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Keith “I am a Moron” Olbermann cannot leave his assinine remarks about S. E. Cupp and Planned Parenthood alone.

Last Thursday, future Current TV host Keith Olbermann touched off some controversy when he tweeted, about conservative pundit S.E. Cupp, “On so many levels she’s a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does”

After several days of Twitter fighting, and online buttals and rebuttals, Olbermann has opted to make non-factual statements about his intent, rather than simply to apologize.

Here are the tweets:

Pot calling the kettle black without a doubt. Watch the video below and the original post and I think you will agree.

S.E. Cupp and Jerry Springer on the Joy Behar show

Keith Olbermann is always the master of class.

The leviathan of all things wise, former MSNBC host and Current TV’s chief news officer Keith Olbermann, tried to cover his tracks Thursday afternoon after implying on Twitter that he wished Planned Parenthood had prevented conservative pundit S.E. Cupp’s birth.

“On so many levels she’s a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does RT @meow_6 #worstpersons S.E Cupp bashing PP on Joy Behar last nite.,” Olbermann posted.

Upon receiving a number of negative reactions, Olbermann revisited his sentiment, bringing the current debate about the actual work of Planned Parenthood into the mix and an ad hominem attack at Arizona Republican Senator John Kyl for good measure.

“.@oakdogg I said no such thing. Only 3% of PP’s work is abortions. Unless you’re moron Jon Kyl,” he posted, referring to Kyl’s exaggeration that 90 percent of Planned Parenthood’s business was abortions.

The more he backed away, the more evident the tenor of his original posting – that he wished S.E. Cupp had never been born.

“@JonesNetIT I never mentioned abortion. I said her parents could have used counseling by PP rather than get the results they did,”Olbermann wrote, adding, ”@maggiefanelli no, I insinuated her parents would’ve helped the earth had they consulted PP for birth control.”

Here is the tweet that started the flap:

Well, Olbermann is a MORON and what do you really expect? He fits right in there with the equally moronic Al Gore at the Current television operation.

But, what equally shameful was the conduct of Jerry Springer (also a lefty, but an older one) who continued to make make faces and condescending remarks while S.E. Cupp was making her point (see the video above).

Shame on you too, Jerry.

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