4 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez on Neil Young

  1. Has been moron?

    Are you a complete idiot?

    The present errors in office are as egregious as those made during vietnam. Not only was this war started without the consent of the UN, and for no legitamite reason, seeing as osama bin laden is not Sadaam, THERE WAS NO EXIT STRATEGY! Even Bush’s father knew this! Bush eats our nations funds away to an unbelieveable deficit, and yet our soldiers are in a terrible war zone without the personal body armour and protection that they need. So we have young men, in a war, with not enough protection spent on the soldiers, with billions shit away on f-15’s ,AND NO STRATEGY OF HOW TO GET OUT! It is about vietnam. This is vietnam.

    And furthermore, NSA’s wiretapping should be enough to get this president out of office. If we give up freedom and rights given to us by the constitution out of fear of saftey, we might as well throw out the entire bill of rights and everything any veteran has ever died for. He’s an ex-coke head for christ’s sake! if only he had cheated on his wife, and lied abotu that. Then we coudl impeach him. I guess you can onl yget impweached if you lie about something that effects NOONE outside of the president and monica lewinsky’s families lives.

  2. No, I am not a complete idiot.

    But, when does the United Sates need approval from the United Nations for anything?

    The Iraq War is a just war.

    NSA Surveillance Program is legal and protects us.

    And what does Monica Lewinsky have anything to do with Neil Young and President Bush?

    Oh yeah…..Neil Young is still a MORON.


  3. Flap is an un educated redneck and follower of the Limbaugh cult brainwashing crowd.

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