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SCOTUS WATCH: Priscilla Owen Front-Runner to Replace Sandra Day O’Connor?

Robert Novak on Human Events Online writes Speculation Swirls: Priscilla Owen Front-Runner to Replace Sandra Day O’Connor.

With Senate confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice virtually assured, the struggle for the Supreme Court returns to replacing retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The belief in legal and political circles is that President Bush will name a conservative woman, and the front-runner is Federal Appellate Judge Priscilla Owen (5th Circuit, Austin, Texas).

According to White House sources, Bush met secretly with Owen last week. While not decisive evidence, this was no mere get-acquainted session beginning a long exploration. The president knows and admires his fellow Texas Republican.

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Priscilla Owen, always a favorite of Flap, would make an excellent conservative choice for President Bush.

The Left will be horrified, but, remember they just confirmed Judge Owen to the Court of Appeal some four months ago.

Can they mount objections because she is not qualified…….NOPE…… but they will derive some reason because she will be a conservative justice…… and one who even campaigned with George Bush when he ran for Governor of Texas…..imagine that!

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