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Mark Steyn Honored at The Claremont Institute’s Sir Winston Churchill Dinner

Mark Steyn, well-known conservative writer and the “Happy Warrior” Of National Review was honored this evening at the Claremont Institute’s Sir Winston Churchill’s Dinner. Steyn was the receipient of the 2005 Henry Salvatori Prize in the American Founding.

Previous winners include William F. Buckley, former Attorney General Edwin Meese, III and Fox televison personality, Brit Hume.

Flap is heading up to Mark Steyn’s room in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to join in the discussion.

Stay tuned……..

Update #1 – 2 am

Flap has returned to Thousand Oaks and will report on the after dinner festivities and the BUZZ around the Bear Flag League and all of its members attending tonight’s event – including photos.

Until later in this new day……

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