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Illegal Immigration Watch: President Bush SELLS OUT on Immigration Reform


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Washington Times: Bush, senators agree on alien citizenship, shut out critics

President Bush and a group of senators yesterday reached general agreement on an immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many illegal aliens.

But left out of the closed-door White House meeting were senators who oppose a path to citizenship. The meeting even snubbed two men who had been considered allies of Mr. Bush on immigration — Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and chairman of the immigration subcommittee, and Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican.

Mr. Bush in brief remarks to the press said there was agreement to get “a bill that does not grant automatic amnesty to people, but a bill that says, somebody who is working here on a legal basis has the right to get in line to become a citizen.” But senators, speaking afterward, said Mr. Bush was far more specific in the meeting.

“There was a pretty good consensus that what we have put into the Hagel-Martinez proposal here is the right way to go,” said Sen. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican. “I think he was very clear [on] pathway to citizenship, so long as it goes to the back of the line, and he even opened the door here for something we’ve haggled back and forth on, that you can shrink the time for people to become citizens by simply enlarging the number of green cards.”

And Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, said Mr. Bush “endorsed the concept of an earned citizenship.”

That would represent a substantial change on the part of the Bush administration, which just last year said it opposed a path to citizenship for those currently here illegally.


The President was wrong on Harriet Miers and he is wrong on this illegal immigration amnesty plan.

Contact the White House and tell them Mexico Border Security FIRST and NO ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY.

If GOP Republicans have to FILIBUSTER this bill – so be it!

No Bill is better than this bill.


Oh, yes, the bipartisan open-borders collaborators are thrilled:




Who will clean up the mess at DHS?

If you loved the fraud that resulted after the 1986 mass amnesty, wait ’til you see what’s coming next.

Captain Ed: Not Invited To The Party

Cornyn’s office downplayed the snub, saying that any message about an end to partisan bickering and blocking votes had to be meant for the Minority Leader and didn’t require the Texan’s presence. Still, one has to wonder why two staunch allies of the President got ignored for this key meeting. It appears that the White House wants to build consensus through ignoring those who have a different perspective on immigration and pretending that they don’t exist.

Another issue that apparently doesn’t exist is border security. While everyone at this meeting kept their concern focused on people who entered the country illegally, none of them addressed the issue of ensuring that the illegals entries get stopped. Instead, the words “Hagel-Martinez” slid off of the lips of attendees as smoothly as one might say “Simpson-Mazzoli”.

The Bush administration is about to go squishy on a national-security issue, and unlike the overblown Dubai ports deal, this one actually has real security implications for the US. It is a national disgrace that more than four years after 9/11, we still have not credibly secured our southern border. During a war in which our enemy moves primarily by stealth and attacks exclusively through individual or small-group terrorist actions, allowing the unfettered movement of people on the vast scale we see presents a clear danger to our nation. Instead of focusing on that, the President has aligned himself with Democrats and the handful of Republicans who put political correctness (and political expediency) ahead of their Constitutional duties.

The last time we saw this kind of alliance, Washington passed the BCRA into law.

Cornyn and Kyl need our help to get this administration focused on real border security before worrying about earned citizenship. I could accept the latter as a reasonable compromise as long as we have established the former first. That’s the broad consensus that Americans have in regards to immigration reform, not the warmed-over rehash of a failed policy from twenty years ago.

Will GOP Senators in an election year have the COJONES to take on the President?

Senator Allen?

Senator Frist?

Stay tuned…..


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2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Watch: President Bush SELLS OUT on Immigration Reform

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  2. “But left out of the closed-door White House meeting were senators who oppose a path to citizenship.”

    Does this surprise you? That the President excludes those who don’t agree with from his counsel?

    Let’s review for a minute shall we?

    He excluded dissenting opinions (read Democrats) from attending his town hall meetings in the run up to his selection, and as a result all we saw covered on the news were fawning sycophants lobbing softball questions, and god loves you commentary, that a preschooler would have little difficulty fielding.

    The one time an independent slipped through he became extremely non-plussed, and gave an answer only a preschooler would find acceptable. Which incidentally didn’t seem to be a problem given the predominant Republican membership in attendance.

    He excluded dissenting opinions (read intel reality) in favor of his spin on it, all to convince the gullible preschool mentality holding ignorant crowd that generally seems to comprise the majority of the Republican Party, that invading a sovereign nation was warranted, when in fact it wasn’t.

    He excluded counsel on post invasion planning, and look at the mess Iraq is now. Three years in and only 1 combat ready battalion.

    Don’t complain about his exclusions on the one hand here while summarily ignoring his exclusions which have led to the deaths of thousands of people.

    Your priorities are out of wack. Who cares if he wants to allow room for legitimizing productive members of society, especially since throwing them out would not be possible.

    But Hey I’m actually all for Republicans trying, not that they ever would since legitimized cheap labor on this type of scale, not only undermines unions, and the prevailing wage structure for any given industry, but frankly the thought of their ever growing bank accounts at the expense of decent wages, gives them a woody.

    But hey, I still wish they would, since the backlash would ensure they would be out of office for decades to come.

    This is going to happen, so the best you can hope for is a strengthening of unions which the Republican party has been systematically trying to dismember for decades.

    If not, if you happen to be slow enough to somehow hope beyond hope that corporations are going to do the right thing, and maintain their current salary structures for the industries inundated by this newly legitimized labor pool, you’re in for a hard future, and dismal retirement.

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