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CA-25: Rep. Elton Gallegly to Face Off Against Rep. Buck McKeon?

California Congressional District 25

As you recall, my GOP Congressman Elton Gallegly from Simi Valley was redistricted out of his current Congressional District 24 with the new census and by the work of the California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission.

The CD boundaries exclude his home in Simi Valley which game the long time Representative options:

Apparently, Elton has decided to run in CD-25 and run against a fellow Republican incumbent Congressman.

The Antelope Valley Press last week reported last week that Congressman Elton Gallegly is either planning on retiring or running in CD25 against fellow Republican Buck McKeon. “‘As near as I can pin him, down, he’s running against me,’ said McKeon, who said he met with Gallegly last week.” This is consistent with what I’m hearing from locals as Gallegly isn’t sold on running in the Ventura’s CD26.

This opens CD26 up for Republican candidates that have held back awaiting Gallegly’s decision. The most likely serious candidate is State Senator Tony Strickland.

Here is the poop on CA-25:

And, the demographics:

It may very well be that Elton Gallegly would prefer to run against McKeon and if he wins represent a district where he lives, rather than a Ventura County seat. Maybe he has done polling and feels it will be an easier campaign. Frankly, I think Elton would have an easy time winning in CA-26.

In any case, California State Senator Tony Strickland must be jumping for joy, since he will be the likely favorite in CA-26. But, CA-26 is a swing district and Strickland is not a sure bet. He will have to work to win – as will Gallegly against McKeon.