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Poll Watch: 46 Per Cent Want Health Reform Now, 45 Per Cent Say Wait Until Economy Improves


So says the latest Rasmussen poll.

The question:

Given the state of the economy should the Obama Administration move forward with health care reform or wait until the economy improves?

  • Move Forward – 46%
  • Wait Until The Economy Improves – 45%
  • Not Sure – 9%

There is not really a mandate for universal health care reforms as prposed by the Obama Administration and congressional Democrats.

In early March, 49% said health care reform should wait for a better economy, but 42% said the administration should go ahead with it now.

Since March, concerns about deficits have also grown and voters now place a higher priority on deficit reduction over health care reform. While the economy remains the most important issue to voters, health care has dropped to its lowest level of importance in nearly two years of tracking.

Stay tuned as Obamacare supporters try to ram their health care reform plan through the Congress this summer.

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  • The BoBo

    In addition, in a CNN poll – 80% of those with health insurance are very happy with their coverage. Why should we even consider changing a system that the majority is happy with? Also, regarding that so-called 45.6 million uninsured – it actually comes down to 8 million that fall within a gap. Why should this country move to a national system of healthcare that has been proven to be severely flawed in those countries that have it for just 8 million?

    If you’re wondering how I came up with the 10 million out of 45 million – just check the U.S. Census and those that are uninsured.

    Here’s the link to the census report:

    18 Million make more than $50,000 year. They can afford their own coverage – they choose not to buy it.
    8 Million are under age 18. They are all eligible under SCHIP – their parents haven’t applied.
    686,000 are over age 65 and are eligible for Medicare – they just haven’t applied
    8 Million are between the ages of 18 to 24. This group historically has never elected insurance company.

    What is left is the 9.9 million who did not work. Surely some of these people were eligible for medicaid or some other assistance and just did not apply for it.

    This is another made up crisis by the left. Anybody who believes we need to put this country further in debt to provide health coverage for everyone is just plain insane. This is a personal responsibility. Health care is not a right. Never has been and never should be. Anyone who does not do everything humanly possible to ensure their family has health insurance coverage or access to health care is irresponsible and does not have their priorities straight. Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for this type of ignorance and irresponsibility.

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.