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One of the most popular threads on Dental Town, a dentist oriented message board (REGISTRATION REQUIRED) was started by Conway, South Carolina dentist, Dr. Tommy Murph. It is entitled: I WOULD LIKE TO EXTRACT TEETH?

Below is a collection montage of the nasty tooth extractions done by Dr. Murph now compiled on You Tube.


The dental profession is indeed grateful to Dr. Murph for his outstanding willingness to help his patients and the dentistry profession by sharing and teaching dental procedures and tehniques.

He certainly has helped me in dealing with many complex oral surgery procedures.

If you are a dentist look up Dr. Murph on Dental Town or take one of his one on one courses at his office.

Of Course, Dr. Murph does more than tooth extractions as the video from his office describes.

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10 thoughts on “Dentist Dr. Tommy Murph: I WOULD LIKE TO EXTRACT TEETH?

  1. I enjoyed all photos from Dr. Murph’s thread so much. It is really refreshing to see it when I get bored. I wanted to see as many photos as possible in a limited time. I did not submit any tag words with this video in Youtube because I was afraid that someone (usually it is not a dentist ) might hate dentists and “flag” it and not be seen by anyone who didn’t have a youtube account.

    Dr. Murph is a master !

  2. Yes, Dr. Murph is a master and he has helped me quite a bit in my daily practice of dentistry.

    Check out his in office course if you are near South Carolina or wish to go to Myrtle Beach on a working vacation.

  3. Think that the blood shown is a little much. Good for education, how many are learning dentistry from YouTube videos. Be nice if the Internet was becoming more educational, research, and communication oriented.

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