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Day By Day September 9, 2012 – Circus

Day By Day cartoon for September 9, 2012

Day by Day by Chris Muir

Chris, the Democratic National Convention was a joke.

Besides the gaffes of taking God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel out of their platform and then back into it, they added the long speech of the serial adulterer, and convicted perjurer, former President Bill Clinton.

But, did American voters buy the show?

Forty-three percent of Americans say what they saw at last week’s Democratic Convention makes them more likely to vote for Barack Obama — typical of what Gallup has measured for most conventions — and slightly better than the 40% reading for Mitt Romney and the recent Republican Convention. At the same time, a relatively high 38% of Americans say the convention made them less likely to vote for Obama, resulting in a net impact rating of +5, which is on the low-end of Gallup’s historical comparisons.

America may be in more trouble than it realizes….

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  • Fond of Complex Analysis

    Quick historical aside: The *circus* was a racetrack built for games involving charioteers; and occasional mock naval battles. Throwing folks to the lions came under the heading of “damnatio ad bestias” and typically took place in open-air amphitheaters or as warm-up acts for the early-morning crowd at the Colosseum.