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Audio: “Don’t Mess With Joe” Over Federal Stimulus Money


The Joe Biden Gaffe machine is up and running again. This time it is about the PORKULUS or Federal Economic Stimulus Law.

JIM LEHRER: Vice President Biden had a new warning for city and county officials today: spend the federal stimulus money wisely. The officials were in Washington for a day of schooling on the $787 billion program. Biden urged them not to use it for things like swimming pools, tennis courts, or golf courses.

JOSEPH BIDEN, Vice President of the United States: Because of the rules, the president and I can’t stop you from doing some things, but I’ll show up in your city and say, “This was a stupid idea.”

You think I’m kidding? This is the only part the president was right about: Don’t mess with Joe, because I mean it. I’m serious, guys. I’m serious. I’m absolutely serious.

Don’t mess with Joe! He will be coming to a community near you.

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