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    Oral Surgery and Endocarditis

    A new study validates American Heart Association guidelines concerning oral surgery and the prevention of bacterial endocarditis.

    The strongest evidence yet to support clinical guidelines that recommend that people at high risk of endocarditis, such as those who’ve had previous episode the disease or who have a prosthetic cardiac valve, should take antibiotics before they have a tooth pulled or other types of oral surgery, comes from a new study that used two methodologies.

    But it also pointed out that two-thirds of the time they aren’t getting that type of antibiotic coverage.

    The researchers conducted a cohort study of almost 8 million retirees with employer-paid Medicare supplemental prescription benefits and dental benefits, then conducted a case-crossover study of 3,774 people from the cohort who’d been hospitalized with infectious endocarditis (IE) and who had invasive dental procedures. The bottom line is that the study supports the clinical guidelines from the American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology that recommend antibiotic prophylaxis (AP) before dental procedures for patients at high-risk of IE.

    Noncompliance is very worrisome. Dentists and patients alike should be vigilant in preventing this potentially deadly infection.

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    Oral Surgeon Loses License for Unsanitary Dental Practices

    Holy Cow!

    An oral surgeon lost his medical license for five years after 15 of his patients at his Budd Lake office were sickened and one died of a bacterial heart infection, according to authorities.

    Dr. John Vecchione, who operated North Jersey Oral Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery LLC on Route 46 in the Budd Lake section of Mount Olive, was ordered to pay $293,000 in penalties and costs after he failed to follow infection control protocols, which caused his patients to be exposed to bacterial endocarditis between 2012 and 2014, according to a statement by the Office of the Attorney General. Of those infected, 12 patients — who ranged in age from 24 to 80 — required heart surgery and a 54-year-old later died due to complications.

    Vecchione, who agreed in 2016 to have his license temporarily suspended as the allegations against him were pending, has been fighting his case in court. Shortly before he was expected to take the stand in his own defense in January, he agreed to settle the case under the terms contained in a Final Consent Order.

    “Dr. Vecchione spent years denying any responsibility for the infections contracted by patients in his care

    ,” said Howard Pine, the acting director of the Division of Consumer Affairs.

    In a complaint filed against Vecchione in August 2016, it was alleged that he engaged in professional misconduct and gross negligence following a series of inspections of his Budd Lake office. Specifically, investigators found Vecchione failed to use sterile water or sterile saline during surgical procedures; improperly handled and improperly stored single dose medication vials; failed to sterilize medical instruments; used expired vials of medication; and failed to properly dispose of needles and syringes.

    This dentist should just retire and quit practice. Clearly, he has either medical/mental cognitive problems.

    His manner of practice is way outside the standard of practice of dentistry.

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    Good News for Dentists – Our Job is Awesome

    It is hard work, believe me.

    Pays pretty well! 

    There is no single job out there that would be best for every person in the workforce. But many of the best professions do have some attributes in common.

    A few of those commonalities: they pay well

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    , challenge us over time, complement our talents and skills, aren’t too stressful, offer room for advancement throughout our careers and offer a positive work-life balance. Whether or not the position is in demand by job seekers is also a consideration in selection.

    The job of dentist moved from No. 4 to No. 2 in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the 100 Best Jobs

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    , the magazine revealed on its website on Jan. 7.

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    Soda Accounts for 20 Per Cent of Beverage Consumption Among Youth – CDC


    A new study from the Centers for Disease Control….

    Soft drinks account for 20% of children’s total beverage consumption, according to a new report released on September 13 from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Researchers looked at total drink consumption habits of U.S. children ages 2 to 19.

    The group, led by Kirsten Hennrick, PhD, from the National Center for Health Statistics, investigated what children drink and how their beverage consumption habits vary by age, sex, and race/ethnicity.

    “Beverage choices can impact diet quality and total calorie intake,” the report authors wrote. “Soft drinks accounted for 20% of total beverages consumed among youth. They include a wide variety of beverages

    , typically associated with increased intake of added sugar, thus adding extra calories without the benefit of vitamins

    , minerals, and fiber.”

