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Illegal Immigration Watch: Miller Brewing Company Sponsoring Illegal Alien Protest – The SPIN

Michelle Malkin has Miller is spinning

After the Chicago Tribune reported last week that Miller Brewing provided $30,000 to pro-illegal alien activists for a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads publicizing a protest this weekend, the company defended itself in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Well, Flap disagrees with the Miller Company position – which is MY right.

And my RIGHT says I do NOT support companies with my dollars who work against MY interests.


Miller Lite
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Genuine Draft Light
Miller High Life
Miller High Life Light
Sharp’s non-alcohol brew
Red Dog
Icehouse 5.0
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Steel Six

Contact Miller Brewing here.

Let Miller Brewing spin their duplicitous conduct while “LEGAL” Americans boycott their products.

Flap says let them know how you feel.


Illegal Immigration Watch: Miller Brewing Company Sponsoring Illegal Alien Protest

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  • Miller Media Relations

    I thought you would be interested in receiving the following official statement from Miller Brewing Company regarding the immigration issue:

    Miller Brewing Company has never supported illegal immigration and we have always supported the full enforcement of current U.S. laws.

    Miller did not sponsor the Labor Day immigration march held in Chicago.

    Going forward, Miller will closely review all requests for support from community and charitable organizations to ensure that we are not indirectly funding or associating our name with advocacy efforts on the immigration issue.

    We plan to stick to the business of brewing, marketing and selling great beer.

    Thanks for your interest in this topic.

  • Rodney A Stanton

    Since both Miller And Busch Brewing supported the President and he supports criminal aliens it is natural that Miller and Busch would support and hire illegals.