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Harriet Miers Watch: Supports Affirmative Action?

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers sits in the office of Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, October 20, 2005.

Reuters has Miers supported affirmative action: paper.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers supported affirmative action goals in the early 1990s when she served as president of the State Bar of Texas, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Miers wrote that “our legal community must reflect our population as a whole,” and under her leadership the lawyers’ association supported racial and gender set-asides and numerical targets for jobs, the newspaper reported.

The piece written in the Washington Post is titled, Miers Backed Race, Sex Set-Asides

She Made Diversity A Texas Bar Goal

The Supreme Court nominee’s words and actions from the early 1990s, when she held key leadership positions as president-elect and president of the state bar, provide the first window into her personal views on affirmative action, an area in which the Supreme Court is closely divided and where Miers could tip the court’s balance.

Her tenure at the bar association also could provide new fodder for conservatives opposed to her nomination, as President Bush seeks to quell a rebellion on the right over his selection of Miers.

To some conservatives, the types of policies pursued by the Texas bar association amount to reverse discrimination. One of the chief complaints on the right against Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was that he clashed with conservatives who wanted to take a harder line against affirmative action.

Texas Bar Question and Answer for Harriet Miers is here.

Texas Bar Journal 1992: Inclusion, Education and Monitoring.

Another nail in the coffin for Harriet Miers’ nomination. This will not help her with any Democrat Senators and further alienates Bush’s conservative base.

Flap handicaps her withdrawl tonight (Saturday).

The President has made a mistake and MUST correct it before this nomination becomes more of an embarassment.

Captain Ed asks Is Miers A Quota Queen, Or Just Misquoted?

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