    People wonder why dental caries/disease hasn’t disappeared…..

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    Kool Smiles Responds to Whistleblower

    Kool Smiles has responded to the new CBS television production, The Whistleblower.

    Dr. Greenwald and Dr. Rai blew the whistle on Kool Smiles after they say they witnessed unnecessary dental procedures performed on children. CBS reached out to the company for a comment and they provided the following statements:

    Statement from Kool Smiles:

    “Our patients and their safety are our top priority and we will continue to work toward our mission of ensuring every child in America has a dental home. The settlement reached in December 2017 addressed treatment provided between 2009 and 2011, and was unrelated to the quality of dental care provided to patients. The company’s compliance and quality assurance programs lead the dental industry and we continue to implement ongoing measures to ensure every patient receives the best care.”

    This past December

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    , 2-year-old Zion Gastelum died four days after visiting the Kool Smiles office in Yuma, Arizona. Zion’s death occurred just days after the Whistleblower suit was settled. The case had been in litigation for almost a decade.

    Watch the video clip above and then the entire expose on the CBS All Access site, if you missed the live broadcast.

    Pretty sad commentary on the practice of corporate dentistry.

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    Governor Demands Answers from Arizona Dental Board

    Arizona Governor

    , Doug Ducey,  is demanding answers from the Arizona Dental Board after a television report on “fake” dentist anesthesiologist credentials.

    Governor Doug Ducey is demanding immediate answers and action from Arizona’s Dental Board after an ABC15 investigation revealed a Valley dentist obtained a general anesthesia permit using documents multiple people and organizations said are fake and fraudulent.

    In a letter sent Monday, Ducey directed the board’s executive director, Elaine Hugunin, to respond to his questions by close of business on Wednesday.

    “The information and potential risk to his patients and the public over several years is alarming,” Ducey wrote.

    RELATED: ABC15 uncovers major questions about Valley dentist’s anesthesia credentials

    On July 6, ABC15 revealed that Dr. Pankaj Goyal is accused of using a series of fake degrees, forged signatures, and false documents to obtain a 1301 General Anesthesia Permit from the dental board. The permit is the highest level of anesthesia certification and authorizes Goyal to administer general anesthesia or deep sedation by any means.

    Dr. Pankaj Goyal repeatedly refused to answer questions about his anesthesia credentials on the phone and in person.

    In a statement, his attorney said allegations about his credentials are “meritless.”

    ABC15 also learned Elaine Hugunin directly received multiple warnings from multiple people about Goyal’s credentials beginning in 2014. But she declined to provide information and documentation about what happened with those warnings and declined to answer questions about their vetting of Goyal.

    This credentials issue should be fairly easy to resolve.


    , whether Elaine Hugunin remains in her position – that is a question.

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    Pennsylvania Dentist Wade Newman on Trial for Rape

    ‘I know we had sex.’ Wiretaps played at former Bellefonte dentist’s trial

    The trial for the former owner of Bellefonte Family Dentistry and president of the Pennsylvania Dental Association accused of kidnapping and raping a patient of 17 years continued on Tuesday.

    Wade Newman

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    , 48, allegedly drove a sedated female patient to a root canal appointment he arranged at State Endodontics in October 2016. Spring Township police said Newman drove the woman back to her residence — although she asked to be driven back to her mother’s residence — after the procedure, which is where the rape allegedly occurred.

    Newman is charged with four felonies — rape, criminal attempt at rape, sexual assault and kidnapping — and two misdemeanor counts of indecent assault.

    The DNA evidence may prove decisive in this case.

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    American Dental Association Releases Updated Dental Radiograph (X-Ray) Recommendations

    ADA Dental Radiographic Examination Recommendations

    These dental radiograph recommendations were released on November 28.

