Blogging Matters

Flap’s Blog Watch: Been HACKED!

The FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog has been HACKED and Jumbled………

*****Scroll Down for UPDATES *****

Will be back with regular programming soon!

Until then….my ten most recent posts including Muhammad Caricatures seems to be intact.

My last post on Abu Ghraib – Muhammad Caricatures Hypocristy may have been lost.

More later….


Update #1

Flap has been in touch with his hosting company and they are working on a restore. the attack occurred at 7:10 PM and jumbled posts from the last four days.

Update #2 – February 15 – 6:30 AM PST

Hosting Matters and Flap are working on a restore. Three days of posts were erased from the blog but Flap has them and will be back soon.

Update #3

Flap’s alternate blog will be cross-posted until security measures are reinforced: FullosseosuFlap’s Dental Blog – original

Stay tuned……..