Antonio Villaraigosa,  Lu Parker,  Mirthala Salinas

KTLA Reporter Lu Parker Dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – Does It Matter?

Villar and Lu Parker

A screencap of KTLA Anchor/Reporter Lu Parker reporting last Sunday of Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa’s prospects for a 2010 run for California Governor

And, to whom?

After all, KTLA anchor/reporter has been removed from the local political beat which according to some journalists was not so much in any case.

Not that this is much of a demand, as it seems Ms. Parker — a former Miss South Carolina, a former Miss USA, a former model, actress, “avid golfer” and amateur skeet-shooter has petty much spent all of her adult life recusing herself from reporting seriously on anything. I base this harsh judgment on her official station bio and not from any personal knowledge.

Let’s get real folks. She’s a great-looking, emmy-winning  READER of news and I congratulate my friend the Mayor for his fine taste in fine-looking women. But what’s the big ethical issue here? I, for one, am absolutely confident that Ms. Parker has never done any real reporting on the Mayor and never will. She very well migh read or introduce the stories that others do on him, but that’s about it.

And, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was recently re-elected to another four year term, apparently will not run for California Governor next year and is getting divorced anyway.

Sounds like Mayor Villaraigosa is yesterday’s news.

The pattern is interesting. You know, the dark-haired, beauty queen, local news reporter, TV personality – just like the last one, Mirthala Salinas.

Maybe Steve Lopez is right.

This entire matter is MOST important to Ms. Parker.

Lu, have that lunch with Mirthala.


KTLA Reporter Lu Parker Removed From Local Politics Beat – Dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

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