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Amazon Tax Legislation Coming Up for Votes in the California Legislature

Looks like Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner and Senator Loni Hancock are pushing their respective bills forward in the California Legislature. You remember them – tax increasing, job killing and probably unconstitutional laws.

Elsewhere at the Capitol, Democratic Assembly members Nancy Skinner and Charles Calderon and Sen. Loni Hancock tout measures they say will level the playing field for California businesses competing with online retailers such as

The lawmakers will be joined by Bill Dombrowski, president and CEO of the California Retailers Association; Dean Murakami, president of the Los Rios Community College Federation of Teachers; and others at the news conference, which starts at 11:30 a.m. on the Capitol’s south steps.

Skinner’s Assembly Bill 153 and Calderon’s Assembly Bill 155 may come up for a vote Thursday in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Hancock’s Senate Bill 234 passed the Senate 22-17 on May 5 and is now before the Assembly.

I guess the Democrats want to force the issue and tie California up in costly federal litigation, while killing California jobs, in the meantime. The California Legislature may impose and Democrat Governor Jerry Brown may dispose of this matter. But, this entire matter will go to the federal courts, if the Governor signs the bill(s).

Yeah and SB 234 which passed the California State Senate, pretty much grants authority to the California Board of Equalization to tax anything they deem constitutional under federal law – which means just about everything. Way to go California Legislature and Democrat majority, pass the buck to another elected agency to raise taxes for you.


See you in court, where more of my taxpayer money will be expended for no good reason.


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