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John Edwards shovels with student volunteers as he works in the backyard of a house in an area affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2006. The former Democratic vice presidential nominee is running for president for a second time, his campaign said Wednesday. Note the microphone attached to Edward’s shirt.
AP: Edwards shoots for White House again

Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards said Thursday that he is a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, promising “a grass roots, ground-up campaign where we ask people to take action.”

Clad in blue jeans, an open-necked shirt and with his sleeves rolled up, Edwards chose the backyard of a victim of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans’ devastated 9th Ward for his unorthodox announcement.

“We want people in this campaign to actually take action now, not later, not after the next election,” the former North Carolina senator said, sounding as much like a recruiter as a presidential campaigner.

“Instead of staying home and complaining, we’re asking Americans to help,” Edwards said. “Most of the good that has been done in New Orleans has been done by faith-based groups, charitable groups and volunteers.”

Edwards — who is calling for cuts in poverty, global warming and troops in
Iraq — chose the site to highlight his signature concern of the economic disparity that divides America.

“I’m here to announce I’m a candidate for president of the United States,” Edwards told NBC’s “Today Show” earlier Thursday, one of three back-to-back interviews by the candidate on morning news shows. “I’ve reached my own conclusion this is the best way to serve my country.”

John Edwards starts his campaign pandering to a large block of Democrat primary voters – the African American vote.

Realistically, Edwards has NO chance at the nomination with Hillary and Barack Obama in the race. He will never shed his association with the LOSING John Kerry campaign:


The only question will be:

When will Edwards withdraw?


President 2008 Watch: John Edwards IN and Evan Bayh OUT

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