President 2012: Florida Adult Industry Ready for 2012 Republican National Convention?

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H/T Chip Hanlon

Apparently so.
Following an extensive remodel, the Penthouse Club in Tampa, Fla., is finally ready for next summer’s Republican National Convention. Club operator DeWayne Levesque has installed two secluded VIP sections, which he hopes will help his club attract a bigger share of the 50,000 visitors expected to descend upon the city on Aug. 27 for four days of conservative politics and liberal partying. In addition to the club’s new carpets and furniture, the private rooms are designed to provide cover so that camera-shy donors, politicians and aides can enjoy the strippers without fear of getting caught, he said.

A few blocks from the Penthouse Club, another strip club owner, Joe Redner, said he has high hopes for what the convention means for business at his all-nude club, Mons Venus. “I’m guessing we’ll make five times as much in a night as we usually do,” Redner told HuffPost. “Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people,” he said.

The Huffington Post spin on this story is hilarious.

But, I am positive those clubs will get a work out next year.

Now, will Sarah Palin be a candidate?

President 2012: Obama Fan Sending Flap GOP Obama Getaway Postcards

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Guess some folks are sensitive about the President going up to Martha Vineyard on vacation and being called on it.

So, they sent me about ten of these post cards with different messages.

OK and the point is?

Tell the President to get back to Washington, call Congress back into session and do the people’s business.

Don’t you understand Americans are hurting out there?

The President needs to do his job and not vacation.

President 2012: The GOP Sends Obama’s Getaway Postcards from Martha’s Vineyard

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In a humorous fundraising e-mail the Republican National Committee is playing upon the recent Obama vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Right after his tax-payer funded campaign tour of the Midwest this week, President Obama will be flying to Martha’s Vineyard for a nine day vacation. Before he jets off, send him a postcard.

He sure needs a break after a long year criss-crossing the country raising money to save his job – all the while over 14 million Americans are out of work and even more are suffering because of his policies.

After you send President Obama and your friends & family a postcard please take a moment to make a secure online contribution of $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 or more to support conservative candidates and help our Party defeat Barack Obama in 2012.



Chairman, Republican National Committee

Well, it is kinder than Matt Drudge’s treatment of the President.

Sign of the Times: Man Uses Gun to Reclaim False Teeth

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He paid for them and wanted them back – as if the false teeth would do him any good.
So authorities say Staten Island resident Joseph Nativo, 47, pulled a revolver on his former business associate and took them.

Nativo, a contractor who lives on the 200 block of Shirley Avenue in Eltingville, is accused of slamming the revolver down on a desk at his business, Atec Contracting on 360 Targee St. in Stapleton on May 7, then demanding that 40-year-old Gennario Sibbio take the chompers out of his mouth and hand them over.

He also demanded Sibbio give up $1,200 in cash, two cell phones, a Bluetooth wireless device and his jacket.

Nativo tells it differently, though — sure, he demanded the teeth back, since he paid for them in the first place, but he never pulled out a gun.

Police referred to Sibbio as Nativo’s “former business partner,” but Nativo characterizes him as an ex-worker who stole from the company.

“He’s not my partner. He’s my employee,” Nativo said. “I fired him, let him go. I paid for his new teeth to be put in… I told him to leave the company. I asked for my teeth back.”

And, what the hell is he going to do with the chompers?

Good grief……