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Illegal Immigration Watch: 500,000 Rally to Protest Immigration Bills


Thousands Protest HR 4437 in Los Angeles. City Hall in background.

Los Angeles Times: 500,000 Pack Streets to Protest Immigration Bills

A crowd estimated by police at more than 500,000 boisterously marched in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest federal legislation that would crack down on undocumented immigrants, penalize those who help them and build a security wall along the U.S.’ southern border.

Spirited but peaceful marchers — ordinary immigrants alongside labor, religious and civil rights groups — stretched more than 20 blocks along Spring Street, Broadway and Main Street to City Hall, tooting kazoos, waving American flags and chanting, “Sí se puede!” (Yes we can!).

Well, irrespective of HR 4437 which the President opposes and would probably veto and the fact that it is dead on delivery in the United States Senate for what are the folks in Los Angeles rallying?


For decades federal immigration laws have been ignored i.e. there has been minimal enforcement. As most Californians know the California-Mexico border is porous as a sieve. Millions of illegal immigrants have flooded California and other western states like Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Flap is a native born California and has lived over fifty years here in the Los Angeles area. Flap has seen a transformation of southern California Many areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties are now third world Latin American slums. This is Reconquista?

Here is how it works:

Immigrants illegally cross the Mexico- California border to find work – usually in agriculture but sometimes in menial service jobs. They are paid less than minimum wage by unscrupulous American employers. But the immigrants pay no income taxes and receive no social security benefits. However, when the wives/partners of the male illegal imigrants fall pregnant the babies thus born receive free government sponsored health care and other social welfare service benefits because they are American citizens – although his/her parent is in this country illegally.

These newly born American citizens of illegal alien parents then get free public schooling, welfare, free medical and dental care since they qulaify for social welfare programs. Remember their parents pay NO income taxes and are not on the tax rolls for medicate or social security taxes. Now, mind you the parents cannot receive any social welfare benefits but their American citizen children do. And how many hundreds of millions of dollars has the Los Angeles Unified School District spent in building new schools for these American citizen children? The Los Angeles Unified Schoold District by the way is 74 per cent Latino.

This is just one example of how the system is “worked” by the illegal alien community. There are other ways including the manufacture of false documents which entitle the parents for work permits and benefits.

After each family gains a foothold in the United States they then send their money home and more immigrants flood across the border. Now we have an estimate of over 11 million people here illegally and they are migrating to the Midwest, South and East regions of the United States.


So, what should the federal government do?

1. Secure the California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas borders with Mexico. Build walls if necessary. Use technology, but stop the indescriminate flow of illegal border crossings.

2. Sanction employers for hiring illegal immigrant workers. Fine them heavy and jail the CEO’s that allow the massive importation of cheap labor from Mexico. Allow guest workers but give them six years and they have to leave. They must register for a guest worker permit, pay federal and state taxes, social security and medicare like everyone else. These taxes will reimburse the goevernment for any services the workers receive while here. Employers must also be charged to reimburse the states for the medical, social welfare and education costs of their guest workers.

3. Change the Constitution to make it that children born of “guest workers” are not automatically granted America citizenship. Also, children of illegal immigrants shall not be granted automatic American citizenship.

4. Allow illegal immigrants already here to apply for a track toward American citizenship. They must register, be of good moral character, wait a number of years, be fluent in English and take the citizenship test – like everyone else.

But, will the Congress pass such common sense laws?

Don’t count on it!

And what will the protesters do?

Hope they create enough of a stink that the current open border policy of the United States is not changed. Then, in a few generations when all of their American born children can vote and they become the majority of voters – then have their representatives cede California back to Mexico – “Reconquista.”

Because in all reality California WILL BE MEXICO!

Stay tuned…….

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Illegal Immigration Watch: Democrat Senate Minority Leader Threatens Filibuster of Illegal Immigration Bill

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5 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Watch: 500,000 Rally to Protest Immigration Bills

  1. While illegal immigration is a problem, the answer you identified, porous borders, is not the reason for the problem. Ineffective border controls are simply a failed remedy for a symptom of the “problem,” which is that opportunity in The United States, even an illegal opportunity, is very attractive.

    None of your “Common Sense Solutions” addresses the issues that fundamentally make illegal immigration attractive. There is a demand for cheap labor. There are people willing to work.
    As you’ve noted, the entitlements American citizens enjoy are considerable, including medicare, public education, and other social welfare benefits. In short, illegal immigrants are here because minimum wage is too high, and because taxpayer-funded entitlements are indiscriminately distributed in exchange for nothing.

  2. Is not this matter more of a governmental enforcement issue. Why is it that Illegals come here? is it exclusivly for the great benifits. Certianally not, it is to work- in the year 2004 only 4 count ’em four businesses were cited for hiring illegal immigrants. This is nationally federal enforcment. Y’know I’m thinking that there are probably more than 4 business in the united states that hire illegals.
    This is where the emphasis should be focused. But wait that would increase prices for stuff like produce, resturants and other products due to increased overhead for unskilled labor.
    Look folks we pay for this stuff one way or another. Either we have higher prices for stuff or we have tax expenditures for social programs. This is the debate that we need to have not how do we punish the poor day laborer for stealing a cheese sandwich.

  3. #2 is the most common sense of your proposals, but forget both parties get loads of PAC $$ from corporations… we will never be able to truly address the source of this problem… employers paying bottom dollar… we haven’t seen the real savings of employing illegals because most of it has gone to corporate profits….. It has been determined that if minimum wage were increased, the increase in regular goods woudl be up to 7%, which is offset by increase in wages. This guest worker program is a ploy to decrease the wage base for all americans and its working. Its pitting working Americans against decent law abiding illegal immigrants who are also trying to make a living, menawhile the corporations are going to the bank and shipping our jobs overseas too… We are at a disadvantage here. The key is labor laws and no corporate cronies appointed to Cabinet positions that were intended to keep American safe both physically and economically.

  4. I received this an I think they are right
    If you want to come to America now is a great time the goverment could care less if you are an illegal Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., Edward Kennedy Arlen Specter will help you once your here come and they will have you living in the poor house.


    If you are an American and voted for the people listed
    When the 2nd 9/11 hits us just bend over and kiss the
    Senate Judiciary Committee , Hillary Clinton,Arlen Specterand , Edward Kennedy Ass and your own
    and look in the mirror and thank your self for a job well done.

    This is how the people you are paying to work for YOU
    are FraCKING you stupid people.
    People like Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa.prominent Democrats and
    Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., was expected to join a rally in New York City, while Edward Kennedy, of the chief architects of the current reform bill before the Senate –

    THEY ALL Voted to let illegal immigrants have there children go to any collage of there choose for free, in Immigration rights bill.
    All the Senate Judiciary Committee wanted to do in the bill was be paid by Big Business .
    You need to thank Big Business for giving them the money to be reelected and for passing legal permanent residence to all the illegal immigrants . Companies like MS/ Bill Gates can get the workers and pay them 12,000 to 20,000 less per year then American workers.
    Have fun in the streets stupid and keep up the great work.

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