? Did she have to be relentless,always introducing herself? was she just an acedemic freak,like most dysfunctional politicians,if they’re not cheating on their wives,they’re extorting $$$ from YOU & ME! There is no Palin “versus” Ashley Judd…Palin is a merciless,spoiled,contradiction,who w/ her Todd the Nod couldn’t take the time to grab a Trojan the night she got uh,pregnant!Rather in her mid 40’s, w/ no mentality as to the dangers of having a child so late,bet if she were poor,she’d have much to worry about,but since her daughter’s lazy exsistance,& the money they have,will well take care of her child,like nannies often do!She is a disconnect in progress,accomplishing nothing but a great oil spill if ever her quest for “drilling” happens,but it will not happen!!Now,she’s leaving & who cares?Her narcisisism re: the presidency is just another annoyance to us,because she knows she’d loose!How canthis mentality,that wolves are the monsters eatingn utter such thoughts outloud anyway…Palin..president when Obama will no-doubt do another term..who in their right mind would ever vote for another Republican…NOW??Besides we have a sane leader who will never kill wolves…the reason for ALL cattle kills,when it is “her” private hunters/Flying henchmen who are doing the killing? her private trophy Cariboo hunters,come first,so w/ wolves gone,hunters..if you call them real men,who hunt 2nd to Canines…likened to dogs??There’s not one think McCaine/Cheney/Bush ever do nor did to justify the red-neck mentality,These are “A Dangered Species”,what next,Palin…the Bald Eagle,afterall,they’ve been known to swoop down ,but just for leftovers! These “flying Murderers,are men who are “INATE” INNATE[one or 2 n’s?] INBORN w/ killer instinct,just having fun on Palin’s $4000,000$ Alaska’s!And she wouldn’t take Obama’s stimulus check? Too many restrictions..wish we knew what they are,huh? Imagine that mind? the mind of a woman who tried to keep her own grandchild from his father?Her daughter who was so jealous of Levi’s sister,she demanded that he stop talking to her??I saw Larry King,Levi’s mom& sis, sane,warm people,who never did a thing to bother the ice queen…”Cruella DePalin..bring me more “forelegs”…Todd the Nod,emotionally blackmailed Bristol,asking her “I’ll buy you a brand new car [what other kind,old?] if you stop seeing Levi???Not so grand- ma-ma,pa pa?huh? Palin is still w/ Todd because they are the same!!Even after she had the affair w/ Todds business partner? Wench?Family values?really,a brood of backward,wayward,haters of animals,raising their kids to kill animals??Kodack moment w/ little one[daughter]& dead moose..they killed..not wolves!!Cattlemen do all they can to secure their ranches,from wolves,bec- they don’t Want to shoot them!!!She’ll never have any luck,she knows who she is,not in a possitive way but she’s aware of the evil she spreads but just doesn’t care!!!Ignoring ALL Alaskan’s every letter re: killings & schools that are falling apart,comeon Palin,these parents froze on the stops,you ignored them again,guess that explians the respect you have for education too,6 schools..6yrs? why?

  33. “Anonymous” July 4th/09-1:50pm….Haven’t contributed to this blog anymore,because it is strictly Republican’s gang mentality,but “now” there seems to be a switch..could this be? Could these flaps becomming part of the “collectively sane?” I don’t care about your eyes that hurt because of my grammer,adjust your screen!!!Is that all you had to say?Oh wait,the “hate spewing” re: Palin was too much for you,but your cowardess couldn’t answer to “any” factual comments,Perhaps between Palin & yourself,Couric would give up her mic!
    ENTER” Divorce,and the affair Palin had…immoral,but “abstain?” Since she has raised her Bristol to be a lazy,jealous,insecure,brat,keeping her child from baby’s father…to go as far as to demand Levi stop talking to his sister?Larry King…interview,such nice mommy-in-law..& his sister,intellegent,healthy women,one needn’t think ever Palin would be a genuine family oriented woman,enjoying both parents,loving “her” grandchild? You see, this is not Palin,there’s no #1 place for HER! She wants it all! now,the expose’ re: torture of wolves will be over w/ strength from Diane Feinstein& other senators…who will work w/ scientists,thus giving wolves their own territory..rather “A” territory,ranchers are doing plenty to build enclosures,from wolf invaders,they don’t want to kill wolves,unlike the “boyish” need of Salazer clan..”Butch” Otter”I want to be the first to kill a wolf!”How red-neck!
    Palin’s…”we eat,we hunt” makes us imagine a state without food,while she counts her millions…soon to have,although this is not a woman who’s life has been fought w/struggles,rather,kept by a husband!Now,the blogs are on fire!Her Linbaugh buddy sides w/ her insanity,while his fat big mouth persona,so ingenuous,then the Hitler,thing,Obama & Hitler…alike?Is this to “shock” the masses,or run for a mass? These poisonous political MSNers & others,never use the word”evil”,we are..society has learned nothing,be it passivity[ies] cowardess,nuetrality under the guise of “I’m not getting involved”[which says…I don’t care about anything,as long as I keep “my” money & securities!!Greed is the reason for MAN & the dowfall of our nation,so to worry about your insipid illiterate needs,re: my grammer…hammer this home…hope you’ve grown since your last “Independence Day” entry,you’ve fallen through the cracks,indeed,never giving one intellegent comment,’cause you don’t have any intellegence…& “you” attack “my” grammer?

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