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Re: Rush Limbaugh – Should Conservatives Make an Example of Carbonite and ProFlowers?

Professor Jacobson makes the case for a boycott.

Liberal groups have seized on a strategy I didn’t think would be effective, but has had some success, to go after advertisers of prominent conservative media personalities.

Media Matters explicitly seeks to bring down Fox News and investigate its executives, and Fox News advertisers have been targeted by groups like Color of Change, which has targeted Glenn Beck, Eric Bolling, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and Andrew Breitbart.

Now Rush Limbaugh advertisers are the target because of an analogy he used.  As Jimmie Bise points out, Rush’s comments were overblown if one listens to what he actually said, but nonetheless, the use of “slut” or “prostitute” even in an analogy was inappropriate, as Rush has acknowledged.  It also distracted from the attack on religious freedom which is the heart of the controversy.

As has become the pattern, Rush’s advertisers immediately were attacked and threatened, and several gave in quickly, like Quicken Loans and Sleep Number, pulling their advertising.

No advertiser was more associated with Rush than Carbonite, an online computer back up company.  Rush often would read Carbonite’s ads himself, and would tout their service.

Read it all.

Seems sort of a waste for Carbonite, since they are just spewing money anyway. But, to use advertising to suppress free speech reminds me what happened during the California Proposition 8 election and its aftermath.

The LEFT loves this tactic and the RIGHT is tired of taking it.

I will NO longer purchase flowers from ProFlowers.

I urge my fellow conservatives to send the message to ProFlowers and other advertisers.