    In an effort to decrease radiation exposure to patients, the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs collaborated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to update the ADA’s recommendations for dental X-ray examinations. The recommendations were released recently.

    The ADA’s “Dental Radiograph Examinations: Recommendations for Patient Selection and Limiting Radiation Exposure” are intended to be used in conjunction with dentists’ professional judgment to determine whether and when dental X-rays are needed. Dental X-rays help dentists evaluate and diagnose oral diseases and conditions, but the ADA recommends that dentists weigh the benefits of taking dental X-rays against the possible risk of exposing patients to the radiation from X-rays, the effects of which can accumulate from multiple sources over time.

    “As doctors of oral health, dentists are in the best position to make decisions on whether to prescribe dental X-rays after an oral examination and with consideration of the patient’s health history. Prescribing dental X-rays should be an individualized process,” said ADA President Robert A. Faiella, D.M.D., M.M.Sc. Since 1989, the ADA has recommended the ALARA principle in relation to dental X-rays—that radiation exposure to patients is “as low as reasonably achievable.”

    A downloadable copy of the recommendations can be obtained here.

    So, what is new?

    • Removing a stronger recommendation for thyroid collar use for children, women of childbearing age and pregnant women. The strength of the recommendation is now the same for all patients.
    • A new section that was not in the 2004 document, which expands upon the 2006 CSA report, “The Use of Dental Radiographs: Update and Recommendations.”
    • New topics that were not covered in the 2006 CSA report such as receptor selection, handheld X-ray units, technique charts and radiation risk communication.
    • Changing the recommendation for shielding to be consistent with the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements.

    All dentists should review the updated recommenations and, of course, utilize their best professional judgment for individualized care for their own patients.

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    Trooth.Com: The Dr. Wisdom Teeth Radio Ad

    Trooth Website Trooth.Com   The Tate Viehweg DMD Interview Part One

    From the website Trooth.Com

    You remember the FLAP.

    A number of Utah oral and maxillofacial surgeons have begun a dentistry turf war with a fellow dentist, Heath Hendrickson, over the extraction of wisdom teeth. The surgeons have sponsored a website (Trooth.com) and a billboard on I-15 in Utah County, Utah.

    The oral surgeons who are listed below have a beef with general dentist, Heath Hendrickson, who refers to himself as Dr. Wisdom Teeth.

    Now, Dr. Heath Hendrickson or Dr. Wisdom Teeth has released a new radio ad that very clearly states that he is NOT an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

    Will this be enough to satisfy the oral surgeons of Trooth.Com?

    Here is the ad:


    How about the outside window of Dr. Hendrickson’s office where picketers have again demonstrated this morning?

    Dr Wisdom Teeth OfficeWell, I plan to ask the oral surgeons for their thoughts and comments.

    If the Trooth.Com Board is concerned with Dr. Hendrickson’s marketing/advertising and that the public would be confused whether he is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or not, then this seems to be corrected.

    Stay tuned……

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    Trooth.Com – The Picketers Return to Dr. Heath Hendrickson’s Dental Office

    Trooth.Com Picketers

    In front of Dr. Heath Hendrickson’s (Dr. Wisdom Teeth) Dental Office

    They are back!

    The Trooth.Com picketers that is…..

    You remember the FLAP.

    A number of Utah oral and maxillofacial surgeons have begun a dentistry turf war with a fellow dentist, Heath Hendrickson, over the extraction of wisdom teeth. The surgeons have sponsored a website (Trooth.com) and a billboard on I-15 in Utah County, Utah.

    The oral surgeons who are listed below have a beef with general dentist, Heath Hendrickson, who refers to himself as Dr. Wisdom Teeth.

    Here is another photo:

    Trooth.Com Picketer - November 2, 2012Obviously, there has been no resolution of this matter between the Trooth.Com oral surgeons and Dr, Hendrickson.

    I do know there have been some sort of negotiations or discussions between each side attorneys and will post more when information becomes available.

    Here is a link to my archive of posts on the Trooth.Com FLAP.