Dianne Feinstein

CA-Sen: Unknown Candidates Line Up Against Sen Dianne Feinstein

California’s Senor U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

Why these folks are bothering, is beyond me.

No proven Republican candidates have stepped up yet to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein, but six little-known longshots plus Laguna Niguel’s Orly Taitz are trying to gain traction.

Senate hopefuls Elizabeth Emken, Dan Hughes, Al Ramirez and Greg Conlon were pumping the flesh at last month’s convention of the California Republican Party, according to the Sacramento Bee’s coverage of the event.

There’s also Ron Paul-styled Republican Rick Williams and San Diego County businessman John Boruff.

Noe of these candidates has a hope or a prayer to beat DiFi.

In fact, the California Republican Party was unsuccessful in recruiting any known POL to run – doesn’t that tell you something?


  • Joseph Mackay

    Dianne’s approval rating is only 22% and that is GOOD for a Senator these days. It wouldn’t be surprised if a strong candidate emerged on the republican side, for CA to do what it should have a long time ago and throw out the trash.